General Incorporated Association Aobusa no Hara A place to find yourself as you are

General Incorporated Association Aobusa no Hara
A place to find your true self
Aobusa no Hara announces “Lemon House 1st Anniversary Project”
Everyone has a variety of roles in life, such as “parent” at one time, “teacher” at other times, “older brother” and “student”. How many places are there where you can put down your usual titles and burdens and express yourself as you are?
Al with you, Il with you
In November 2021, “Remon House” was born as a place where people with various backgrounds can easily visit and connect as “people”. At Remon House, mothers who are tired of raising children can forget the role of “mother” and take a nap in the space of everyone’s il, and young people who are busy with job hunting meet adults with completely different ways of life and are asked questions. There is a daily life in which everyone searches for the “true self” while interacting with other people.
With the first year as a turning point, we will look back on the various events that happened at Lemon House, and discuss from various angles one of the themes of Lemon House, “whereabouts”.
Implementation content
tales of the il people
[Image 1d106294-1-d09d93d4497d8c9f51fc-0.jpg&s3=106294-1-e3fcf72adb0c48108927fb6761db4cb8-3900x2153.jpg
Lemon House is an empty box. The presence of the “Il people” creates a casual daily warmth. The people who live on the second floor and those who embody the concept of Lemon House and spend time at Lemon House just as they are are Il people.
Through the stories of the Il people, we will share the daily events of Lemon House and what everyone is feeling, and look back on a year full of tears and smiles.
Lemon House Daily Exhibition (Photo Exhibition)
[Image 2d106294-1-0012f5f9e4f18249ee84-5.jpg&s3=106294-1-e7307eda6b91aac981aa310e7b56cc51-3900x2271.jpg
[Image 3d106294-1-042b247d448c44e78fcb-1.jpg&s3=106294-1-1c4dcd997c8e25064a617a6e28f166bb-3900x2213.jpg
[Image 4d106294-1-69fa30d5183026a7cfc5-3.jpg&s3=106294-1-19e9e738531a59bebfd86329dd8e9a49-3900x2149.jpg
We will hold an exhibition of photographs taken as if to cut out the “casual everyday life” in Lemon House. At the photo exhibition venue, furniture and miscellaneous goods that are actually in Lemon House will also be displayed. You can enjoy photos in the atmosphere of Lemon House.
In the daily exhibition, guests can also be invited to talk about where they belong.
* The implementation period and venue will be announced on the website and SNS from time to time.
Late November 2022 to mid-December 2022
* Details of each event will be announced on HP and SNS from time to time. About Aokusanohara Toremon House
“You are Al, together Iru”
Lemon House, operated by Aokusa no Hara, is a place where more people can connect as “people” with peace of mind, without being bound by existing social welfare categories.
For example, it will be a place where parents who are tired of raising children can feel at ease and let go of the role of “parent”. Aobusa no Hara aims to create a society where no one is left behind. Details about this release:


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