Gloture Co., Ltd. Japan’s first landing commemoration! 45% off limited to 30 Keeps warmth for over 8 hours! Ultimate heat jacket “Warm-G Ultra” that warms 11 parts of the upper body Start crowdfunding

Gloture Inc.
[Japan’s first landing commemoration! 45% off limited to 30] Keeps warmth for over 8 hours! Ultimate heat jacket “Warm-G Ultra” that warms 11 parts of the upper body Start crowdfunding
[Water repellent and windproof / Comfortable with 3 temperature settings / Wide range of sizes from M to 3XL / Washable]

A high-performance jacket that is water-repellent and windproof. ● 11 parts of the upper body are warmed by heaters, so you don’t feel chilly. The temperature can be adjusted in three stages, making it very comfortable.
●Warmness lasts a long time by ingenuity of heater design. It lasts up to 8 hours, so you can stay comfortable all day long.
●Although it is a high-tech product, the design is very simple. It looks stylish and easy to wear.
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project overview
Up to 45% off at super early bird with crowdfunding!
[Table 6: ]
Evolved heat jacket Warm-G Ultra
Well, the popular heat jacket has evolved and reappeared!
It has excellent water repellency and wind resistance, and the heater gently warms 11 areas of the upper body. A piece to keep you comfortable in the cold season. A strong ally!
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In winter, no matter how many layers you wear, you can still feel cold. For people who are sensitive to the cold, they don’t want to feel even a little cold.
For such people, I would like to recommend the “Warm-G Ultra” introduced this time.
Warm-G Ultra is a heat jacket equipped with a heating system that can be heated with one touch, so you can stay warm at any time.
I highly recommend it to those who have bought various coats but haven’t been able to stay warm enough to be satisfied!
Windproof and waterproof material is used, so it’s warm even if you use it as it is!
No matter how good the heat-generating performance of a heat jacket is, it is meaningless if it is made of a material that allows water to pass through.
However, Warm-G Ultra uses a thick polyester material, so it has high waterproof and windproof performance, and you can stay warm enough even if you wear it as it is.
Furthermore, in addition to the thick polyester, it uses a carbon material called “graphene” that became a hot topic at the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics, so it has both high heat retention and
The thick polyester blocks the wind from the outside, and the graphene material effectively circulates the trapped heat, giving it excellent cold protection.
[Image 3

The upper body is warmed in 11 places, so you can spend a comfortable time. Warm-G Ultra is even more cold resistant than before due to the large update compared to its predecessor, Warm-G.
In the previous version, the heating system was only around the abdomen, but in this version, it is installed not only around the abdomen but also on the arms and back, allowing you to stay warm and comfortable even in extremely cold environments.
The abdomen, upper arms, and back are heated on 11 sides, so you can stay warm no matter how cold it is! You can choose from 3 levels of heating, so you can adjust the warmth according to the cold. [Image 4

The power is easily turned on by pressing the power button on the chest once, so the operability is outstanding.
Also, since carbon fiber is used for the heat generation system, it is a nice place to warm up as soon as you turn on the power.
Adjustable with 3 temperature options! Choose your favorite mode! [Image 5

It’s easy to understand if you can imagine the feeling of a warm Hokkairo sticking to it!
The heating time is 8 hours, so you can experience the heat retention power of Hokkairo all day long.
Don’t worry if the battery runs out, the Warm-G Ultra is warm enough without generating heat.
However, some people may be concerned that such a heating system would increase the overall weight of the jacket.
However, this heat jacket weighs 1800g, which is quite light for a heat jacket equipped with a heating system.
It is safe because the voltage used for heat generation is only 5v. [Image 6

Even with the heating function, you can wash with confidence! [Image 7

Simple design for everyday wear
The Warm-G Ultra is equipped with a heat generating system in 11 places, so isn’t the design that much less? Some people may be worried about it.
However, as you can see from the photos, the Warm-G Ultra has a simple design and plenty of technology.
The simple design has a gadget feel to it, so it’s recommended for people who like simple designs and gadget geeks.
Moreover, polyester is used for the material of the jacket, so it is very comfortable to wear. If it looks simple and gadget-like, you may feel uncomfortable wearing it, but you don’t have to worry about it! [Image 8

As with the previous product, thick polyester and graphene materials are used for the material, so it has high wind and cold protection, and is warm enough without turning on the power.
This jacket is recommended for those who are planning to go out to a cold place this winter, or for those who are thinking about camping outside, so please support us!
Design with attention to detail
[Image 9

[Image 10

Product Specifications
[Image 13

[Table 5: ]
please note
●The heating time and temperature will vary depending on the combined mobile battery and weather conditions.
●Mobile battery is not included. Please prepare separately.
●We do not accept returns or exchanges for items such as “wrong size” or “wrong color”.
●Hand wash and dry in the shade. Do not use bleach or tumble dry. ● If you feel any abnormality, please stop using it immediately. project overview
Up to 45% off at super early bird with crowdfunding!
[Table 6: ]
About Gloture
Gloture Co., Ltd. operates MODERN g, a shop that proposes lifestyles in the near future.
[Gloture Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Established: April 2015
Location: Akasaka National Court 2F, 7-2-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business description:
– Operation of gadget store “MODERN g” – Product planning, manufacturing and sales
– Providing D2C PR-related services
Mission, Vision, Values: Create a more exciting world / Energize people’s lives with innovative products / Challenge with a spirit of adventure
Official website:
Amazon store: Facebook:
Youtube: Twitter:
[For companies considering sales agency or wholesale of our products] “MODERN g” handles various gadgets such as PC/mobile peripherals, smart devices, accessories, outdoor goods, and interiors.
For distributors and wholesalers who are considering new transactions related to products, please contact us from the following.
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