GMO Internet Group Started SAML linkage with “GMO Trust Login”, a single sign-on service for companies, an d “kickflow”, a cloud approval/workflow system GMO GlobalSign

GMO Internet Group
GMO Trust Login, a single sign-on service for companies, and cloud-based approval/workflow system kickflow start SAML linkage [GMO GlobalSign]
Secure and smooth application work for medium-sized and large companies from anywhere to improve work efficiency

Single sign-on for companies provided by GMO GlobalSign Co., Ltd. (President: Ichiro Nakajo, hereinafter referred to as GMO GlobalSign), a group of consolidated companies of GMO GlobalSign Holdings Co., Ltd. of the GMO Internet Group, which develops electronic authentication services. The service (IDaaS) “GMO Trust Login” will be linked with the cloud approval/workflow system “kickflow” provided by kickflow Co., Ltd. (CEO: Taito Shigematsu) from November 24, 2022 (Thursday). We have started.
[Image [About “kickflow”] (URL:
“kickflow” is a cloud workflow that solves the problems common to existing workflow systems. Flexible organization tree settings and organization configuration version management are also possible so that medium-sized and large companies, which have been mainstream on-premises with their own complicated configurations and management, can use it easily.
Features include improved approval speed, reduced management effort, and flexibility in linking tools. We will solve the problems of approval and workflow that companies have and support the improvement of work efficiency.
[About “GMO Trust Login”] (URL:
It is a single sign-on service (IDaaS) for companies that can be used for free with basic functions and can be introduced without initial costs. In addition to federation-style single sign-on that universally supports SAML2.0 protocol, it is possible to reduce login work man-hours by managing ID and password information for web systems and cloud services that do not support federation-style, and performing proxy entry. Supports form-based authentication. Supporting these multiple single sign-on methods broadly covers “logging into business-related systems.”
 In addition, multi-factor authentication and access restriction functions are provided as optional functions. This will improve the reliability of account authentication information when authenticating, and realize multi-layered security enhancements in the Zero Trust era.  GMO Trust Login will continue to increase the number of cloud services it cooperates with, and will support companies so that they can use cloud services securely and conveniently.
-Service Overview-
[Table 2: ]
(*1) As of November 1, 2022.
(*2) A logo mark given to businesses that have established an appropriate protection system for personal information, certified by the Japan Information Processing Development Corporation (JIPDEC). Businesses granted the mark are permitted to use it in relation to their business activities.
(*3) A function of Windows Server developed by Microsoft that enables the aggregation and management of user information and privileges for various systems on the network in an on-premises environment. that’s all
[Inquiries regarding services]
●GMO GlobalSign Co., Ltd.
 Trust Login Division Nakayama
 TEL: 03-6370-6601
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