General Incorporated Association CDO Club Japan December 8th CDO Summit Tokyo 2022 Winter

General Incorporated Association CDO Club Japan
December 8th CDO Summit Tokyo 2022 Winter
Summarize DX in 2022! CDO (Chief Digital Data Officer) Celebration
~ Reboot Japan’s international competitiveness! What is DX for the growth of companies and Japanese society? ~
A day to get hints from opinions of leading digital leaders in Japan [Image 1

General Incorporated Association CDO Club Japan will hold “CDO Summit Tokyo 2022 Winter”. This summit is the only event in Japan where business people and digital leaders who are serious about DX for growth discuss.
[Top leaders gather together to discuss the DX activities that are essential for restarting Japan! ! ]
Amid the drastic changes in the business environment, such as the strong yen, economic crises due to financial instability, natural disasters, and pandemics, the momentum of growth in Japan has slowed down, and a vicious cycle is occurring in society as a whole, including declining consumption and uncertainty about the future. . Under such circumstances, CDOs (Chief Digital Data Officers) who boldly take on the challenge of creating new value by maximizing the use of digital technology to revitalize Japan have gathered together to promote Japan’s future growth. and discuss it seriously.
[Themes to be discussed on the day (planned)]
Theme 1: What is the winning path to restart Japan?
What should be done to turn Japan into growth momentum again from a new perspective?
Theme 2: Summarize DX in 2022
What are the DX activities that have made progress even in an unstable business environment?
Theme 3: What challenges should we take on in 2023?
What is the DX initiative that should be challenged in 2023 to break the status quo?
[Main speaker: CDO (Chief Digital Data Officer)]
・Yukio Saegusa (Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.)
・Takuya Hanada (JGC Holdings Co., Ltd.)
・Yoshio Yoneya (Mitsui & Co., Ltd.)
・Mr. Tomokazu Nambu (Sumitomo Corporation)
・ Satoko Shisai (Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)
・Mr. Masahiko Otsuki (Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.)
・ Tomomichi Seki (Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.) ・ Yoshinori Komiya (IHI Corporation)
・Toyoto Tanaka (Ricoh Co., Ltd.)
・Masaya Higuchi (Beisia Group)
・Norihiko Nakabayashi (Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd.)
・Mr. Masao Sampei (Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.)
・Mr. Masao Kuruma (Mitsubishi Motors, Ltd.)
・Hiroshi Sakakibara (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
・Eiichiro Mitani (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
・Yuichi Itabashi (Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)
・Kenichi Takano (Asahi Shimbun Co., Ltd.)
・Takayuki Koda (Ajinomoto Co., Inc.)
・Hiroaki Ueda (Daikin Industries, Ltd.)
・Mr. Mio Chikayasu (Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.)
[Announcement of Japan CDO of The Year 2022]
CDO Summit Tokyo 2022 Winter will be held on December 8th this year, along with the award ceremony for Japan CDO of the Year, which is announced once a year.
[Special Dialogue Lecture: Discussing the Future Possibilities of Digitalization with Representative Hirai, the First Digital Minister!] ! ]
[Image 2

~ What are the challenges and reflections that occurred in the lost 20 years in the digital field? ~
Takuya Hirai, the first digital minister and member of the House of Representatives, will give a special lecture at CDO Summit Tokyo 2022 Winter on December 8, 2022.
Mr. Hirai, who plays a central role in the growth strategy for the digital field that the government and the Liberal Democratic Party are currently working on, and the startup investment efforts to follow the web3 era, will give a lecture on the future direction.
Date December 8, 2022 (Thursday)
Venue Online
Organizer General Incorporated Association CDO Club Japan
Participants Domestic and overseas CDOs and digital leaders
Participation application (from the link below)
[What is CDO Club Japan? ]
CDO Club Japan is a Japanese entity of the global CDO (Chief Digital Data Officer) community.
CDOs of leading companies in Japan participate and regularly review and share DX initiatives.
It is the only group in Japan that increases the success rate of DX. Click here for an overview of CDO Club Japan

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