General Incorporated Association Business Digitalization Association “GUMMA DX WORLD 2022” to accelerate regio nal revitalization with DX 12/1 (Thursday) speakers decided! DX pioneers from Gunma such as Akiya Imai and Tomohiro Otsu ka appear at the “

Sales Digitalization Association
“GUMMA DX WORLD 2022” to accelerate regional revitalization with DX 12/1 (Thursday) speakers decided! DX pioneers from Gunma such as Akiya Imai and Tomohiro Otsuka appear at the “Gunma DX Future Conference” We are accepting applications for exhibitors to create matching opportunities between local companies and DX companies and connect Gunma Prefecture and the future

In the opening program “Gunma DX Future Conference”, Mr. Tomohiro Otsuka (Innovation Co., Ltd.) from Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture and Mr. Masaya Imai (Celebrix Co., Ltd.) who grew up in Tamamura Town, Sawa District, Gunma Prefecture. Pioneers of the DX area, who are active all over the country, discuss the future of Gunma with Tokuji Kurogami, Assistant to the Digital Industry Creation Section of the Industry and Economy Department, Future Investment and Digital Industry Division, Gunma Prefectural Government, with moderator Sashimi. We will talk in a meeting format.
At the time of December 1, we will invite prominent business people from Gunma Prefecture to give various presentations. Mr. Tomoaki Kikuhara (Sales Support Consulting Co., Ltd.), from Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, and Mr. Tomomi Shinohara (Lancers Co., Ltd.), from Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture, will discuss various themes related to sales and human resources related to DX. I will appear on stage. ▶ Program viewing application URL: In addition, “GUMMA DX WORLD2022” accepts applications for exhibiting companies that connect Gunma Prefecture and the future, creating opportunities for matching between local companies and DX companies. ▶Exhibition Application URL: [Image 1

[December 1st (Thursday) Program / Introduction of speakers] (Titles omitted) morning program
■ Opening program “Gunma DX Future Conference”
[Image 2

Innovation Co., Ltd. Executive Officer
Tomohiro Otsuka
1983 Born in Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture
Joined Innovation Co., Ltd. in 2005, then started a business and experienced a buyout.
In 2013, he became the tourism manager for the Tomioka Silk Mill World Heritage Project in Gunma Prefecture.
After completing the project, established izuru Co., Ltd. and assumed the position of CEO.
Director and COO of Marketing-Robotics Co., Ltd., Executive Officer of Rahool Co., Ltd., President of Innovation X Solutions Co., Ltd. in 2021, Executive Officer of Innovation Co., Ltd. in 2022.
Director and GM of Asia Junior Golf Association
He has published three books on golf, with a cumulative total of 150,000 copies.

[Image 3

Celebrix Inc. Sales Company
Executive Officer Company CMO / Sales Evangelist
Masaya Imai
1983 Raised in Tamamura-cho, Sawa-gun, Gunma Prefecture
As a sales evangelist, he conducts research, writing, keynote speeches, etc. on corporate sales nationwide.
In August 2021, Fusosha published “Sales is a sales technique that scientifically controls results”. As a best-selling business book, it has been decided that it will be reprinted seven times in half a year. Currently, as an executive officer and CMO, he is in charge of marketing, sales, new businesses, and business promotion of the sales company.
An EverythingDiSC Certified Trainer, his expertise spans sales, presentations, and communication styles.
[Image 4

Gunma Prefectural Office
Ministry of Industry and Economy
Future Investment and Digital Industry Division
Digital Industry Creation Section
Assistant (Director of Digital Industry Creation Section)
Kurokami Daycare (Kurokamitakuji)

