Gifu Shimbun releases ZYAO22, a media specializing in Gen Z in Gifu prefecture supported by Branding Engineer

Gifu Shimbun Co., Ltd.
Gifu Shimbun releases ZYAO22, a media specializing in Gen Z in Gifu prefecture supported by Branding Engineer
-In commemoration of the release, an exclusive interview article with Keigo, the bassist of the rock band “Novelbright”, has been released-
Gifu Shimbun Co., Ltd. (Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, President: Kaoru Yajima, hereinafter “Gifu Shimbun”) Branding Engineer Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yasushi Kawabata, COO: Katsuya Takahara, Securities code: 7352, with the support of Branding Engineer), the release of the owned media “ZYAO22” that disseminates how to work and live for generation Z, such as young workers and job-hunting students involved in Gifu Prefecture. I will let you know.
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■ What is “ZYAO22”?
“ZYAO22” is a media that started with the desire to “use online media for Gifu in the 22nd century for Young Adults from generation Z onwards”.
By learning about various ways of working and living among the many young people called Generation Z who are involved in Gifu Prefecture, “This is my way of life (YAO)!”
We aim to be a media where you can meet a work and lifestyle that you can be proud of.
We will provide content that can be used as a reference in daily life and work when Generation Z is looking for a topic, “What will you talk about at work tomorrow?”
■ Background of this development
Gifu Prefecture’s active job openings-to-applicants ratio of 1.59 is the third highest in Japan after Fukui Prefecture (1.91) and Shimane Prefecture (1.65). (from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare). In addition, the population movement between Gifu Prefecture and other prefectures has exceeded migration for 16 consecutive years from 2005 to 2020, and of the 4,671 people who have exceeded migration in 2020, the majority moved out for “professional reasons.” , which is considered to be closely related to the problem of labor shortage and lack of workers (from Gifu Prefecture statistics).
By providing Gen Z and the next generation hints on “working” and “living” in Gifu, we hope that they will become aware of and rediscover the appeal of working in Gifu Prefecture. )” has been released. We will provide support for resolving the labor shortage in Gifu Prefecture and population problems that may occur in the future through the media construction know-how of our branding engineers and the provision of abundant content that makes use of the news gathering network that Gifu Shimbun has cultivated over many years. .
■ Content to deploy
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Useful information for living in Gifu Prefecture such as “Gourmet” and “Leisure” in addition to content on the theme of working such as “career”, “local job hunting”, “local job change”, “local side job”. etc. will be developed.
In addition, we will develop a lot of content that introduces how to work in Gifu, such as “Introduction of attractive companies in Gifu Prefecture” and “Interviews with UIJ turn job seekers” as special features.
Gifu Shimbun aims to develop rich content by making use of the coverage network that has been cultivated over many years.
■ Release special interview
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Release special interview
In commemoration of the release of “ZYAO22” this time, we have released an exclusive interview article with Keigo, who is in charge of the bass of the popular rock band “Novelbright” and is also from Gifu Prefecture.
Keigo talked about his message to young people in his hometown of Gifu Prefecture, as well as Keigo’s view of life, which is active not only in the music industry but also in many other fields.
URL: “ZYAO22” will continue to provide the latest information as a media that serves as a bible for Generation Z, such as “I want to work and live in Gifu Prefecture” and “I want to work and live in Gifu Prefecture”.
We will provide an experience that will be a big plus for Generation Z users who visit the “ZYAO22” site.
[About Branding Engineer]
Location: Shibuya East Exit Building 6F, 2-22-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representatives: Yasushi Kawabata, CEO, Katsuya Takahara, COO Date of establishment: October 2, 2013
Capital: 139,589 thousand yen
Business description: Service business utilizing IT
Company HP:
[About Gifu Shimbun]
Location: 10 Imakomachi, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture
Representative: Kaoru Yajima, President and Representative Director First issue: July 19, 1881
Capital: 80 million yen
Business content: Publishing of “Gifu Shimbun”, sponsoring,
co-sponsoring and sponsoring various projects such as sports and culture, publishing various publications
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