General Incorporated Association Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) [local] JAF Tokyo First event using advertisements on train windows! \ A total of 130 people will win a luxurious prize / JAF stamp rally along the Keio Line

General Incorporated Association Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) [Local] [JAF Tokyo] First held using advertising on the window of the train! \ A total of 130 people will win a luxurious prize / JAF stamp rally along the Keio Line

The Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) Tokyo Branch (branch manager Kazuo Kato) will use advertisements on train windows from November 1st (Tuesday) to January 31st, 2023 (Tuesday). will be held for the first time.

[Image 1d10088-4308-4791cb421cb4141dfa6c-0.jpg&s3=10088-4308-e280857fe98238d5c3b4eef84781c006-450x300.jpg
This campaign is a stamp rally around the JAF member benefit facilities along the Keio Line and Keio Inokashira Line. A total of 85 facilities with a wide variety of facilities such as gourmet, shopping, theme parks, hot spring facilities, and museums located along the Keio Line will participate. All facilities are JAF members’ preferential treatment facilities, so if you are a JAF member, you can collect stamps on your smartphone and use them preferentially to participate in the stamp rally at a great price.
The purpose of this campaign is to make JAF’s efforts known to more people, not just car users, by using advertisements on train windows. “Stamp rally for JAF member benefits along the Keio Line”
■Period: November 1st (Tuesday) to January 31st, 2023 (Tuesday) ■ How to participate
Anyone with a smartphone can participate.
(1) Access the website “Keio Line Drive Stamp Rally” and press the “Participate” button.
(2) Get a digital stamp at the target facility.
(3) After collecting stamps and meeting the application conditions, apply online.
-Luxury Assortment Winning Prizes-
Prizes include 10,000 yen gift certificates, pair lunch invitations, wine sets, theme park pair invitations, and more!
[Image 2d10088-4308-7d23d19ba5d72b343c0c-1.png&s3=10088-4308-2dc5a33c490fb4b77b077ee02e956c6f-1166x936.png
A prize assortment image: 7 prizes from the following 8 prizes [Image 3d10088-4308-58f03584800c6fc2266a-2.jpg&s3=10088-4308-471c484287d365c72a9c575fc34fb803-1311x923.jpg
Achieved 15 spots: A prize 5 people
Achieved 10 spots: B prize 15 people
Achieved 5 spots: C prize 40 people
Achieved 3 spots: D prize 60 people
W Chance Award:
JAF original Tomica Toyota Dyna tow truck 10 people
* The contents of the assortment differ depending on the award. For details, please check the URL below or the two-dimensional code on the right ⇒URL: (JAF local information) Details about this release:


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