General Incorporated Association Japan Walking Association A walking event will be held in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture!

Japan Walking Association
A walking event will be held in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture! Tohoku Reconstruction Assistance Heart Reconstruction Communities Support Creating New Bonds Starting with Local Communities

The Executive Committee of the Tohoku Reconstruction Assistance Movement, commemorating the 10th anniversary of Tohoku’s
reconstruction, has launched a 930km walk from Tokyo to Aomori Prefecture as part of the “Tohoku Reconstruction Assistance Practical ‘Kizuna Walk'” to support the future development of Tohoku. We have disseminated to the whole country the state of reconstruction that can be seen by walking. As we enter the 11th year of reconstruction, we will continue to support the mental and physical health of people living in the community and the formation of exchange communities with the joy of walking and sports – the spirit of self-help – mutual help – public help. Expand with . In addition, we will hold a recreation experience meeting and lottery in the gymnasium.
We understand that you are very busy, but we would like to take this opportunity to interview you.
-Date and time- Saturday, November 26th from 9:00 (reception starts from 8:30) -Place- Yuriage Community Center/Gymnasium, Natori City (Please bring indoor shoes)
-Capacity- 100 walking people (any age)
– Contents – Walking, baseball class, lottery

[Overview of “Tohoku Reconstruction Support” Walking Event”] “Tohoku Reconstruction Support ‘Walking Event'” is an event to support reconstruction with the aim of disseminating the current situation of the disaster area and supporting the development of Tohoku, now that it has been 11 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Take quizzes at checkpoints along the walking course and win cool prizes. In the Yuriage Gymnasium and Public Hall, a baseball clinic will be held with support guest Kazuya Yano (former Yakult Swallows) as a lecturer. There will also be a raffle with lots of participation prizes and great prizes.
You can check the implementation reports of the opening ceremony, departure ceremony, events, and actual relays that have been held so far from the following website.

■ “Tohoku Reconstruction Support ‘Kizuna’ Walk” homepage
[Image 1

[Image 2

“Reconstruction Community Natori City” event schedule
[Image 3

-How to apply for coverage-
・Please check the following and apply by e-mail or fax.
Apply by email
Please send an email by November 22nd (Tuesday) with the following as the subject line: “Attending”.
Please contact us by email [].
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