General Incorporated Association Tennoz / Canalside Revitalization Association Notice of holding premium live “Canal Art Moment Shinagawa 2022” to enjoy the waterside of Shinagawa

General Incorporated Association Tennoz Canal Side Revitalization Association Announcement of premium live “Canal Art Moment Shinagawa 2022” to enjoy the waterside of Shinagawa

The Tennoz Canalside Revitalization Association (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo/Chairman Yasuyuki Miyake) will open Tennozu Canal East (Tennozu Canal, Tennozu Isle Third Waterside Plaza) on Saturday, November 12, 2022. ), “Canal Art Moment Shinagawa 2022” will be held at Tennozu Canal West.
This event utilizes multiple barges moored on the Tennozu Canal as a special live stage and spectator seats, and uses projection mapping on the walls of buildings along the canal to create Japanese art in Shinagawa’s waterside space. It is a premium water live where you can enjoy culture.
[Image 1d62838-23-be0ad1074b56c807bb2a-3.png&s3=62838-23-f11d860e8ff596043a563865e2249649-1500x1500.png
Canal Art Moment was held for the first time in 2019, and last year it was co-sponsored with the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and held as the “Tokyo 2020 NIPPON Festival Co-sponsored Program”.
This time, which will be held for the 4th time, the ward residents’ stage that invited 3 groups that are active mainly in Shinagawa Ward, and the special orchestra that gathers performers who are active on the front lines in Japan and overseas as the main stage will be up close. We are planning to give you a special stage that you can appreciate at. In addition, an archive will be distributed at a later date so that you can see the actual stage on-line.
Canal Art Moment Shinagawa 2022 ~Sustainable Art Empowerment~ Date: Saturday, November 12, 2022, 15:50-20:35
Venue: Tennoz Canal East (2-chome Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo / around Tennozu Isle 3rd waterfront square), Tennoz Canal West Official website:
-Program content and performers-
Hitachi Solutions Brass Band
11/12 (Sat) Around 16:00
[Image 2d62838-23-33f89b23f9a33fd4cab8-6.png&s3=62838-23-db092fbe440dfd7ae5ca4bf4f976fc20-689x289.png
Hitachi Solutions Brass Band. We enjoy music as a hobby while working in IT, and aim to contribute to the development of music culture together with the local community.
Through regular concerts and participation in the Shinagawa Citizens’ Art Festival, we have deepened exchanges with local residents. Today I will perform so that I can share the wonders of music with everyone. Shinagawa CC Rainbow Venus
11/12 (Sat) Around 17:00
[Image 3d62838-23-4500405043cc1df7d060-7.jpg&s3=62838-23-14ffaa04bd64160173451d871d65f356-2500x1666.jpg
Shinagawa CC RainbowVenus are cheerleaders active in the Shinagawa Tennozu area. We support each team of Shinagawa CC (soccer, 3-on-3 basketball, and American football) and perform activities in cooperation with local people, such as appearances at local events.
This time, we will deliver a powerful number that adds glamor to the art moment. Please enjoy the performance of RainbowVenus!
Oi Gongen Taiko Preservation Society
11/12 (Sat) around 18:00
[Image 4d62838-23-bf6cc4504d2f24aca4b4-5.jpg&s3=62838-23-45800ec9015efce58bbd26ef4e06456d-425x319.jpg
Aiming to promote healthy youth development through local traditional performing arts, the group has been involved in a wide range of activities, including appearances at local events such as the Shinagawa Ward Citizens’ Festival, workshops at elementary and junior high schools, and seven overseas friendship exchange performances in the past. I’m here. The representative song, Tengu Taiko, was created with the image of the legend of Tengu, who purified a town that had been hit by an epidemic long ago. The spirited performance has the power to blow away the modern corona misfortune.
“Orchestra Presenter One Night Symphony”
11/12 (Sat) around 19:30
[Image 5d62838-23-954402285fad2c6ae4fb-1.jpg&s3=62838-23-c5f1f513f7957f90c2bca4b395bbf59c-3680x2456.jpg
A special orchestra will appear on the water stage in Tennozu. From classical masterpieces to water-themed symphonies, and the melody, we will deliver movie music that will excite anyone with a full orchestra performance. A one-night-only special program unique to Canal Art Moment, such as a special arrangement of Western music and popular songs, a mashup of different genres such as classical music and JPOP, and co-starring with powerful Japanese drums, will show the various splendor of the art of music. , Please feel the depth.
Performance: Orchestra Presenter
Conductor: Nobuaki Okumura
Concert Master: Kanako Eriguchi
Guest Taiko Players: Kenichi Koizumi/Katsu Tsuji/Daisei Onma ■Orchestra Presenter
A special orchestra that gathers performers who are active on the front lines in Japan and overseas, such as professional orchestras and soloists, as an orchestra specializing in events. The orchestra develops in various scenes such as concerts, events, recordings, TV recordings, and live support for artists.
