General Incorporated Association Genkai-cho Everyone’s Regional Trading Company Genkai-cho, Saga prefecture hometown tax payment announcement flyer completed! Hometown tax donations can also be made in places like this in the town

General Incorporated Association Genkaicho Minna no Regional Trading Company Genkai Town, Saga Prefecture Furusato Nozei Announcement Flyer Completed! Hometown tax donations can also be made in places like this in the town

Thank you for cheering Genkai Town on the hometown tax!
Donations from all of you are connecting the present and the future of our town. This time, I made a flyer to say “thank you” and to let people know where the donations are being used in the town.
On the back side, there is an access map of Genkaicho by illustrator 326 (Mitsuru) who is familiar with thank you letters! From November 1st, we will enclose it with the return gift of “hometown tax”. Please come and visit us to learn about the present and future of Genkai-cho. Solve the “problems” of the town, such as education and welfare! Donations are used for the following initiatives
Both education, which is responsible for the future, and welfare, which builds the present, are important if we are to support our lives. In Genkai-cho, donations are used in various ways. In this flyer, we explain in an easy-to-understand way how the donations received from everyone are being used in our lives.
For example, all school lunches in Genkai-cho are free. In addition, we have prepared a menu that will make you feel delicious and full of energy with fresh ingredients from local producers.
[Image 1d88586-4-f2dc163d29ad98679eba-5.jpg&s3=88586-4-8e3453c0fcef66e19c1241077420667e-1800x1013.jpg
[Image 2d88586-4-534810b21b285cb9ad54-2.jpg&s3=88586-4-bf7bc0b807c0910f9ecdeb8d3bcfd65d-1800x1013.jpg
School lunches are linked to children’s growth and food education Furthermore, in Genkai-cho, a car-based society, there are elderly people who have difficulty shopping due to lack of means of
transportation. For such people, the mobile supermarket “Tokushimaru” has started. In fact, this project is also part of the donation. Mobile supermarkets contribute not only to shopping, but also to watch over the community and create opportunities for interaction. [Image 3d88586-4-103e15f9736b3a26af81-8.jpg&s3=88586-4-646602ae3bbcbcc776bcbd0bf72710c7-1200x1600.jpg
[Image 4d88586-4-5fa7891152d9ddfa8a3b-3.jpg&s3=88586-4-618df8f3d234c757ec5111d51422fbd8-1200x1600.jpg
Tokushimaru, a mobile supermarket bustling with shoppers
In addition to this, a project to protect the Hamanoura terraced rice fields, which has become a symbol of Genkaicho, and an initiative to foster cultural activities have also begun.
The seeds of town development that you gave me are about to sprout and bloom here and there in Genkai-cho. We would like you to come and visit us once, so we have prepared a plan like this on the other side of the flyer.
Commemorating the collaboration between Genkaicho and 326, “326’s Traveled Genkaicho Diary”
* Click here for the thank-you letter by 326
This is a serious (!?) trip report by 326, who traveled to Genkai-cho for two days and one night in the summer of 2022. All records of eating, watching and playing! Of course, there are plenty of illustrations.
I’m looking forward to seeing the overall design until you receive it, but I’d like to tell you a little bit about the production process♪ Mr. 326, who loves cars, drives himself on the road. I found a shop that I was interested in and bought a lot of souvenirs. Thinking about Genkai-cho at home makes me teary-eyed… (whispers)
[Image 5d88586-4-660c6de375b120fb6460-7.jpg&s3=88586-4-1af271b581c1eab605e6abdb5b860a7f-3900x2925.jpg
Drive freely while playing your favorite songs ♪
[Image 6d88586-4-401bce1fc7144291bcf0-4.jpg&s3=88586-4-8b1c89999e449f6efa39b8b0af3a5830-1210x908.jpg
I also create illustrations in between. Is it a new work…? [Image 7d88586-4-312dd4acb36b0fcdd7d7-6.jpg&s3=88586-4-348dc8a5d3e6f1a7ea0a51f58d52ae6e-2025x2700.jpg
326 who passes through the curtain of the hot spring facility “Genkai Kaikai Onsen Parea”. To heal the fatigue of the drive
When you come to Genkai-cho, how about taking a look around the 326 map? We look forward to welcoming you.
Contact information
Genkai Town Hall Planning, Commerce and Industry Section, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Section (person in charge: Watanabe)
Town HP:
Genkai Town Tourism Site “Oishii Tabi GENKAI”: Location: 348 Moroura, Genkai-cho, Higashimatsuura-gun, Saga Prefecture 847-1421 TEL: 0955-52-2112
General Incorporated Association Genkaicho Everyone’s Regional Trading Company (Person in charge: Inoue)
Corporate site:
EC site “Gorotto Genkai”
Location: 338-1 Moroura, Genkai-cho, Higashimatsuura-gun, Saga 847-1421 TEL: 0955-51-3007
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