GMTS Co., Ltd. BS Yoshimoto “Kyoto Prefecture Nantan City / Nyantan City Project” 2nd broadcast on Novembe r 28 (Monday)

GMTS Co., Ltd.
[GMTS Co., Ltd.] BS Yoshimoto “Kyoto Prefecture Nantan City / Nyantan City Project” 2nd broadcast on November 28 (Monday)

GMTS Co., Ltd. (Representative: Shigeyoshi Yagishita, Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo) is leading the success of local governments’ own PJs without the financial burden of local governments. , supports the “Nyantan City Project” in Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture as a partner company. November 28th (Monday) 14:00 ~ “Cheekies a GoGo! (Monday to Friday, 13:00 to 17:30 live broadcast), the second broadcast of the “Nyantan City Project” in Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture will be broadcast in “Gematos Gourmet Report”. We will inform you that
■ Program overview
“Gematos Gourmet Report” introduces regional specialties by Yui Arata (Miss SPA2022) and “live comedians” from all over the country. On November 28th, we will broadcast the second part of the “Nyantan City Project” being promoted by Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture. After taking a walk in Springs Hiyoshi with a former rescue cat, Kome-chan (4 months old, female), and visiting Japan’s oldest “Ikimi Tenmangu Shrine,” gourmet food from Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture, the most produced in Tanba. Enjoy high-class matsutake mushroom kaiseki (50,000 yen per person).
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■What is the “Nyantan City Project”?
A project that makes “making memories with your cat” and “my cat Nyansei” more enjoyable.
In cooperation with various companies in Nantan City, Nantan City’s unique “cat goods that entertain cats ‘Tokudoku-yanhin'” that makes use of the history, culture, craftsmanship, and know-how of companies. is being developed.
In addition, we have newly established a spot where you can take pictures with dogs and cats, and with the cooperation of accommodation operators, we have increased the number of accommodation facilities where you can stay with your pet. We aim to be a city that can do it. In the future, Nantan City would like to promote initiatives to reduce the number of cats without owners, such as supporting spaying and neutering of stray cats. GMTS Co., Ltd. will continue to compete with Nantan City and continue to support it from various perspectives. [Image 4

■ The birth story of the “Nyantan City Project”
It was a downpour day four months ago. Mr. Sada from Nantan City Hall noticed a kitten meowing on his way home.
Apparently the voice seems to be heard from the cardboard in the park. “The parent cat may come looking for it. But if things continue as they are, crows may attack.”
Mr. Sada, who made sure that the cardboard was not exposed to rain, watched over the cat all night from a bench a short distance away. I was. My wife got angry with me, but together with my resident cat, Mugi-chan (former rescue cat, 4 years old), I am lovingly raising my kitten, Nyansei, to make it fun. The “Nyantan City Project” was born from these experiences, thoughts and wishes.
■ Program performers
Arata Yui (Affiliated with Platinum Production)
・Birthplace: Tochigi Prefecture
・Occupation: Actress, model, race queen
・ Miss SPA! 2022 Grand Prix
・BS Yoshimoto “Cheeky`s a GOGO Gematos Reporter”
・dTV drama “Usokui Spin-off”, TBS “Sunday’s First Ear Study”, etc. Twitter:
Monsoon *Belongs to Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.
・ Hideki Koyama / Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture
・ T@TSU / Birthplace: Ishikawa Prefecture
・ Entertainers who live in Hyogo Prefecture
Hideki Koyama Twitter:
T@TSU Twitter:
■ Missed program archive
Shinyui and Yoshimoto comedians GMTS report
■ Furusato Nozei to Nantan City
Nyantan City Project website
# Shinyui # Miss SPA # Entertainer who lives in Hyogo Prefecture # Monsoon # Cat lover entertainer
# Nantan City # Hometown tax # BS Yoshimoto # Yui Arata # Travel with cats # Visit with cats
#Ikishin Tenmangu Shrine #BBQ with cats #Camp with cats #Protection cats #Tanba Matsutake #Oigawabe Seseragi-tei
#Hakkokan #Amulet for work #Amulet for a cat #Visit with a cat #Prayer with a cat
【Company Profile】
Company name: GMTS Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Shigeyoshi Yagishita
Established: October 6, 2021
Capital: 59 million yen
Location: 3F First Building, 2-18-9 Higashiueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0015 Corporate HP:
Program coverage product HP:
Youtube “GMTS report of comedians who live with Shinyui and Yoshimoto”: Business description:
▶Using BS Yoshimoto (265ch, opened on March 21, 2022) program broadcasts to strengthen public relations capabilities of local governments, hometown tax donation consulting
▶ Consulting to increase revenues of local governments using hometown tax donation crowdfunding, planning and operation of projects for regional revitalization
▶Business related to planning, consulting, development, sales and maintenance related to cutting-edge digital technologies such as AI and blockchain
▶ A set of planning, consulting, and program development related to DX support for companies and local governments
▶Collection, organization and analysis of big data, provision and sale of analytical big data
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GMTS Co., Ltd.
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