GENERATIONS New Single “My Turn feat. JP THE WAVY” Released! The jacket features breakdancer and contemporary artist Masanari Tsuji, who is currently attracting attention!

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GENERATIONS New Single “My Turn feat. JP THE WAVY” Released! The jacket features breakdancer and contemporary artist Masanari Tsuji, who is currently attracting attention!
Mr. Masanari Tsuji, a young artist who is a hot topic not only in the dance world but also in the art world. For the first time in his own artwork, it is now a work that uses other dancers.

Born in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture, MASANARI TSUJI is a
contemporary artist and BBOY (breakdancer) who creates works centered around the Tokai region on the themes of space, body, and light. [Image 1

This work, in which artist Masanari Tsuji participated in the visual jacket photo, was appointed as the theme song for Japan’s first professional dance league “Dai-ichi Seimei D LEAGUE 22-23”, and was appointed as an ambassador for GENERATIONS. It will be a work featuring rapper JP THE WAVY, which is attracting attention both domestically and internationally.
The visual created by Mr. Tsuji is the first time he has applied the “Light Works” series, which he has constructed as an artwork since his student days and is also his expression method, to the physical expression of others.
One of his masterpieces and artwork is “Light Work”, which logically expresses the impulse of the momentary art of breakdancing that he himself dances. Through this expression, physical momentary art follows traces and continues to remain as the axis of light. His expression is produced in a variety of genres such as sculpture, installation, photography, painting, and performing arts, and the physical expression of dance is indispensable as the base of his production.
It is his originality and identity to express time, traces and space centered on the body.
Dance and art have always been the basis of Mr. Tsuji’s life, and it can be said that he is a unique artist who continues to challenge the fusion of street dance and art with expressions that only Mr. Tsuji can achieve.
He is also active as a dancer nationwide, and has been active based in Europe, such as winning the competition in London when he studied at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London in 2018, and participating in the world competition in Poland as a guest. We are expanding our reach overseas.
2022 will be based mainly in Japan, and he will also actively hold his own solo exhibition, performance art at the Toyota City Art Festival, and the Kameyama Triennale and Matsuzaka Culture held in Mie Prefecture, which is also Tsuji’s hometown. Participate in a street art festival.
At the same time, he created large-scale performance works and outdoor sculptures that became a hot topic.
Recently, in addition to installation and performance art using space, he has been interested in the history of dance from the aspect of dance and what has been unraveled academically, and continues to create works from various angles.
While continuing to be a BBOY dancer, as a contemporary artist, Tsuji continues to push forward with a method of expression that can only be created by Mr. Tsuji.
In 2023, the activities of artist Masanari Tsuji will be something that cannot be overlooked.
Masanari Tsuji
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2022.10.03 ON SALE DIGITAL SINGLE “My Turn feat. JP THE WAVY” 2022.11.23 ON SALE SINGLE “My Turn feat. JP THE WAVY”
[Visual Art Work] Masanari Tsuji

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