General Incorporated Association Brain Festival Executive Committee From Japan A stroke festival will be held at LaLaport Nagoya Minato AQULS! Miichi Mera, T-BOLAN (Hirofumi Ueno, Arashi Moritomo) decided to participate!

Brain Festival Executive Committee
[From Japan] Stroke Festival will be held at LaLaport Nagoya Minato AQULS! [Miichi Mera, T-BOLAN (Hirofumi Ueno, Arashi Moritomo) decided to participate! ]
The Brain Festival Executive Committee will hold the event “Stroke Festival 2022” to encourage social participation of stroke sufferers and promote an inclusive society.

The stroke festival that turned Roppongi Hills into a frenzy has landed in Nagoya!
Live at Decagon! Center Court event! Win an Amazon gift card worth 10,000 yen in a collaborative project with a LaLaport shop!
Guests: Yoshikazu Mera, T-BOLAN (Arashi Moritomo), Hiromasa Ototake (recording), Daisuke Amabatake (recording), and others.
[Video 2:] -Flyer- -Schedule-
・November 27 (Sun) 11:00-18:30
* Free distribution on YouTube [Brain Festival Channel]
LaLaport Nagoya Minato AQULS -Performer-
Yoshikazu Mera, T-BOLAN (Hirofumi Ueno, Arashi Moritomo), Hirotada Ototake (recording), Daisuke Amabatake (recording), World of Bamboo, Hemiplegic momo-chan, etc.
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[Image 3d107954-4-99122d9fba0d706aaaf1-6.jpg&s3=107954-4-60c3dff514984f1ebf9dc5dc72d8f86a-2048x1365.jpg
[Image 4d107954-4-e930af3c1c93ba95b03d-7.jpg&s3=107954-4-23a36479d62de9c67874c956366ca453-1672x2508.jpg
-Purpose of planning-
“fun! to everyone. By holding a festival at LaLaport with the slogan, it is said that more than 200,000 people develop stroke annually, and more than 1,700,000 people suffer from stroke. increase.
-Plan content-
・Collaboration events with LaLaport shops
Participating stores: Global Work, Nico and, Starbucks, Village Vanguard, BBQPIT, Phiten, SIXPAD, 3COINS
・Concerts and sports events at Decagon (outdoor stage)
・Talk events, hands-on events, product sales at the center court (indoor stage) ・Painting exhibitions, product sales, exchange events in the 2nd floor space ・Exchange event at 3FLaLa studio
[Image 5d107954-4-9f42826f6f21cfd94bcf-8.jpg&s3=107954-4-9a35081141ed4391dc4699044e5e2599-1654x2339.jpg
[Image 6d107954-4-5a64be875f0a3e5f9956-9.jpg&s3=107954-4-5829c9c697b5f8798e8fd0c79e538b63-1654x2339.jpg

* The new coronavirus infectious disease, such as temperature measurement and alcohol disinfection of visitors and staff, wearing masks, installing alcohol disinfectants in various places at the venue, managing the physical condition of staff and performers, and setting seats that ensure social distance. We will take thorough measures and strive to manage our health.
Organization name: Nonprofit General Incorporated Association Brain Festival Executive Committee
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