Ginsha JAPAN Co., Ltd. Amazon Black Friday Special time sale! “LYSOR popular pet grooming set P20” Big sale once a year! Starting November 25th! Up to 37% OFF! Don’t miss it!

Ginsha Japan Co., Ltd.
[Amazon Black Friday] Special Time Sale! “LYSOR popular pet grooming set P20” Big sale once a year! Starting November 25th! Up to 37% OFF! Don’t miss it!
The best gift for living with your beloved cat or dog

LYSOR Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Edogawa-ku, Tokyo), which is engaged in the home appliance business for vacuum cleaners, is grateful for the daily patronage of users, and once a year Amazon 7-day big event “Amazon Black Friday”. We will hold a big sale to sell this product at a sale price of up to 37% OFF! Please don’t miss this opportunity~

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Regular selling price (tax included): 18800 yen
Sale special price (tax included): 11880 yen
Product page URL:
Period: November 25th (Friday) 00:00 JST to December 1st (Thursday) 23:59 JST for 7 days
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Kill two birds with one stone for cutting and cleaning!
1. Tired of pet hair flying all over your room?
2. Do you find grooming your pet at home a hassle?
3. Are you looking for a more cost-effective method for pet beauty? Let the LYSOR P20 5-in-1 Pet Grooming Vacuum Cleaner do all the work for you, so you can spend less time cluttering and more time with your beloved fluffy pets!
The LYSOR P20 Pet Grooming Vacuum comes with 5 tools for different chaos situations. You can always trim and groom your pet at home whenever you need it!
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LYSOR continuously creates innovative products one by one in today’s busy modern homes to help people enjoy a simpler life with less cost. We are committed to providing you and your furry pets with premium pet accessories and effective grooming services, providing you and your pets with an enjoyable life experience. The P20 Pet Groomer is the best gift we can give to every pet owner. Not only can you save the cost and time of going to the grooming salon every month, but you can also enjoy grooming your dog, cat, or other animals at home! We also provide reliable support after purchase. We promise a 12-month manufacturer’s free warranty period. We strive to provide quality and services that satisfy our customers. Please rest assured.
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