General Incorporated Association Ochamusubi Project I am drunk with tea = A new Utage of Kyushu tea and sake held by the Ochamusubi Project

Ochamusubi Project
I’m drunk with tea (Chaniyoi Sourou) = A new Utage of Kyushu tea and sake held by the Ochamusubi Project
A new chill experience with a course of Yame tea mixed with sake and food pairing

A new form of tea proposed by the Ochamusubi Project [Cha ni Yoi Soro] event will be held on November 27th (Sun) at the Ohori Terrace 2F in Ohori Park for a limited time. With food pairings using ingredients from Kyushu, you can experience a new “peaceful time” that fuses tea and sake with the Yamecha course. Please enjoy a new chill experience of Japanese tea and sake while learning about the good relationship between tea and sake.
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● What is Cha ni Yosoko?
Limited to 1 day only on November 27 (limited to 10 people in each section, 2 hours, 2 shifts)
Venue: Ohori Terrace 2F in Ohori Park, Fukuoka Prefecture
Tashiro, a Japanese tea instructor, and Mr. Kinohachi, the head of the sake cram school
Enjoy a course of Yame tea with sake and food pairing using
ingredients from Kyushu as thought by culinary researcher Mutsuko Tokunaga
You can experience a new way of spending time, where you can relax your mind and body, learning from ancient times by connecting tea, sake and food.
Presents limited to participants ordered from famous tea production areas in Kyushu are also available.
*Since this is an event that offers alcoholic beverages, reservations cannot be made for those under the age of 20.
Chill experience with tea and sake
Haven’t you heard the word “chill” a lot recently?
The word “chill” is derived from the English word “chill out,” which means “to calm down,” “to relax,” or “to relax.”
[Image 2d74172-8-6f2cc6c6e14750095853-13.png&s3=74172-8-a8001f2146fae2e860f2698de2cd5a3d-1310x620.png
A Zen word often used for hanging scrolls at tea ceremonies Kissako (“Well, have some tea.”)
I’m sure everyone has had the experience of “relaxing” when they drink tea. There is a scientific basis for this feeling of “warming”, and it is said to be the action of the “rare” amino acid “theanine”, which is uniquely contained in tea. It has been reported that theanine increases alpha waves in the human brain and has relaxing effects such as regulating the autonomic nerves and improving sleep. Tea has ingredients that make your heart intoxicated.
Also, as you know, alcohol contained in moderate amounts of alcohol also has a relaxing effect.
Japanese tea and sake. The experience of tea liquor, which combines two drinks that moisturize the heart and body, is the new chill experience proposed by the Ochamusubi Project.
[Image 3d74172-8-07c903bed1c59a053b7c-1.jpg&s3=74172-8-5f5bdff233191b1d340cf0862ee2df4e-3840x2160.jpg
Do you want to brew tea with sake? A tea party with a new sensation ● Tea sake experience
Experience Yamecha brewed with Japanese sake
With the cooperation of Yame’s sake brewery, Mr. Tashiro and Mr. Kinohachi came up with a tea sake course.
[Image 4d74172-8-e8b878faa1557eeeeae0-10.jpg&s3=74172-8-9b18091a4a09f937c9315b5c1b9fea32-3840x2160.jpg
Tea seeds are fun on the day.
[Image 5d74172-8-7b01ced706948929696f-9.jpg&s3=74172-8-af762f66c9c5b6689e411119f8da6250-3840x2160.jpg
Look forward to the brand of sake on the day.
Tashiro, who was fascinated by Japanese tea and changed his life, and Mr. Kinohachi, who was born in a family of sake breweries and traveled the world with sake, will be intoxicated with Yame’s tea sake.
Look forward to the tea seeds and sake brands on the day…
In the world of tea and sake in Fukuoka, new efforts by Japanese tea cocktail professionals are emerging.
In this tea sake course, you will experience “JAPANESE TEA SAKE Hojicha”, which is a fusion of Yame tea and Japanese sake, produced by Japanese Salon Shizuku. We also have
[Image 6d74172-8-f6413a878e539b786da9-11.png&s3=74172-8-5f48e46efb6aad1e217811a25fa8a66f-734x735.png
KITAYA JAPANESE TEA SAKE Hojicha Contents: 500ml Ingredients: Sake (produced in Japan), Rice (domestic), Green tea (Hojicha) Alcohol content: 12%
A Japanese liqueur with a mellow and rich taste, made by extracting roasted tea carefully selected by the Yame tea plantation “Hoshino Seichaen” with special junmai sake from the same Yame city sake brewery “Kitaya”.
Good relationship between tea and sake
Tea has a long history of being introduced to Japan as a “medicine”. On the other hand, a moderate amount of sake is also called “the chief of all kinds of medicines”.
