General Incorporated Association Nakame Area Management Birth of a new landmark in Nakameguro with community t ransmission and coworking space “FUNAIRI-BA” Grand opening in early April 2023

General Incorporated Association Nakame Area Management
Birth of a new landmark in Nakameguro with community transmission and co-working space “FUNAIRI-BA” grand opening in early April 2023

General Incorporated Association Nakame Area Management
(Representative Director: Eiichi Kashiwai, hereinafter referred to as NAM) will renovate the Meguro Riverboat entrance plaza in early April 2023 as part of a public space utilization project in collaboration with Meguro Ward, Tokyo. ] will open as.
“FUNAIRI-BA” is a new facility that combines an event space full of food truck stalls and marche flea markets with a co-working space that utilizes the “Remains of the River Museum” where materials related to the Meguro River are collected. We aim to create a place that will be loved by everyone in the area as a place for new business and culture that has never existed before by providing people who live and work in Nakameguro with encounters and connections with new
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The Meguro River Boat Entrance Square is the former site of a boat entrance built in 1937 to guide ships into the Meguro River. Underground, the first underground box-type reservoir in Tokyo was developed for the purpose of flood control of the Meguro River, and it plays a role in the disaster prevention function of the surrounding area, which has been hit by frequent floods. In 2021, Nakame Area Management, a general incorporated association, will use this space as part of a public space utilization project that is being promoted in collaboration with Meguro Ward. , will be renewed as a place to disseminate new cultural information in Nakameguro.
Name: Meguro Riverside Park FUNAIRI-BA
Address: 1-11-18 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Official website:
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* Various new information such as facility information and event information will be updated from time to time.
Equipment outline
It is a complex facility consisting of the outdoor “hiroba” and the “tatemono” that utilizes the ruins of the museum on the river. In the spring, Nakameguro offers a comfortable place where you can enjoy a walk along the Meguro River and enjoy the cherry blossoms, or use it as an office, where you can spend your time according to your lifestyle.
It is a street food court with food trucks and trailer houses, and an open space where various events are held regularly.
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A coworking space that utilizes the ruins of the river museum will open. We are planning to prepare free address seats, conference tables, and private booths that are easy to use for office work for both individuals and corporations.
[Image 3d112994-1-80daee43c31ba052e4ae-0.png&s3=112994-1-11726031dba36d88c0d7dbf96cc2a2a9-677x478.png
《「tatemono」Membership/Facility Tour Guide》
Prior to the opening, we will hold a facility preview for media personnel and coworking space members.
It is scheduled to be implemented. We will inform you again in March 2023, so please wait for further information.
Company Profile
Company name: Nakame Area Management
Location: 5F, 1-23-1 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director Eiichi Kashiwai
Nakameguro Area Management is a community development company established under the Nakameguro Station Area Community Development Council. As an organization that aims to realize community development activities that are being considered and discussed by the Council, we are working in cooperation with the government to support activities related to district planning and “Nakame Style” activities.
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