Gigi Co., Ltd. For gifts and reward sweets. Tanba chestnut Kyoto Montblanc from “HISAYA KYOTO Azabujuban” participates in “Gochimeshi” and “Bizumeshi”

Gigi Inc.
For gifts and reward sweets. Tanba chestnut Kyoto Montblanc from “HISAYA KYOTO Azabujuban” participates in “Gochimeshi” and “Bizumeshi”
Gigi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Representative Director : Ryosuke Imai) is a high-end chestnut confectionery “HISAYA KYOTO” with a cafe specializing in high-quality chestnuts operated by Global Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, CEO: Hitoshi Umeno). We would like to inform you that you have joined “Bizumeshi”.
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HISAYA KYOTO Azabu-Juban, a high-end chestnut specialty confectionery with a cafe specializing in high-quality chestnuts, participated in “Gochimeshi” and “Bizumeshi.”
On the 2nd floor, “Sabo HISAYA LOUNGE” specializes in “Kyoto Mont Blanc with Tanba chestnuts”.
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(HISAYA KYOTO Azabujuban store)
The following two types of tickets have been registered for both “Gochimeshi” and “Bizumeshi” where you can enjoy HISAYA’s specialty “Tanba chestnut Kyoto Mont Blanc”.
・Tamba Chestnut Kyoto Mont Blanc (tea set)
・1 group of 2 people Tamba chestnut Kyoto Mont Blanc (tea set)
“Kyoto Mont Blanc of Tanba chestnut” is a generous amount of Mont Blanc cream that uses plenty of Tanba chestnuts, the smooth taste of fresh cream, the faint bitterness of rich matcha ice cream, and the crispy kadaif accented with an elegant sweetness. Sanowa Montblanc. [Image 3

■ About “HISAYA KYOTO Azabujuban”
A high-class chestnut confectionery with a teahouse (cafe)
specializing in high-quality chestnuts, born in October 2021 from Hisaya, which has a reputation for “roasted chestnuts” and chestnut products that make use of the natural taste of chestnuts.
This is a shop where you can fully enjoy the flavor of chestnuts, mainly domestic chestnuts such as Tamba chestnuts.
The first floor sells Tamba chestnut Mont Blanc, Japanese and Western sweets such as cookie puffs, and domestic roasted chestnuts. At the tea room LOUNGE on the 2nd floor, Mont Blanc and parfaits using Tanba chestnuts are prepared in front of the counter.
You can also enjoy freshly made sweets that can only be tasted at the shop in a special space at the tea room lounge where you can relax and relax.
■ About Hisaya
Hisaya, a roasted chestnut specialty store that originated from the approach to Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, is a roasted chestnut specialty store that opened its first store in Chawanzaka, Kiyomizu, Kyoto in 2002.
In October 2022, we started selling “Waguri HISAYA ROLL”, a
collaboration roll cake of “Dojima Roll” born in Dojima, Osaka. Not only HISAYA KYOTO Azabu Juban store, but also nationwide delivery by frozen delivery from the online shop.


■ What is “Gochimeshi”?
“Gochimeshi” is a gift service that allows you to give a restaurant menu online. It is possible to search for menus from 17,000 registered stores nationwide, such as restaurants recommended by you or your partner’s favorite.
You can easily send a ticket as a gift via email or LINE along with a birthday or anniversary message such as “congratulations” or “thank you”.
“Gochimeshi” was born from the desire to create a web service that allows people to share their feelings through food and create a chain of joy.
“Gochimeshi” gift site
■ What is “Bizumeshi”?
“Bizumeshi,” where restaurants in the town become company meals. It is a welfare program that leads to high employee satisfaction, reduction of recruitment costs, and reduction of turnover rate. It is evaluated as an effective welfare program for well-being management because it promotes communication between employees as well as nutrition and rest through meals.
Without creating an employee cafeteria in the office, we will realize equal welfare benefits for all employees regardless of their place of work or occupation, such as office work, remote work, or sales work. In addition, it supports the activities of companies to revitalize local communities and is an initiative for SDGs.
From April 2022, a delivery function has been added through a tie-up with “Demae-can”, and the meal options have been further enhanced. In addition, the service continues to evolve in response to the needs of companies using it, such as adding a donation function to the system as an effort to foster a donation culture.
・ “Bizmeshi” site:
・ “Bizumeshi” restaurant site: ・“Bizumeshi” Facebook page: [Image 4

■ Gigi Co., Ltd. Company Profile
“Your Happiness is My Happiness”
We will realize a business model that is friendly to people, shops and communities, and create sustainable and new values ​​that spread and circulate the feeling of ‘Pay it forward’ in society. .
main office:
2-6-11 Daimyo, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 810-0041 CEO:
Ryosuke Imai (composer/music producer. Namie Amuro’s “Hero” and TEE/Chenelle’s “Baby I Love You”)
■ Award history
July 2020 Japan Gift Award 2020 Urgent Special Award “Restaurant Support Award” October 2020 Good Design Best 100 / Good Design Good Focus Award [New Business Design]
November 2020 2020 60th ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS “ACC Bronze” March 2021 TANGRAMS STRATEGY & EFFECTIVENESS @Spikes 2021 Bronze Award April 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2021 Retail-Ecommerce Category (Winner: Kento Furukawa, Founder)
* Gochimeshi (R) ︎ Sakimeshi (R) ︎ Bizumeshi (R) ︎ are registered trademarks of Gigi Corporation.

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