GLION Group Overwhelming number of vehicles in stock The GLION Group will hold its annual thanksgiving festi val “GLION 39 Fair ~EXPO 2022~” from Saturday, November 26th to Sunday, December 4th. ) will be held!

[Overwhelming number of vehicles in stock] The GLION Group will hold its annual thanksgiving festival “GLION 39 Fair ~EXPO 2022~” from November 26th (Sat) to December 4th (Sun)!

The GLION Group (Location: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture) will make all-out efforts for nine days from Saturday, November 26th to Sunday, December 4th. We will hold the big event “GLION 39 Fair ~EXPO 2022~” once a year. This year, we have prepared many special campaigns from businesses other than cars of the GLION Group, such as reception and lifestyle departments, to add color to our customers’ daily lives. Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, this year’s event will be held online.
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Environmentally friendly vehicles such as “EV (electric vehicle)” and “PHEV (plug-in hybrid)”

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As a company that handles a large number of vehicles, it is also positioned as an opportunity to deepen our understanding of carbon neutrality. We will propose the most suitable car for our customers with an eye on the realization of a sustainable society. In addition, we have a wide range of imported and domestic cars, including BMW, MINI, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and Suzuki, which the group handles, as well as new cars, new used cars, and carefully selected used cars. I will
A special gift from the guests and lifestyle that colors everyday life

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The GLION Group is developing a wide range of businesses so that you can enjoy a more wonderful car life than just being an authorized car dealer. During the period, special benefits are also available from guests, lifestyles, and value chain businesses such as GLION MUSEUM, restaurants, bridal, special gifts, and car rentals.
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Overview of the event
Name: GLION 39 Fair ~EXPO 2022~
Period: November 26th (Sat)-December 4th (Sun), 2022
Venue: GLION Group target stores nationwide
Contents: A big thanksgiving festival where the GLION group put all its efforts together
free entrance
Benefits: Planned special price vehicles, limited novelties, services, benefits ●Conduct business negotiations in a safe and secure environment We are taking thorough measures to prevent infection from the display vehicle to the trade-in vehicle, including the store.
● We also accept online business negotiations
We deliver the latest information such as carefully selected special vehicles and information on contract benefits. Please visit the special site.
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The GLION Group is a company that mainly engages in the authorized dealer business of 20 brands of imported and domestic cars, including BMW. We have bases not only all over Japan but also overseas, and we are engaged in all kinds of business related to automobiles. In recent years, with the desire to “deliver more satisfaction to more customers,” we have expanded our business beyond the
automobile-related business to include food and beverage, wedding, and hotel businesses. With genuine products and hospitality, we will deliver “impression” to customers that only the GLION group can do. GLION Group Site:

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