General Incorporated Association Japan Home Staging Association Japan Home Staging Association Holds Home Staging Forum for the First Time in 3 Years Efforts to Popularize Senior Home Staging (R) as a Solution to the Challenges of a Super-aging Soc

Japan Home Staging Association
Japan Home Staging Association Home Staging Forum held for the first time in three years Efforts to popularize senior home staging (R) as a solution to the challenges of a super-aging society

Japan Home Staging Association promotes home staging (*1) that raises the value of housing and quality of life by solving various problems to realize comfortable housing and living with specialized knowledge and technology. The association (Koto-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director: Fujiko Suginohara, hereinafter referred to as the Japan Home Staging Association) will hold “Let’s spread! Home staging work-Home staging forum 2022-” on Thursday, November 10, 2022 at Hibiya Mitsui For the first time in three years since 2019, the conference (Chiyoda, Tokyo) was held in a hybrid format that allows participation in real, online, and public viewing. A total of 180 people participated, and the event was streamed on YouTube at the same time.
The representative director, Suginohara, gave an activity report and explained the future activities as follows.
As of the end of October 2022, there are 4,416 people with home stager qualifications, including certified instructor qualifications, and 69 corporate members.
Until now, many home staging qualification holders have been professionals who use home staging that meets the needs of consumers for their business. We are continuing to develop our knowledge by connecting it to our business. Knowledge of home staging is not only connected to business, but also necessary knowledge for consumers themselves to make their daily lives comfortable, such as tidying up, cleaning, and interior decoration.
In addition to the conventional 2nd grade course, we decided to add more knowledge of senior home staging (R) ︎ that leads to solving problems associated with aging.
In addition to people in the real estate industry, the renovation industry, and the welfare field, pre-senior generations themselves before becoming seniors take classes so that they can continue to live and live safely and securely in their own homes and parents’ homes. We will revise it so that you can acquire the knowledge to not turn it into a garbage house. In addition to developing it as a business, we will strive to fulfill our “responsibility to connect to the future” toward the super-aging society by spreading home staging in each region, which has the power to change the daily life of consumers. I explained the future activities.
The forum consisted of a video message by Norman Yuko Nishikawa, Ambassador of Japan to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) on home staging in the United States. Aiming for the Environment”, and Yamanashi Gakuin University President Takako Aoyama as an
industry-academia home staging initiative. Yamanashi Gakuin University School of Management students themselves practice home staging as part of a project to think about solving the problem of vacant houses. Mr. Takashi Ohkanda of Keyaki General Management Co., Ltd., a local real estate company in Yamanashi Prefecture, presented a case example of backing up students. In addition, Mr. Jun Otawara, Professor of the Faculty of Commerce, Doshisha University, presented an overview of the survey and research on the theme of “innovation in housing sales using home staging” in his graduation thesis, and actually sold furniture and interiors in Toyama Prefecture. Mr. Takashi Masuyama of the company Yonesan Co., Ltd. announced a unique built-for-sale property sales promotion support system. Finally, the award ceremony for the Home Staging Contest 2022 was held, and the Grand Prix, Semi-Grand Prix, and other special prizes were announced in the sales, rental, renovation, living, and virtual categories.
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Participated in visitor, WEB, and public viewing; streamed
simultaneously on YouTube on the day
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Panel lecture on home staging efforts by industry and academia *1-What is Japanese Home Staging-
At the Japan Home Staging Association, we use our specialized knowledge and technology to solve various problems to realize comfortable housing and living.
Home staging is defined as improving the value of a home and the quality of life by solving problems.
Organization overview
Japan Home Staging Association
Representative Director: Fujiko Suginohara
Established: August 19, 2013
Secretariat: 4F, ​​Kiba KI Building, 6-4-2 Kiba, Koto-ku, 135-0042 Phone number: 03-6810-5708
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