[Image 5

Moderator: Sashimi Fujisawa
Born in 1989. Born in Osaka. Joined Creek and River Co., Ltd. as a new graduate and established the performing arts department as a new business. Responsible for production from appearances such as events/theater performances in regional revitalization, corporate anniversary projects/training projects, etc. Currently independent, active in nationwide / virtual space, including online / metaverse / offline, such as conference moderators and moderators such as Fukuoka Workation Festival and DX World.
Lecture program (online distribution program) by experts active in the DX area 1.11: 00-“Current location and future of corporate DX by two marketing and DX leaders”
[Image 6

Representative Director of Corporate Business Digitalization Association and Representative Director of Nexal Co., Ltd.
Chizuru Ueshima
Engaged in marketing x sales transformation consulting, such as durable consumer goods that redesign touchpoints centered on customers, industrial goods that define marketing from business strategy, and support organizational growth. [Results over theory] As a consultant who emphasizes [reproducibility, not transient], we provide more than 200 major business entities with the creation of a system that produces results in their internal organization. NIKKEI BtoB Marketing Award judge.
His recent publications include How to Create a Marketing Organization that Changes Sales: Transforming from Analog Sales to Digital Marketing (Gijutsuhyoronsha). Since 2019, he has served as the representative director of the Japan Business Digitalization Association.
[Image 7

Representative of DX JAPAN Co., Ltd.
Daisuke Ueno
Joined Mitsubishi Corporation, was seconded to Lawson for about 4 years, and after working at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), was invited to FamilyMart where he served as General Manager of the Reform Promotion Office, General Manager of the Marketing Division, and General Manager of the Digital Strategy Department. In March 2020, he established DX JAPAN and is currently supporting the promotion of DX for management. He has also served as CMO and CSO of Morgenrot, a fast-growing startup. Visiting professor at Nagoya University of Commerce (NUCB) Business School. Author of “Transformation Thinking” (Shoeisha). Graduated from Waseda University School of Political Science and Economics, completed MBA at Waseda University, completed doctoral course at Graduate School of Commerce.
DX learns what to choose first (online distribution program) 2.11: 40 ~ “Let’s learn DX tools, digital tool live chaos mapping” [Image 8

Zoom webinar by the director of the Japan Digital Sales Association Established in 2019. Director of Sales Digitalization Association, General Incorporated Association.
Under the theme of “co-creating future corporate sales”, video distribution on SNS and on the web
A chaos map creation seminar for DX-related solutions will be delivered in real time by a director with a wide range of knowledge, from corporate sales digitization to DX, such as co-sponsored seminars and DX round-table discussions. Let us help you decide which solution to use for your company.
afternoon program
Business person from Gunma prefecture Netugen stage presentation (offline presentation)
1.13:00 ~ “Sales staff who will be needed in the future, sales staff who will be eliminated”
[Image 9

Sales Support Consulting Co., Ltd. Representative Director
Tomoaki Kikuhara
Born in Gunma prefecture. Joined Toyota Home after graduating from university and entered the world of sales. Despite being troubled by “bitter words” and “frightening symptoms,” he established a sales style that “doesn’t visit” and “is desired by customers,” and became the top salesperson for four years in a row.
Independent in 2006. Established Sales Support Consulting Co., Ltd. Conducts seminars, training, and consulting services for managers and salespeople.
Since 2010, he has been giving [sales classes] to students at Kanto Gakuen University, and conveying the knowledge to be active after leaving society. In addition, as a director of the Association for Sales Personnel Education, he is also working on training instructors who can teach sales.
His main publications include “Sell without visiting! Textbook of “sales letter”” (Nikkei Publishing), “Textbook for the first year of sales” (Yamato Shobo) “48 people who achieve results in remote sales” Rules” (Kawade Shobo).
2.14: 00 ~ “New standard for regional DX! DX using digital human resources = Thorough explanation of the mechanism for improving business efficiency and expanding sales”
[Image 10

