Gloture Co., Ltd. Gloture Co., Ltd. Recommended gadget lifestyle summary is now available on our EC site

Gloture Inc.
[Gloture Co., Ltd.] A summary of recommended gadget lifestyles is now available on our EC site

Gloture Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: CHEN JUNYI) has started publishing “Recommended Gadget Lifestyle Summary” on its EC site (MODERN g).
We are pleased to announce that we have started operating the “Recommended Gadget Lifestyle Summary”, which deals with
gadget-related topics, at the Gloture directly managed store “MODERN g”.
In addition to our new products, we will also handle a wide range of seasonal topics that are of interest to gadget lovers.
Thank you for your patronage!
“Recommended Gadget Lifestyle Summary”: [Image


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