The biggest advantage of this combination is that it is good for your body. Vitamin C, catechins, and tannins, which are ingredients in tea, help prevent drunkenness and hangovers, and help relieve dehydration and swelling.
In the Ochamusubi project, we believe that by “tying” a good relationship between tea and sake, we can provide a healthier and deeper way to enjoy tea without putting too much strain on the body. ●Food pairing
tea and food
Tea pairing, which enjoys the exquisite combination of tea and food, is now spreading as a new way to enjoy tea. This time, we are waiting for everyone by preparing “dishes that go well with tea sake” by cooking researcher Mutsuko Tokunaga. Using the rich ingredients of Kyushu, you can also enjoy the taste of the food tea menu that you can eat the tea itself.
– Drunk on tea – Opening banquet
A feast that connects Kyushu’s tea, sake and food. Please join us for a new banquet that is “good for your body and intoxicating for your heart”.
〇 Date and time
November 27 (Sunday) 2-part system
・Part 1: 12:00-14:00 (10 people)
・Part 2: 15:00-17:00 (10 people)
*Please be seated 5 minutes before the start time.
〇 Venue
Ohori Terrace 2F
1-9 Ohori Park, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 810-0051
*We will be serving alcohol on the day, so please refrain from coming by car. 〇 Participation fee
5,000 yen (tax included)
Yame tea course with sake and food pairing using ingredients from Kyushu *Please pay in cash at the venue on the day.
〇 Capacity
10 people in each section, on a first-come, first-served basis from the reservation page.
〇 Reservation method
Please use this reservation page only. (We do not accept reservations by phone to the store / secretariat)
If you need to cancel your reservation for any reason, please be sure to contact us at the email address below at least 3 days in advance. Cancellation on the day will be charged in full. A cancellation fee of 5,000 yen will be charged at a later date.
*We do not accept reservations by email.
〇This event will be held with the cooperation of tea farmers in Kyushu as part of a promotional project for promoting tea by the Japan Tea Industry System Strengthening Promotion Council. We will use the valuable opinions, material photos, videos, etc. of the participants to promote dissemination activities. Please note.
– Drunk on tea Omotenashi cast
Japanese Tea Instructor Tashiro
[Image 7d74172-8-4676d17154be0b80c7a5-2.jpg&s3=74172-8-68bb1b22b1ee4551b14a2b927350d02a-1280x853.jpg
In order to spread the joy and depth of Japanese tea, we are active in a wide range of activities such as traveling tea parties, holding events, consulting, workshops, Japanese tea menu development and seminars, and schools.
◇Representative of 蘊-on- Japanese tea specialty store
Professor Kinohachi, Head of the Sake Academy
[Image 8d74172-8-b90ce0df276bb2b520a8-3.jpg&s3=74172-8-a9fc883d543dc2878f8ef0fc06229838-657x484.jpg
Born in the Kitaya clan, a sake brewery in Yame City. Holding sake events around the world. An evangelist who loves sake more and makes evening drinks three times more enjoyable.
◇ Sakaguchi liquor store owner
Food pairing supervisor Mutsuko Tokunaga
[Image 9d74172-8-6cf74ec4c9a67ae1457a-4.jpg&s3=74172-8-956f0dc4ef9dc8ca8ee8bb1c49f15f6b-1097x1653.jpg
A culinary researcher living in Fukuoka Prefecture. In addition to handing down the taste of home cooking, he continues to preach the importance of dietary education and tea education for the mind, body, and health of Japanese people.
◇Chairman of Ochamusubi Project
◇ Former Advisor, World Green Tea Association
◇ Japan Association of Culinary Schools Special Instructor
■ Organizer
General Incorporated Association Ochamusubi Project
Ochamusubi project theme
Connecting Kyushu, Japan, Asia, and the world as one through tea. The Ochamusubi Project, a general incorporated association, conducts its business activities in accordance with the “Law Concerning Tea”, and with the keyword “Japanese heart”, it is a “tea road” project that connects the traditions, cultures and climates of various parts of Japan. We aim to revive Japanese food rooted in Japanese tea culture and the spirit and culture of the Japanese people, create a rich and unique community, develop human resources, and revive Japanese culture.
■ Planning
TEA NINE creates a new way to enjoy Kyushu tea and Japanese tea culture. Tea for everyday life.
[Image 10d74172-8-3f44ddccec728eb83f1b-12.jpg&s3=74172-8-2dc9c6cbad699ee43c8a975944b76b39-1469x2069.jpg
■ Co-sponsorship / cooperation (honorifics omitted)
Japan Tea Industry Central Association
Japan Tea Industry System Strengthening Promotion Council
蘊-on- Japanese tea specialty store
Sakaguchi Liquor Store
Kitaya Co., Ltd.
And Locals Co., Ltd.
Japanese Salon Shizuku
XIZO Co., Ltd.
Niidoraku Co., Ltd.
Hoodium Tokunaga Co., Ltd.
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