Lancers Co., Ltd.
Business Planning Department Regional Revitalization and Business Matching Promotion
Tomomi Shinohara
Born in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture. Joined Lancers in 2015 after working at a regional bank. Launched a regional revitalization business, collaborated with 38 local governments nationwide, and built a local professional human resource community. Due to the corona crisis, there is a demand for DX of local SMEs, and from 2021, we will start a professional human resources matching business with the strength of DX in collaboration with local financial institutions and professional human resources bases. In cooperation with the Cabinet Office, prefectural offices, and financial institutions, we are promoting support for new challenges of local SMEs.
[Overview] (Speaker names are in no particular order, titles omitted) Event name: “GUMMA DX WORLD 2022”
Period: Thursday, December 1, 2022 to Saturday, December 3, 2022, 10:00 to 17:00 Contents: Metaverse Exhibition (Virtual Space Market)
-Offline/Online Event-
December 1st (Thursday) Real lecture + Metaverse distribution Lecture venue: NETSUGEN Gunma Prefectural Office 32nd floor Distribution: Virtual Space Market
General moderator: Sashimi Fujisawa
10:00-“Gunma DX Future Conference”
・Akiya Imai (Celebrix Inc.)
・Tomohiro Otsuka (Innovation Co., Ltd.)
 From 11:00
・ Chizuru Ueshima (Nexal Co., Ltd.)
· Daisuke Ueno (DX JAPAN Co., Ltd.)
From 13:00
· Tomoaki Kikuhara (Sales Support Consulting Co., Ltd.)
From 14:00
・ Tomomi Shinohara (Lancers Co., Ltd.)
 The Metaverse will be distributed sequentially from 10:00 on December 2nd (Friday)
Distribution: Virtual Space Market
· Toru Tsuda (Across Holdings Vma plus Co., Ltd.)
・Eriko Kikuchi (Tiger Mob Co., Ltd.)
・ Shingo Iwata (pixiv Inc.)
・ Masashi Kanba (Local Link Co., Ltd.) and others
 December 3 (Sat) in Gunma Prefecture. We will inform you on the HP as soon as it is decided.
[Training camp GUMMADXW (recruiting companies that want to hold DX training camps in Gunma Prefecture)]
・ Masataka Igarashi (Corporate Business Digitalization Association) and others *The program may be partially changed due to circumstances.
[Metaverse Venue: Virtual Space Market]
It is a metaverse 3D space that can be easily accessed from a browser without the need to download a dedicated app. You can enjoy shopping and communication while communicating with the EC function, voice call function, and translation function. There is no limit on the number of people who can enter, and many people can watch the live broadcast at the same time.
In the future, “DX WORLD” will continue to promote regional
revitalization through DX by disseminating the latest technologies from “regions” throughout Japan and how they can be used in business and people’s lives, and by supporting their utilization. I will push forward. Furthermore, in cooperation with companies that provide DX and digitalization education, we will continue to support
opportunities to acquire specific knowledge not only at the time of the event, but also in order to put the awareness gained at the event into action. We will take action.
▶ Program viewing application URL: In addition, “GUMMA DX WORLD2022” accepts applications for exhibiting companies that connect Gunma Prefecture and the future, creating opportunities for matching between local companies and DX companies. ▶Exhibition Application URL: About the DX WORLD Executive Committee
The DX WORLD Executive Committee is composed of the General
Incorporated Association Corporation Digitalization of Sales, which supports the digitalization of sales, and musuhi Co., Ltd., which provides marketing support for local companies.
[Image 11d71995-5-8eef88c17c4ef57e5891-12.png&s3=71995-5-29c4babf4de6cee2e18457f309c9052e-566x102.png
Company name: Corporate Sales Digitization Association
Head office location: 2-24-9 Higashi Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Masataka Igarashi
Business: Event support, association management
Established: December 2019
[Image 12d71995-5-c824b5ec890ada5dafe0-13.jpg&s3=71995-5-d6eb59b1218c0360dbad4fa4a41e3259-1920x1080.jpg
Company name: musuhi Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-3-12 Etchujima, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Yasuyuki Koshigaya
Business: Marketing support, event support
Established: August 2021
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