■ Nobuki Okumura
[Image 6d62838-23-2540af61f9c20cbc6a1f-2.jpg&s3=62838-23-4c941b93697240c43d82d5816335b5c2-1800x2700.jpg
Conductor/Orchestra Producer
Conducts and produces orchestra events and choruses in Japan and overseas, such as Junko Koshino fashion show, music programs such as NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen, commercials, and movie promotions. Co-starred with famous artists from classical to pop. He is developing
performance activities in his own style without staying in the frame of classical music.
■Kenichi Koizumi
[Image 7d62838-23-bd505faa3c4de5dc84c3-0.jpg&s3=62838-23-d1ab5f66e840f5a0ca624ea232552c7f-1365x2048.jpg
Taiko player (guest)
He started playing taiko drums at an early age, and in 1999 he studied under the solitary taiko player Eitetsu Hayashi, after which he became a member of the Eitetsu Fuun no Kai. Since 2003, he has also started his solo activities, and has appeared on many stages, including solo concerts and co-starring with artists of various genres. In recent years, in addition to performance activities, he has also been engaged in activities such as workshops, providing music, and lecturing.
・Rossini: “Overture” from the opera “William Tell” (Fanfare) ・Smetana / Symphonic poem “My Motherland” No. 2 “Vltava (Moldau)” ・Handel / No. 8 “Hornpipe” from “Water Music”
・Tribute to the Film Composer
・Akira Ifukube/SF Symphonic Fantasy No. 1 (Godzilla theme)
・A special song that is a mashup of Western music and popular songs, classical music and JPOP
・ Ravel / Ballet “Bolero” (special collaboration of Japanese drums and orchestra)
Tokairin Mai
[Image 8d62838-23-4a12c5c2437efe855502-4.jpg&s3=62838-23-1df1e0f186664abe50910b6182714a86-1058x1408.jpg
Caster, MC, radio & TV personality, writer, announcer for various large-scale global sporting events, and MC for fashion brands. Using his bicultural skills, he is active in a wide range of activities, including teaching English presentations and publishing books on English pronunciation and speaking.
-How to enjoy this event-
have fun at the venue
Advance reservations are required to view the venue of this event. Please note that even if you come directly to the venue on the day, you will not be able to enter.
Advance reservations: Enjoy archive distribution at home
The state of the live stage on the day will be archived live at a later date. You can watch it on your computer or smartphone. URL:
-Measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection and requests- At this event, we are taking measures in line with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s “Infection Prevention Guidelines” to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. Please check the following items before your visit and thank you for your cooperation.
・Please refrain from visiting if you have symptoms such as fever (37.5° or higher), headache, cough/sore throat, discomfort in smell/taste, or fatigue.
・Be sure to wear a mask regardless of whether or not you have been vaccinated. ・Please disinfect your hands with alcohol for temperature measurement and disinfection at the entrance. In addition, the organizer will confirm the names and contact information of the visitors.
・Please wash your hands and gargle after using the restroom. ・Please refrain from eating, drinking and talking face-to-face, and try to maintain a social distance.
・In the unlikely event that you feel unwell at the venue, please immediately contact a nearby staff member.
・Depending on the congestion situation, admission may be restricted. ・Please refrain from cheering for the performers, giving presents, or waiting for them to leave or enter.
-Other precautions-
* Due to various circumstances such as bad weather, the date and time, contents, and holding method may be changed or canceled without notice. Please note.
*If the event is canceled due to bad weather, etc., we will inform you on Facebook etc.
*There is no car/motorcycle/bicycle parking at the venue. Please use the surrounding parking lots, etc., so as not to cause inconvenience to nearby residents and pedestrians.
* The above start time may change depending on the progress of the stage. Please note.
Canal Art Moment Shinagawa 2022
Organizer: Tennoz Canalside Revitalization Association
Supported by: Shinagawa Ward/Shinagawa Tourist Association/Shinagawa Cultural Promotion Agency/Tokyo Chamber of Commerce Shinagawa Branch/Minato Ward Tourist Association/Konan Shinkokai/Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology/The Japan Institute of Navigation/Area Management TENNOZ/Shinagawaura Tenno Shu District Canal Renaissance Council
Special cooperation: Panasonic Imaging Co., Ltd./Warehouse Terada Co., Ltd. Cooperation: Mikawaya / Hirai / Funasei / Oedo / Mutsumimaru / Chukin / Marucho / Maruhiro / Kokichimaru / ZEAL / Nawasada / Tokyo Barge Transportation Cooperative / Niko Shoun Co., Ltd.
Production Cooperation: Orchestra Presenter / Oi Gongen Taiko Preservation Society / Hitachi Solutions Wind Orchestra / SHINAGAWACC RainbowVenus / Chris Pepler Office / Sound Crew Co., Ltd. / Global Network Co., Ltd. / boundary spanner Co., Ltd. / Tomiden Co., Ltd. / artical Co., Ltd. / Co., Ltd. ATFS / PR TIMES Co., Ltd. / Harima Bistem Co., Ltd. / Rocket Pencil Co., Ltd. / NPO Nagisa no Kai
-Shinagawa Ward
-General Incorporated Association Tennoz Canal Side Revitalization Association WEB
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