Global Style Order suit specialty store “GINZA Global Style” has received khaki/green color fabrics from popular import brands.

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Order suit specialty store “GINZA Global Style” has received khaki/green color fabrics from popular import brands.
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We have a lot of [khaki/green color] fabrics from popular imported brands such as “MARZOTTO Marzotto / DORMEUIL Dormeuil / Ermenegildo Zegna Zegna / TRABALDO TOGNA Tonya / REDA Reda / ARISTON ARISTON”. [Image 1

The khaki/green color fabric, which is also popular in the business scene and has the influence of office casual, is a color that can express both dress-like and casual-like images in a well-balanced manner.
This time, we will introduce the new green / khaki color of the autumn/winter 2022 items for each brand.
Fall/Winter 2022 Mono New “MARZOTTO”
[Image 2

“MARZOTTO” is an Italian brand that continues to supply high-quality wool and synthetic fiber products for men’s and women’s apparel in partnership with the best and most carefully selected ranches in Australia.
[Image 3

A fabric with a natural glossiness and depth that is typical of Italian fabrics. ■ Product details
Design: Khaki/Green (plain)
Combination price: From 41,000 yen (from 45,100 yen including tax)* Fall/Winter 2022 new item “DORMEUIL”
[Image 4

“DORMEUIL” is popular for its fabrics that combine both the design unique to France, which is at the forefront of fashion, and the high quality of traditional British technology, and currently has fans in more than 80 countries. known as a well-known brand.
[Image 5

The bright green fabric creates a glamorous look. Suits with comfortable and gentle texture are popular among women.
■ Product details
Design: Khaki/Green (plain)
1 piece: From 68,000 yen (from 74,800 yen including tax)*
New Fall/Winter 2022 “Ermenegildo Zegna”
[Image 6

“Ermenegildo Zegna” has become a luxury brand with executive customers all over the world. It has a reputation for thorough quality and fashion, and is one of the prestigious fabric brands that are very popular with global style customers.
[Image 7

Popular blue-green fabric. It is also active in the business scene near the navy.
■ Product details
Design: blue green (plain)
1 piece: From 68,000 yen (from 74,800 yen including tax)*
Fall/Winter 2022 New Item “TRABALDO TOGNA”
[Image 8

“TRABALDO TOGNA” has a long history of 160 years and outstanding expertise, and is produced from carefully selected raw wool by making use of the skills and sensibilities of skilled craftsmen cultivated in tradition at key points in the production process. The highest quality has a charm that other fabric manufacturers do not have.
[Image 9

The bright green solid color with tension can produce a slightly different adult sex appeal.
■ Product details
Design: Khaki/Green (plain)
Combination price: From 44,000 yen (from 48,400 yen including tax)* Autumn/Winter 2022 Mono New “REDA”
[Image 10

“ARISTON – Ariston” is famous along with “Zenia”, which is extremely popular in Italy, and is a brand with many fans. We have a wide variety of highly fashionable and fashionable fabrics that are very attractive, with the light and beautiful colors typical of Italian fabrics, the fabrics with excellent luster, and the unique luster. [Image 13

An impactful fabric with presence check in green.
■ Product details
Color: Khaki/Green (check)
Combination price: 58,000 yen ~ (63,800 yen including tax) * An example of the 2010 autumn/winter new item [khaki/green color fabric] [Image 14

[Image 15

[Image 16

In addition to colors such as dark green and blue green that are easy to wear for business occasions, we also have designs that can be worn casually such as corduroy, tweed fabric, and setup fabric.
▼ Click here for the latest arrival information of new fabrics
*Combination price is the price per suit when you purchase two or more custom-made suits. The combination is free, so this price will be applied even if you combine it with custom-made suits of different price ranges. (Price as of November 2022)
GINZA Global Style Store List (as of November 12, 2022)
[Image 17
・GINZA Global Style Comfort Sapporo Parco
・GINZA Global Style Comfort Crax Sendai
・GINZA Global Style Ginza New Main Store
・GINZA Global Style Ginza Main Store/Main Building
・GINZA Global Style Ginza Main Store New Building
・GINZA Global Style Comfort Omotesando
・MARUNOUCHI Global Style Main Store
・GINZA Global Style Ginza 5-chome store
・GINZA Global Style Kanda Chuo-dori store
・GINZA Global Style Ikebukuro East Exit
・GINZA Global Style Shinjuku 3-chome store
・Global Style Shinjuku South Exit
・GINZA Global Style Comfort Yokohama West Exit
・GINZA Global Style Comfort Omiya Mongai
・GINZA Global Style Comfort Bic Camera Chiba Station Store
・GINZA Global Style Comfort Shizuoka Gofukumachi store
・GINZA Global Style Comfort Dai Nagoya Building
・GINZA Global Style Comfort Nagoya Hirokoji Street Store
・GINZA Global Style Nagoya Central Park
・GINZA Global Style Grand Front Osaka
・GINZA Global Style Diamor Osaka
・GINZA Global Style Osaka Honmachi Store
・GINZA Global Style Namba SkyO store
・GINZA Global Style Kyoto Sanjo Street Store
・GINZA Global Style Kyoto Shijo
・GINZA Global Style Comfort Kobe Sannomiya
・GINZA Global Style Comfort Hiroshima Parco New Building
・GINZA Global Style Comfort Hakata Station Chuo-gai
・GINZA Global Style Fukuoka Tenjin
・GINZA Global Style Comfort Cent City Kitakyushu
About Global Style Co., Ltd.
[Image 18d19787-97-bb96c0d7ba238f903841-18.jpg&s3=19787-97-e5b03670f1fe56823dac0eb3bb7254af-1000x600.jpg
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Global Style Co., Ltd. has been in the fabric wholesale business since its founding in 1949, and in 2009 launched the custom-made suit shop brand “Global Style” by utilizing its own purchasing network. On August 24, 2021, we will be newly listed (IPO) on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market (securities code: 7126).
In order to fundamentally change the made-to-order suit industry, which is often thought of as “expensive,” “old-fashioned,” and “difficult to enter,” we offer reasonable prices, prepare a wide variety of suit models and fabrics with an emphasis on fashion, and provide fashionable clothes. Under the brand concept of “ENJOY ORDER!”, we continue to pursue support for businessmen through custom-made suits.
■ Company profile
Company name: Global Style Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President: Hiroshi Tashiro
Head office location: Tangoya Building, 3-5-1 Awajicho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Capital: 80 million yen
Industry: Fashion (men’s apparel/ladies’ apparel)
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Global Style Co., Ltd.
Aoki, Public Relations Manager, Internet Marketing Headquarters Yurakucho Denki Building North Building 5F, 1-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006
TEL: 03-6264-4740
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