General Incorporated Foundation International Welfare and Human Rights Research Foundation We want to deliver ice cream that does not contain allergens to children with atopy and other diseases.

International Welfare and Human Rights Research Foundation
I want to deliver ice cream that does not contain allergens to children with atopy and other diseases.
I want many people to know about guilt-free (no wheat, eggs, or dairy products) ice cream.

There are children who cannot eat sweets such as cookies due to wheat and egg allergies. Since this ice cream is “free of dairy products, wheat, white sugar, and additives,” I wanted to donate it to infant hospitals and children’s wards, so I started this project. This ice cream will be purchased from “Dizzy’s House” which is the only store in Osaka, and we will support it.
This guilt-free ice cream, which can be safely eaten by people with atopy and diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, is allergy-free, and can be eaten safely, should be more widely known and widely known. , WELWEL launched a project to let everyone know more about it.
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Social issues we want to solve
ーWhat kind of issues will you be working on?
There are children who usually cannot eat sweets freely. children with allergies. Allergies are sometimes fatal. Therefore, children with allergies cannot eat food freely and must choose ingredients carefully.
Therefore, I want children with allergies to eat this ice cream and feel relieved that there is ice cream that they can eat! I thought it would be part of the support to let people know about ice cream that even people with atopy, chronic diseases, and cancer can eat. [Image 2d36309-3-9f85d157c419883a3b05-1.jpg&s3=36309-3-f591ceb716a17c0a6ba38a61f7e164d8-737x526.jpg
ーDescription of the task (recommended diagrams, data, etc.)
Eggs, milk, wheat, buckwheat, shrimp, crab, peanuts… There are people with various food allergies.
If you have an egg, wheat, or dairy allergy, there are many products that you cannot eat, such as cookies, shortcakes, and melon bread. “Takenoko no Sato” and “Kinoko no Yama”, in fact, all those who are allergic to eggs are absolutely “Kinoko no Yama”. This is because “Takenoko no Sato” contains eggs.
Speaking of meals, I can’t eat egg rice, omelet rice, or tenshin rice. Dairy products are prohibited from butter, doria, cream stew, and many delicious foods are restricted.
Meanwhile, it is guilt-free ice that appeared.
#Gilt-free #Gluten-free #Egg-free #Dairy-free #Allergy-free #Ice #Cream #Matcha #Chocolate #Cookie
Therefore, I would like to provide children with guilt-free ice cream that can be eaten by children with allergies.
Introducing our commitment to raw materials
[Image 3d36309-3-9e080aa0d9fa1de8cbf3-2.png&s3=36309-3-7de120f07828500434a8c5022b396d1f-1128x846.png
Dairy-free We do not use dairy products, which are representative of food allergies, in order to deliver ice cream that is “delicious” and “satisfying for the body” as well as “satisfying the body”. In addition, we do not use additives such as emulsifiers and thickeners that are used in commercial ice cream to improve the texture of the ice cream. Guilt-free ice cream uses organic JAS-certified coconut milk and soy milk instead of dairy products to create an ice cream that everyone can enjoy, with a rich richness and a light aftertaste. [Image 4d36309-3-64efb0afc91f66cd90b6-4.jpg&s3=36309-3-c2455b14fc6689e6e12690e5e1422bf4-640x480.jpg
White sugar-free gilt-free ice cream does not use refined white sugar. The sweetness comes from “beet sugar”. “Beet sugar” is a sweetener that contains a lot of oligosaccharides and minerals, and is characterized by its natural sweetness. Guilt Free Ice uses “beet sugar” for all ice cream.
[Image 5d36309-3-fc57ba62f44f882d05d1-5.jpg&s3=36309-3-ebcb5b4ad6e372bce94d3350ea174f10-640x480.jpg
Gluten is a type of protein contained in wheat, barley, etc. It is well-known that the springy texture of bread and udon noodles is due to this gluten. Guilt Free Ice is gluten-free and does not use wheat, which is one of the causes of food allergies. In order to make ice cream with only simple ingredients, we do not use any stabilizers or preservatives, so you can enjoy the taste of the ingredients themselves.
[Image 6d36309-3-6da0a43768798f2e3553-6.jpg&s3=36309-3-6153b4dc2b6a35368be018893cd924ec-716x716.jpg
coconut milk cookie
Trans-fatty acid-free Trans-fatty acids are found in margarine, shortening, and edible blended oils, and are said to increase bad cholesterol. Our gilt-free ice cream does not contain any trans-fatty acids, so you can enjoy it with peace of mind.
[Image 7d36309-3-64294768cc79f6b288bc-7.jpg&s3=36309-3-6e55ca821988551c8ba5338409c2e459-1024x768.jpg
Soy milk caramel (* This product uses eggs.)
Using raw materials such as kelp and agave syrup that are delicious and pleasing to the body Harvest from cultivation such as organic JAS certified “organic coconut milk”, “organic mint chocolate”, “organic extra virgin coconut oil”, “organic agave syrup”, “organic inulin” We find ingredients that are good for the body from all over the world and use them luxuriously. In addition, kombu dashi is added to the umami ingredients. Please enjoy the delicious ice cream. This ice cream is safe for health-conscious people and those with allergies. – How and why you faced the issue
The lovely dancer “Missy” teaches dancing in her studio at “Dizzy’s House”. We heard from “Missy” that “the studio where dance classes are held is doing a ‘children’s cafeteria’ only on Sundays,” and WELWEL immediately asked. Then I was introduced to the owner, Mariko Oku. That is “Children’s Cafeteria Dizzy’s House”.
