General Incorporated Association Minamusu GOHAN PROJECT Event report “I learned and made it. Traditional C ulture Experience for Parents and Children: Not only non-disabled children but also deaf children who usually gave up on participating can e

[Holding report] “I learned and made it. Traditional Culture Experience for Parents and Children: Not only non-disabled children, but also deaf children who usually gave up on participating, on the day of the cultural experience event for parents and children On November 13th, we held a traditional culture experience event for parents and children where not only able-bodied people but also deaf children can participate without hesitation.

Agency for Cultural Affairs 2021 first supplementary budget project Children’s traditional culture experience project adoption, General Incorporated Association Minamusu GOHAN PROJECT (Representative Director Keiko Takahashi) planned and sponsored [Learning and making. Traditional culture experience for parents and children] Introducing the event held on November 13th (Sun).
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Voice of the event organizer (Minamusu GOHAN PROJECT representative Keiko Takahashi)
“I learned and made it. Experience traditional culture with parents and children”
I am also the representative of Minamusu GOHAN PROJECT, and I also serve as a total plan producer, from the launch of the project to the creative process.
The first is to improve the program system so that not only
able-bodied people but also hearing-impaired deaf children, who usually gave up on participation, can easily participate in cultural experiences without hesitation.
The second is that I am very particular about the part of myself that “parents and children participate”. This is because I believe that there is a deep meaning in the collaborative work of “learning and creating” together. This is because I believe that memories made together as a family will become special treasures that remain in children’s hearts.
In the first place, except for the fact that they are
hearing-impaired, they communicate in the same way as non-disabled people, and I hope that the world will become a little easier to live in. There is a history.
For us, it will be a special real event for the first time in three years. Approximately 220 parents and children participated, taking into consideration measures against corona infection and restrictions on the number of people, and the response was so great that there was a waiting list for tickets. On the day of the event, all the staff are very happy to see the smiles of many children in the venue.
And, as the title suggests, we implemented four experience programs (making dried confectionery and tea ceremony experience, dyeing experience, Komon experience, and bonsai experience) that “learned and made”, but we wanted to make the program even more powerful. am thinking.
In the future, we are considering workshop applicants (groups are acceptable) in the form of widely recruiting craftsmen and qualified people (workshop experience is preferable) who have been sincerely involved in Japanese traditional culture for more than 10 years. increase.
* Scheduled to be announced on the official website, etc. (timing undecided). There is a pass/fail of examination required in advance Minamusu GOHAN PROJECT Official Site
“Learning and making. Experience traditional culture with parents and children” event site
Overview of the event on the day

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“I learned and made it. Experience traditional culture with parents and children” 2022
[Date] Sunday, November 13, 2022
■ Morning session: Limited class for Tokyo Metropolitan Schools for the Deaf ■ Afternoon: General class
[Venue] Ochiai No. 1 Regional Center, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo
Organizer: Minamusu GOHAN PROJECT
Supported by: Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education, Shinjuku Ward *Event reports and edited videos will be uploaded as needed on the official event website.

[This time we will carry out four experience programs]
1. Wasanbon dry sweets making and tea ceremony experience
[Image 3d107982-6-90ad0aeb1c39c8ba9c38-3.jpg&s3=107982-6-aced512e5355b39cff4199d8bb6e2595-2592x1728.jpg
2. Edo dyeing experience
[Image 4d107982-6-6cb69a32847e146ca56a-5.jpg&s3=107982-6-4b553d27cca790b5652fb5a51c0310e3-2592x1728.jpg
3. Komon dyeing experience
[Image 5d107982-6-7e35288e68333ea22737-6.jpg&s3=107982-6-39403ac553fbfa39ae52fef0fe7b2ee7-2592x1728.jpg
4. Bonsai experience
[Image 6d107982-6-ea511cbec7c438f038a0-7.jpg&s3=107982-6-e3dd53101a817c811f9e5bbdc459e822-2541x1694.jpg
Participant’s voice
・It was good that information security such as sign language was substantial ・It was good to know valuable traditional culture
·was fun
・I was able to experience things that I could not experience at home ・I was able to experience traditional things
・Since there was a sign language interpreter, I was able to fully understand and understand the meaning, which was a good learning experience.
・I learned a lot from listening to valuable stories
・I am very happy to have a rare experience
・It was good to be able to study together with parents and children ・I didn’t know there was such a tradition in Tokyo.
・It was the first time I tried it, but it was fun (child) Parents also wanted to try it

[Image 7d107982-6-0583ee952948c609b949-13.jpg&s3=107982-6-237908634dfc7fd4e20820c365f57cee-2592x1728.jpg
[Image 8d107982-6-114bde3fc072824e1e40-14.jpg&s3=107982-6-41e7b6a1f9b5468649e4ce596330d390-2592x1728.jpg
[Image 9d107982-6-effbabee37a464099181-16.jpg&s3=107982-6-882afeb4bdd0635d8d7e79ca365fc33d-2592x1728.jpg
[Image 10d107982-6-7a24d186c779c35bc753-17.jpg&s3=107982-6-2cf7b7a544f17ccc62000422b9e05f58-3900x2925.jpg
[Image 11d107982-6-75584b010abb7de87b45-18.jpg&s3=107982-6-7deca01ece1ba45bc746add95c0f8ec2-2541x1694.jpg

[Image 12d107982-6-76b421ff0205af651b0f-20.jpg&s3=107982-6-b786dcd70dcc3529ab0d532b6c1eb66b-2519x1679.jpg
Company Profile
■Established: January 2012
■Representative Director: Keiko Takahashi
■ URL:
■ Inquiries: Please use the inquiry form
■ Business content
In 2011, we turned rice, which is a staple food for Japanese people, into a communication tool.
Engaged in the following initiatives with the concept of connecting people, towns and culture with “food” and “creativity”.
01.Support for revitalizing and revitalizing agriculture, forestry, livestock and fisheries
02. Solving social issues through digital/IT, design, etc.
03. Consulting business associated with the launch of various new businesses 04. Projects related to the spread and enlightenment of Japanese culture and research and development of overseas markets
05. Projects related to excavating, producing, protecting,
regenerating, and supporting traditional culture and local resources 06. Business to improve sociality and healthy development of children 07.Business related to holding and managing workshops, various seminars, and lectures
08. Branding design business for regions and traditional crafts 09. Craftsmen of “manufacturing” such as fine arts, works of art, traditional crafts, etc.
Projects related to the development and support of human resources involved in the revitalization of local communities
10. Development and promotion of systems that use the environment and natural energy
11. Marketing research/marketing strategy, branding strategy/planning business 12. Any other business necessary to achieve the purpose of this corporation ・Food education business
・Urban agriculture/food/agricultural business (organic rice
cultivation, tea tree cultivation, organic vegetable cultivation) ■ Award history
・Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries “Food Action Nippon Award” 2012 “Food Snacking Contest”
・Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries “Food Action Nippon Award” 2014 “GOHAN PROJECT Recycling Scheme”
Minamusu GOHAN PROJECT original content
◆ “Traditional food class for parents and children” official website
◆”Learning and Making Traditional Culture Experiences for Parents and Children” Official Website
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The official website of the Wandering Gourmet Investigation Corps “G Meshi 88”
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