General Incorporated Association Shibuya Mirai Design A total of 130,000 people participated! Shibuya Idea Conference “SIW2022” ends

Future Design Shibuya
A total of 130,000 people participated! Shibuya Idea Conference “SIW2022” ends 265 people from industry, government, academia, and citizens, including Mr. Yusuke Narita, Mr. ryuchell, and Ken Hasebe, Mayor of Shibuya Ward, took the stage. 80 program archives are available for free

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Shibuya Mirai Design, a general incorporated association
(Representative Director: Hideki Koizumi, hereinafter referred to as Shibuya Mirai Design) holds the Shibuya Idea Conference “SOCIAL INNOVATION WEEK SHIBUYA 2022” to hold conferences and experience programs as “6 days in Shibuya, where you can come into contact with ideas.” ” (SIW) was held from November 8th (Tuesday) to 13th (Sunday). In Shibuya, industry, government, academia, and citizens jointly created programs and participated in discussions, with the aim of meeting, connecting, and shaping diverse ideas. . During the event period, a total of 130,000 people participated in the venue and online distribution viewers.
Among the programs, we also held idea meetings such as the “#Shibuya Nanai Project” and the “Shibuya Smart Drinking Project” that were born from the idea session at SIW last year.
Continuing from last year, at the end of the session, the speakers and participants at the venue were asked to write down their ideas and thoughts on strips of paper, and more than 300 ideas were collected over the six days.
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Please expect that new projects will be born from this and will be implemented at next year’s SIW.
See program archive here


Implementation report
On the first day of the conference, we welcomed KDDI Corporation (hereafter, KDDI) as a partner, and under the theme of “Culture Design,” how culture was born and developed in the Web3 era. We then discussed what kind of potential the city of Shibuya holds with Mr. Keisuke Murakami, director general of the Digital Agency, and many other controversialists. In the last session of the day, Yale University assistant professor and economist Yusuke Narita, who has attracted attention for his unique perspectives, ideas, and sharp remarks, and a professional gamer who was a classmate of Mr. Narita and also participated in club activities. With Mr. Tokido and Mr. Chuma of KDDI, “free talk” was developed freely under the theme of “new future”.
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“How to create a new future”
November 8 (Tue) 18:00-19:00
Yusuke Narita (Assistant Professor, Yale University / Economist / President of Hanjuku Virtual Co., Ltd.)
Tokido (pro gamer belonging to Rohto Z!)
Kazuhiko Chuma (Deputy General Manager, Business Creation Division, KDDI Corporation, General Manager, Web3 Business Promotion Office, General Manager, LX Strategy Department)
Jungo Kanayama (SIW Executive Producer)
On the second day of the conference, under the theme of “Beyond Digital,” Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (hereafter, NTT) was invited as a partner to discuss the future that the IOWN concept promoted by NTT is aiming for. In the keynote session, the concept of “Smart City Shibuya” by Deputy Mayor Sawada of Shibuya Ward, “What is the IOWN concept” by Mr. Kawazoe, Executive Vice President of NTT, and finally Mr. Morikawa, Professor of the University of Tokyo Graduate School, ” With regard to “The Future Connected by the IWON Concept,” the possibilities of organically connected people and society were discussed from various angles as the evolution of digital technology spreads.
See archive here. [Image 4

Keynote session “The Future Connected by the IOWN Concept”
Wednesday, November 9, 13:00-13:50
Shin Sawada (Shibuya Ward Vice Mayor CIO)
Takehiko Kawazoe (NTT Executive Vice President and Executive Vice President) Hiroyuki Morikawa (Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo)
Jungo Kanayama (SIW Executive Producer)
On the third day of the conference, with the theme of “Women Leading”, “respect” born from diverse perspectives, “new ideas” and “empathy” born from respect, and “supporting each other” create a “natural” world. We created such a day to accelerate to.
Among them, ryuchell, who was appointed as a “Shibuya Diversity Evangelist” in the first year of SIW, and Ken Hasebe, Mayor of Shibuya Ward, took the stage, looking back on the past and future, such as creating a city that respects diversity advocated from Shibuya, gathering individuality, etc. talked about the future.
See archive here. [Image 5

“DIVERSITY CITY SHIBUYA What is obvious? What Shibuya Mayor and ryuchell want to convey now.”
Thursday, November 10, 10:15-11:00
ryuchell (Entertainer / Representative Director of Higa Kikaku Co., Ltd.) Ken Hasebe (Mayor of Shibuya City)
Shinko Osada (SIW Executive Producer)