[Image 8d36309-3-1eae9ff95ea21a2f6d8b-8.jpg&s3=36309-3-7019829560969915ecd7ec7cd43fbe23-1108x1477.jpg
“Mariko Oku”, the owner of “Children’s Cafeteria Dizzy’s House”, was involved in the PTA and became involved with the children of her friends who had dietary restrictions. It seems that he has become interested in our eating habits. In 1992, he began to actively study at seminars and study groups, etc., in order to deeply consider and pursue the cause. I’m here.
In 2007, he and his eldest daughter opened a French restaurant that was particular about ingredients, incorporated healthy Italian food, and made changes to a cafe where anyone could drop in casually. It seems that the pandemic suddenly hit and was forced to go out of business.
However, I could not stop the owner’s feeling that “I want many people to eat delicious food that is good for the body.”
Therefore, in March 2021, he started a breakfast cafeteria with pesticide-free rice, handmade miso, and pickled plums. With that in mind, I started the “Children’s Cafeteria Dizzy’s House” with the hope that seniors and I would like them to experience the joy and fun of volunteering together, so that they can lead to dietary education for children.
One day in January 2022, owner Mariko Oku was introduced to gilt-free ice cream by a friend. He was very interested when he heard that the gilt-free ice cream “does not use dairy ingredients, wheat, white sugar, or additives.” The reason is that it was difficult to find ice cream that children with such allergies could eat. I was shocked and deeply moved by the fact that the concepts of “Children’s Cafeteria Dizzy’s House” and “Providing meals that are good for the body and health” matched. With that in mind, he decided to open a franchise in Osaka because he wanted to bring the guilt-free ice cream, which had begun to be developed in the Kanto region, to the Kansai region. [Image 9d36309-3-3d564468d8a13dba02e7-9.jpg&s3=36309-3-e64775ec00af658683b98dffe29cebf2-2048x1536.jpg
Upon hearing this story, WELWEL was also amazed at the existence of ice cream that can be safely eaten not only by children with allergies, but also by people with diabetes and hypertension who have difficulty eating. And I immediately thought of the smiles of children. There are children who can’t eat freely even if their friends around them are eating sweets. The fact that these children will be able to eat ice cream together with everyone else is sure to add to the smiles of the delicious taste and the smiles of the moment when the wall of the heart is broken.
Therefore, WELWEL, through this crowdfunding, will first sell “ice cream without dairy ingredients, wheat, white sugar, and additives (guilty-free)” in Osaka (Shinmori, Asahi-ku). ”, And in order to widely know that this ice cream is “very friendly to people with various barriers”, we launched crowdfunding to help.
ーKids right net WELWEL (International Welfare and Human Rights Research Foundation), specific activities of WELWEL
While WELWEL focuses on supporting orphans in Vietnam, it also conducts human rights activities to establish children’s rights in Japan.
[Image 10d36309-3-f9192185e7e655c1c7b5-10.png&s3=36309-3-b6c47ce78f72dd396b2370ceda7a04ed-658x496.png
Due to the corona virus, I couldn’t go to Vietnam, and I couldn’t support orphans in Vietnam.
[Image 11d36309-3-3b56c30f0e0162fcf64a-12.png&s3=36309-3-af907f00f765ca87adff24f3431fda3e-660x495.png
By the way, as one of our activities, we donated Japanese picture books to an orphanage in Vietnam. Japanese picture books are well made. Since there are few letters, Vietnamese children will be happy. [Image 12d36309-3-ea78f8433d0d9e4fb4d1-15.png&s3=36309-3-c5476a330f370df2862296b56c813957-261x347.png
To support orphans in Vietnam, we also conducted a project to donate commercial rice cookers three times. We also donate used clothes and food, but WELWEL brings origami and picture books with us. However, in Vietnam, the culture of reading picture books to 1 and 2 year olds has not taken root. I know it won’t. This is because the teachers at the facility do not read to the children because they are “too busy”. I am learning and working every day, thinking that it would be good if intellectual education for children takes root in Vietnamese customs. [Image 13d36309-3-6f4b150b175f707c78d3-13.png&s3=36309-3-4cc6c6402ca6117bcc1e23188e3c1988-653x497.png
Vietnamese entertainer HONG VAN NGUYEN, a fellow volunteer
The facility in Phu Nhon District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (the facility in this photo) was taught by Mr. HONG VAN NGUYEN. Many Vietnamese entertainers are enthusiastic about volunteering. Mr. HONG VAN NGUYEN is also very enthusiastic about volunteering and has taken WELWEL several times to volunteer at the soup kitchen.
[Image 14d36309-3-0429c70faa26e1082daf-14.jpg&s3=36309-3-8ed3f92b9d357836042e97cb56ebae04-960x640.jpg
The woman on the left in the photo is Ms. HONG VAN NGUYEN.
However, due to the spread of COVID-19, we are no longer able to support children in Vietnam, so while supporting the independence of people with disabilities at group homes, we are donating food as a food bank to children’s cafeterias in Hirano Ward and Ikuno Ward, Osaka. I was. Currently, as I mentioned earlier, I am involved in the “Children’s Cafeteria Dizzy’s House” in Asahi Ward, and I go out with the users and help them from the preparation of meals.
Meanwhile, the owner of “Dizzy’s House”, “Mariko Oku”, decided to sell guilt-free ice cream. I wanted to help as much as possible, and I wanted to increase the smiles of children. I sincerely hope that the gilt-free ice cream that has finally landed in Osaka, which is free of dairy products, wheat, white sugar, and additives, will reach those who need it as soon as possible.
message of support
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