GLORY OF BRIDGE Co., Ltd.’s “Specified Skilled Worker Recruitment Service” has been highly evaluated in three categories as a result of a survey by a third-party organization.

GLORY OF BRIDGE Co., Ltd.’s “Specified Skilled Worker Recruitment Service” has been highly evaluated in three categories as a result of a survey by a third-party organization.

The “Specified Skilled Worker Recruitment Service” provided by GLORY OF BRIDGE Co., Ltd. received high marks in the following items in a questionnaire survey by Japan Business Research.
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[Survey overview]
Contractor: Japan Business Research
Survey period: September 5-6, 2022
Survey method: Web image survey after browsing service information Survey target: 337 managers who are interested in specific skill recruitment services
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GLORY OF BRIDGE Co., Ltd. is a company that aims to be a bridge to the diversification of this country with the vision of “10 years from now, we will eliminate the word ‘foreigner’ from Japan.”
In recent years, in Japan, we want to contribute to the economic development of Japan and developing countries such as Asia by increasing the number of people working in Japan by accepting excellent human resources from overseas. I’m here.
[GLORY OF BRIDGE (GOB) Specified Skilled Worker Recruitment Service] In Japan, the shortage of human resources is considered to be the most important issue.
In order to solve these problems, GOB will introduce excellent human resources from Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and other countries who live in Japan and overseas.
We are a registration support organization that not only introduces human resources, but also provides comprehensive support from interviews to post-recruitment follow-up until the introduced human resources actually get a job.
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[Strength of specific skill recruitment service]
1. Introducing high-quality multinational human resources
At GOB, we will introduce specific skilled workers who have passed the proficiency test and the Japanese language proficiency test. In addition, we conduct interviews in advance for those who are scheduled to be introduced, and take measures to prevent the employment gap between job seekers and companies.
2. Contents of support for introducing companies
At GOB, we provide thorough support before and after joining the company. In addition to support for recruitment of foreign human resources, we provide all-in-one support, including life support for job seekers, selection of candidates according to their wishes, and regular feedback of recruiter information.
In addition, when accepting foreigners for the first time, there are many companies who have many worries such as “I don’t know how to treat them” and “I don’t know how to treat them”, so I will follow up from the company’s personnel perspective.
3. Substantial support for introduced human resources
At GOB, we not only support companies, but also provide support for human resources.
We will thoroughly support the establishment of the human resources introduced by providing transportation, living support, Japanese language learning opportunities, and regular interviews.
In addition, since this is the first job change, there are many things that will make you feel uneasy after joining the company.
■ Company name: GLORY OF BRIDGE Co., Ltd.
■ URL:
■ Date of establishment: September 2021
■Head office: Biko Building 6F, 2-24-2 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo ■Representative Director: Kosaku Demura
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