Gloture Co., Ltd. For safe and speedy ideal nails ・The 2nd generation electric nail clipper “GeeMagic Pro” i s now on sale at the gadget store “MODERN g”

Gloture Inc.
For safe and speedy ideal nails ・The 2nd generation electric nail clipper “GeeMagic Pro” is now on sale at the gadget store “MODERN g” Quiet design/Illuminate your hands with LED light/Touch start/Rechargeable
Gloture Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: CHEN JUNYI) will start selling “GeeMagic Pro” on its own EC site (MODERN g) from November 23, 2022.
・Two levels of speed adjustment
・With a light that illuminates the hand
・Compact and convenient to carry
・Safe to use with touch start function and infrared protection function ・Easy care! Even if it gets clogged, it can be easily solved with the reverse operation function.
・USB-TypeC compatible! charge anywhere
Product page
“GeeMagic Pro” is the latest model with enhanced functions of the popular “GeeMagic”.
[Image 1

2 speeds adjustable
You can adjust the speed in 2 stages with a simple button operation according to the hardness of your nails and your preference. Choose an appropriate speed and use it more comfortably.
[Image 2

With light to illuminate the hand
Equipped with an LED light on the tip, it illuminates your hands firmly and brightly.
Not only is it more visible and safer to use, but it can also be used in dark places.
[Image 3

Compact and convenient to carry
It’s compact and lightweight, so it can be neatly stored in a bag or pouch. You can use it anytime.
[Image 4

safe to use
The operation noise is 40 dB, so it can be used anywhere without hesitation, and it is designed not to hurt you even if you touch the blade, so it can be used safely by children and the elderly. It is also ideal for visually impaired people who find it difficult to see their fingertips, and for nursing care.
[Image 5

In addition, with the “touch start” function, you can trim nails more freely or control nail clipping of delicate parts by pressing and holding the touch key without releasing it while the power is on. [Image 6

In addition, when a foreign object approaches the cutting head, the “infrared protection function” detects infrared rays on both sides of the head and automatically stops. You can cut your nails more safely. [Image 7

And GeeMagic Pro has a “reverse action function”, you can press the ON/OFF button twice to reverse the cutter head. This allows you to remove foreign objects if they get stuck and get stuck.
[Image 8

Easy to clean!
It is hygienic because scraps from sharpened nails accumulate in the container, so they do not scatter here and there.
To dispose of nail scraps, just open the cap after use and put it in the trash! It also comes with its own cleaning brush for easy cleaning.
[Image 9

USB-TypeC compatible! charge anywhere
Since it is USB rechargeable, it can be charged from a mobile battery. There is no need for troublesome battery replacement.
After charging for about 2-3 hours, it will be fully charged and can be used continuously for about 3 hours.
[Image 10

Product information
[Image 11

[Table 2: ]
* Please prepare a USB power adapter separately.
Warranty details
– Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. ・The warranty covers initial defects and natural failures.
・The following items are not covered by the warranty.
1. If you do not follow the usage described in the manual
2. When the product is intentionally damaged
3. When the customer or a third party such as a repairer not certified by the manufacturer disassembles the product or replaces parts. About Gloture
Gloture Co., Ltd. operates MODERN g, a shop that proposes lifestyles in the near future.
Sales EC site
Gloture Co., Ltd. has been selling this product “GeeMagic Pro” from November 23, 2022 on its own EC site “MODERN g” as a sales agent. Please purchase from the URL below.
Selling price
¥7,480 (tax included)
[Gloture Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Established: April 2015
Location: Akasaka National Court 2F, 7-2-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business description:
– Operation of gadget store “MODERN g” – Product planning, manufacturing and sales
– Providing D2C PR-related services
Mission, Vision, Values: Create a more exciting world / Energize people’s lives with innovative products / Challenge with a spirit of adventure
Official website:
Amazon store: Facebook:
Youtube: Twitter:
[For companies considering sales agency or wholesale of our products] “MODERN g” handles various gadgets such as PC/mobile peripherals, smart devices, accessories, outdoor goods, and interiors.
For distributors and wholesalers who are considering new transactions related to products, please contact us from the following.

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