Genhai Japan “Neakasa cordless vacuum cleaner wet and dry dual use, 18000Pa strong suction” Amazon “Black Frid ay Week” special popular vacuum cleaner, discount up to 8000 yen or more, once a year ❕❕❕ Don’t miss it!

Genhai Japan
“Neakasa Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Dry/Wet/18000Pa Strong Suction” Amazon “Black Friday Week” Specially Popular Vacuum Cleaner, Discount of up to 8000 Yen or More, Once a Year ❕❕❕ Don’t miss it!
Campaign period: November 25, 2022 (Friday) to December 1, 2022 (Thursday)
From 11/25 (Sat) 0:00 to 12/1 (Sun) 23:59, “Neakasa Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Dry/Wet/18000Pa Strong Suction” ( 7 on the neabot Amazon store We will hold a time sale festival on the day. A chance to buy at a great price,
Don’t miss it!
The number of recent robot vacuum cleaners that can not only suction dust but also mop with wet wipes is increasing.
However, I am disappointed that the suction power is not good enough and that the cleaning ability should be improved.
Stick-type vacuum cleaners have strong suction power, but there are currently few products that can be used for both dry and wet use. Therefore, the multi-functionality that is different from conventional stick-type vacuum cleaners is attractive, and it is possible to suck up dust and mop at the same time.
Please take a look at “Neakasa Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Power Scrub II”! [Image 1

Source: “DIFI LINE”
( ■ List of product features
Wet and dry dual use mop and vacuum cleaner that sucks up liquids and solids 18000Pa, commercial level cleaning power
Detachable battery, you can buy another battery as a spare and replace it for further cleaning!
Stands on its own and is easy to handle
Equipped with a self-cleaning function for convenient care
Liquid and solid waste are separated and easy to throw away, keeping your hands clean and dry
Compact charging and storage!
Roller brush considering various ground conditions
Square head design that adheres to the wall and prevents fine dust from escaping Clear LED display
Can be cleaned with detergent
We are waiting for customers with various attractive points such as ~
[Image 2:]     Source: “Home appliance log”
■ Popular list ~
“Eliminates stubborn stains such as small bird food, milk and juice often spilled by children, and even stubborn dirt such as crayons!”
[Video 4:]        Quoted from: “MATTU SQUARE” ( Mr. Okina:
“The height of the main unit is about 114 cm, and the handle is just around the waist, so it’s easy to operate.”
“Actually, it seems that my wife enjoys cleaning with this stick cleaner and robot vacuum cleaner set.
[Image 3

     Quoted from “OKINAlog” ( ・Solid cleaning power to remove children’s graffiti❕
[Video 5:] Source: (DIGI LINE,
■ Product video
[Video 6:] ■ Campaign information
Neakasa Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Wet and Dry Use with Automatic Mop Cleaning Strong Suction PSE Certified 24 Month Warranty
General sales price: 42,800 yen (including tax and shipping) Sale special price (tax included): 34,000 yen (20% OFF)
Product page:
Validity period: 11/25 (Sat) 0:00 to 12/1 (Sun) 23:59
You can also save even more with a special sale:
When you purchase 1 or more Neakasa cordless vacuum cleaners from the Neabot Amazon store, you can save ¥3980 on a dedicated battery. If you purchase 1 or more Neakasa cordless vacuum cleaners from the Neabot Amazon store, you will receive 1 free roller brush + hepa set for vacuum cleaners.
You can enjoy a comfortable space and a relaxing time without spending time and effort!
If you want to be freed from cleaning, don’t miss this chance! If you have any other questions about the above, please feel free to contact us anytime.
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