General Incorporated Association UX Intelligence Association General Incorporated Association UX Intelligence Association x job change service “doda” jointly planned UX recruitment special page released

UX Intelligence Association
UX Intelligence Association × Job Change Service “doda” Joint Project Released UX Recruitment Special Page

The General Incorporated Association UX Intelligence Association (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Naoki Endo, hereinafter: UXIA) will start on November 7, 2022 (Monday) as a joint project with Persol Career Co., Ltd. A UX job special page has been released on the service “doda”.
■ UX recruiting special page: [Image 1d79754-10-445b1aeaf3c7793cbec4-2.png&s3=79754-10-e9b6681179ba4c493807a1bccb407575-602x141.png
■ Background of the launch of the UX recruitment special page According to a doda survey, the number of job openings*1 that include words related to “UX” posted on the service has increased by about five times from January 2019 to September 2022 (see the figure below). reference).
With the advent of the digital society, companies
By utilizing the behavioral data of , it is now possible to provide and support optimal content and communication across the board. As the focus of corporate competition shifts from “products” to
“experiences,” the demand for UX talent is likely to increase. On the other hand, the current situation is that the understanding of specific occupations and skills in UX has not progressed much. Therefore, in order to create opportunities to deepen our
understanding of UX, we have launched a UX recruitment special page. *1 Number of job postings that include words related to “UX”: Job postings that include words related to UX in the job posting [Image 2d79754-10-083732d68a3d7b3e064a-1.png&s3=79754-10-08d8481131d560d675911386ab0f0433-602x313.png
Changes in the number of jobs related to “UX” posted on doda Calculated based on job posting data posted on doda between January 1, 2019 and January 30, 2022
Overview of the UX recruitment special page
In this UX recruiting special page, for the purpose of promoting understanding of the importance of UX, occupations and skills, we will introduce UX-related recruitment specials, examples of changing jobs from other occupations to UX-related occupations, and “The importance of UX” by UXIA Secretary General Fujii. It includes commentary on gender, and occupations and required skills.
[Image 3d79754-10-a1a282611da71e6de6b0-0.jpg&s3=79754-10-581cf86d51e69092dcb52e7fe783bc6e-999x865.jpg
■ “UX Test (TM) Basics” where you can learn the basics to become a UX human resource
In order to create matching of UX human resources, it is essential for both companies and job seekers to deepen their understanding of UX, and for job seekers to learn and master. UXIA also offers the UX Test (TM) Fundamentals, a qualification test for all business people that systematically learns the skills and mindset that are essential for achieving excellent UX.
The second exam will be held on Saturday, December 17, 2022. Applications are accepted from the application page below.
(You will be redirected to the dedicated page within Nikkei Business School)
■ Overview of the association
UXIA aims to realize a society that is overflowing with good UX and where users can freely choose UX through the dissemination and study of “UX intelligence” as the basic ability required for DX human resources who open up a new era. Founded in May. Members are mainly composed of companies promoting DX in Japan, and the number of members is 34 as of August 2022.
Three subcommittees, “UX organization development subcommittee”, “advanced case study subcommittee”, and “qualification course maintenance subcommittee” were established as places for more specific consideration and research on UX, and each company actively
participates in the activities. We are.
Name: General Incorporated Association UX Intelligence Association (abbreviation: UXIA)
Location: Shin-Otemachi Building 10F, 2-2-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: Chairman Naoki Endo (Bebit Co., Ltd. CEO)
Established: May 19, 2021
Business description:
Enlightenment and promotion of UX intelligence for corporations and individuals in Japan and overseas
Discovery and sharing of high-quality UX cases in Japan and overseas (implementation of networking events, award systems, etc.)
Standardization of UX intelligence (establishment of qualification system, implementation of examinations, etc.)
Development of a learning environment for acquiring practical knowledge of UX intelligence
■ Information on the 2nd UX Test (TM) Basics
The UX Test (TM) Fundamentals is an exam that proves that you understand the basic concepts of UX and HCD (Human Centered Design) and the outline of their practice methods, and that you have the basic knowledge to utilize them in your own work.
Name: 2nd UX Test (TM) Basics (HCD Test Certification)
Target audience: All business people (no restrictions on eligibility) Exam schedule: Saturday, December 17, 2022, starting at 13:00 Application acceptance period: October 3, 2022 (Monday) to December 1, 2022 (Thursday)
Application method: Apply from the dedicated page in Nikkei Business School ( Exam time: 100 minutes
Exam fee: 9,900 yen excluding tax (10,890 yen including tax) Implementation format: Knowledge questions (single-choice: 100 questions) / Online implementation (taken at home)
Scope of questions: Questions from the syllabus (see official website) Organizer: General Incorporated Association UX Intelligence Association Certification: HCD basic test (HCD test)
Cooperation: Nikkei Business School ( Official website:

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