school of the future
With the theme of education, we invited speakers who are working on new challenges from various standpoints, and discussed the theme of “what kind of place should school be in the future?”
See archive here.
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November 13 (Sun) 15:15 – 16:35
Hima Furuta (Representative of umari Co., Ltd. / Project Designer) Daisuke Yukita (IDEO Design Lead)
Yumi Dohara (President, WTOC Co., Ltd.)
Takashi Horie (Secretariat, School Facility Development Coordination Section, Shibuya Ward Board of Education)
Yasuo Shinohara (Director of Education DX Policy Promotion, Shibuya Ward Board of Education Secretariat)
Kumiko Kitamura (AOI Pro. Future co-creation project leader) Shuta Takada (HLAB, Inc. Co-Founder and COO)
Shinko Osada (SIW Executive Producer)
Shibuya City Environmental Symposium / Shibuya Youth Climate Change Conference Over the past three months, we have discussed what is necessary and what can be done to decarbonize the city of Shibuya, centering on the Shibuya City Environmental Basic Plan 2018. The results were announced to all those who are interested in the future environment of Shibuya. See archive here.
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November 13 (Sun) 13:30 – 15:00
Noriyuki Matsushima (Shibuya Future Design Producer)
Member of Shibuya Youth Climate Change Conference
-Shibuya Idea Conference-
Generation Z x Smart Drinking
As part of the “Shibuya Smart Drinking Project” launched with Sumadori Co., Ltd., which was born from the idea session held at SIW last year, in collaboration with the university, “Students think about the future of Sumadori” and “How to deal with alcohol well” A presentation was held by students about “Ideal Welcome Party Drinks Conceived by Sumadori Ambassadors”.
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Sex co-education program “LOVE GROWS” (Tinder × # Shikanai ) The social implementation project “#Shitakunai”, which changes the “no choice” related to body and sex, has been holding workshops since the project was launched last year. Developed a sexual co-education program “LOVE GROWS” where students learn about love, sex and relationships while thinking about appropriate behavior in various situations, and demonstrated it to about 20 university students. and held a workshop.
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There will be 29 programs such as hands-on programs and collaborative events that will stimulate the imagination of everyone from children to adults.
A collaboration event of yoga and a project to think more creatively about places to enjoy craft beer was held at Miyashita Park, Shibuya Ward.
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Date: Tuesday, November 8, 2022 to Sunday, November 13, 2022 Admission fee: Free
Producer: Jungo Kanayama (Representative Director of Shibuya Tourism Association) / Shinko Nagata (Director and Secretary General of Future Design Shibuya)
Organizer: Future Design Shibuya General Incorporated Association Co-organizer: Shibuya Ward
Supported by: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Shibuya Ward Federation of Store Associations, Shibuya Ward Tourism Association
Special Partner: The Nippon Foundation
Conference Special Partner: Nippon Telegraph and Telephone
Corporation/KDDI Corporation
Conference Partners: Tokyu Corporation / Tokyu Land Corporation / MIXI Co., Ltd. / Goldwin Co., Ltd. / Salesforce Japan Co., Ltd. / Aoyama Trading Co., Ltd. / Asahi Beer Co., Ltd. / Sumadori Co., Ltd. / E. Design Insurance Co., Ltd. / DAZN Japan Investment LLC / Kao Corporation / Kose Co., Ltd. / Koala Sleep Japan Co., Ltd. / Kokumin Kyosai coop (National Federation of Workers’ Mutual Aid Co-operative Associations) / Ajinomoto Co., Inc. / Adecco Co., Ltd. / New Balance Japan Co., Ltd. / Co., Ltd. INFORICH (ChargeSpot)/ Mars Japan Limited (BE-KIND)/ mederi Inc.
Shibuya Idea Conference Partners: Nekino Co., Ltd. / Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. / Adobe Co., Ltd. / A&A Co., Ltd. / Hakuten Co., Ltd. / Kaijirushi Co., Ltd. / Kyoto City / Panasonic Corporation Electric Works Co., Ltd. / Plus W Co., Ltd. / Shibuya Joshi
International School / STU Co., Ltd. / Tokyu Construction Co., Ltd. / Nonpi Co., Ltd.
Partners: Axis Consulting Co., Ltd./Fellows Co., Ltd./Geek Pictures Co., Ltd./JIBUN HAUS.
Media Partners: BUSSINESS INSIDER / OPENERS / Qetic Inc. / Shibuya Keizai Shimbun / Shibuya Radio / J-WAVE / PR TIMES / FINE PLAY / MASHING UP / Lifehacker
Collaborative events: Shibuya Arts Festival/ Tokyo Snow Festival/ TGC teen/ Kita-Shibu RUN/ Farmβ/ MASHING UP Conference
Planning and Production: SOCIAL INNOVATION WEEK SHIBUYA Executive Committee Official website: Future Design Shibuya
Based on diversity and inclusion, Future Design Shibuya collects the ideas and talents of the diverse people who gather in Shibuya, such as those who live, work, learn, and visit Shibuya, transcending boundaries, and contributes to society through open innovation. It is an industry-government-academia-citizen collaboration organization that designs solutions and possibilities for global issues. By presenting Shibuya to the world as a new possibility of urban life, we aim to lead to the sustainable development of not only Shibuya Ward but also society as a whole.
Future Design Shibuya
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