GMTS Co., Ltd. Collaboration with Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture “Nyantan City Project”

GMTS Co., Ltd.
Collaboration with Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture “Nyantan City Project”
GMTS Co., Ltd. (Representative: Shigeyoshi Yagishita, Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo) is leading the success of local governments’ own PJs without the financial burden of local governments. , aims to create a city that is “friendly to all people and can be made with love cats and dogs”, Kyoto Prefecture Nantan City (Mayor Nishimura) We will support the new project “Nyantan City Project” started by as a partner company.
Specific support measures include government crowdfunding utilization consulting, program broadcasting on BS Yoshimoto (BS265ch, opening March 21, 2022), and the popular model “Arata Yui (Miss SPA! 2022 Grand Prix)”.・The cat-loving comedian “Monsoon” (a comedian who lives in Hyogo Prefecture and belongs to Yoshimoto Kogyo) will be appointed as an advisor for this project, and will be in charge of original product development by Shinyui Monsoon.
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Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture “Nyantan City Project” dedicated site (opened November 22, 2022)
Overview of the Nyantan City Project
[Social background]
Currently, there are reports that the number of cats kept exceeds that of dogs, and the number of people who keep cats is increasing. However, when we asked cat lovers, they said, “Even if you want to travel with your cat, there are few accommodation facilities where you can stay with your cat or spots where you can take pictures with your cat. As a result, they often give up on traveling.”
In response to such social issues, Nantan City has created the concept of “Nyan”, based on the idea of ​​”welcome people who come to Nantan City kindly and have them make wonderful memories together with their cats and dogs.” The Tan City Project has started.
*Reference: Dogs: 7,106,000, Cats: 8,946,000 (Estimated total number of dogs and cats raised nationwide: 16,052,000)
Exhibit: From the Pet Food Association “2021 Nationwide Dog and Cat Breeding Survey Results”
*Reference: There are 184 lodgings nationwide where you can stay with dogs, and 36 lodgings where you can stay with cats nationwide.  Exhibition: JTB “Inn where you can stay with pets” Number of accommodation facilities listed for dogs and cats
[Purpose of the project by Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture]
In Nantan City, in a rich natural environment, there are many historical heritages, such as the oldest Tenmangu shrine in Japan, Ikimi Tenmangu Shrine, and the ruins of Sonobe Castle, which is said to be the newest in history.
For that reason, in order to increase the name recognition of Nantan City and recover the number of tourists who are aware of the post-coronavirus, we are targeting cat lovers nationwide, which are said to exceed 5.5 million households. A project aiming for a town where you can create your own thoughts with dogs and dogs will start. Specifically, a new spot where you can take pictures with cats and dogs against the backdrop of the “castle-like hall (Nantan
International Exchange Hall)” located next to the Sonobe Castle ruins in Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture. With the cooperation of lodging operators, we would like to increase the number of lodging facilities where you can stay with cats and dogs, in order to support “creation with feelings for cats and dogs”.
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Furthermore, we would like to use this project as an opportunity to promote the development, manufacture and sales of cat goods
“Tokubu-yanhin” through tie-ups with companies in Nantan City. [Image 3

In addition, Nantan City would like to promote initiatives to reduce the number of cats without owners, including support for sterilization and neutering operations. Since various measures are being considered for the “Nyantan City Project”, GMTS Co., Ltd. will continue to hold discussions with Nantan City and continue to support it from various perspectives.
[Project partner companies]
This project was proposed by Nishimura, Mayor of Nantan City, and the information section of the Nantan City Regional Development Department oversaw the project. We have been in contact with various companies and institutions.
Under such circumstances, “GMTS Co., Ltd.” (Representative: Shigeyoshi Yagishita, Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo,, which conducts regional revitalization consulting, and Nantan City Cable TV station “KCN Nantan Co., Ltd.” (Representative: Katsuhito Kuwabara, Office: Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture,, two companies collaborated with Nantan City as a private company I have been supporting you.
In addition, in order to broadly enlighten and sympathize with this project, GMTS Co., Ltd. Director Fumio Ikeda serves as an auditor. In collaboration with Trust Bank (Representative: Kenichi Kawamura, Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), “Government Crowdfunding (GCF)” using “Furusato Choice” hometown tax return gifts will be held on Tuesday, November 22, 2022. We will start at 10:00.
* Scheduled to be released on November 22, 2022 Nyantan City Project dedicated site
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In addition, GMTS Co., Ltd. has announced that the “Nyantan City Project” will be run by the popular model and actress Yui Arata, and Monsoon, a comedian who lives in Hyogo Prefecture. A program introducing the “Nyantan City Project” will be broadcast on BS Yoshimoto (BS265ch) on the following schedule.
・Monday, November 14, 2020, 14:00-“A new project in Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture hits the mayor directly!”
・Monday, November 28, 2020, 14:00-“Enjoy Nantan City gourmet with rice!” * Starring: Yui Arata, Monsoon (entertainer who lives in Hyogo prefecture and belongs to Yoshimoto Kogyo).
*The program will be broadcast regularly in the future.
[Shinyui Monsoon appointed as Nyantan City Project Advisor]
In the promotion of the project and the development of the cat goods “Tekku-yanhin”, Yoshimoto Kogyo’s “Hyogo Prefecture Living
Entertainer” “Monsoon”, who is known as an unparalleled cat lover, served as an advisor across prefectures for this project. I will participate.
In addition, Yui Arata, a popular model who collaborated with a bee farm in Hamamatsu City and whose drawn labels were very popular, will participate in the development of this project’s Tokushu-yan product as an advisor. Furthermore, in the future, we plan to have several famous “cat lovers” participate as advisors for this PJ.
[Image 5

[Image 6

Arata Yui (Affiliated with Platinum Production)
・Birthplace: Tochigi Prefecture
・ Occupation: Actress, model, race queen
・ Miss SPA! 2022 Grand Prix
・BS Yoshimoto “Cheekies a GoGo! Gematos Reporter”
・dTV drama “Usokui Spin-off”, TBS “Sunday’s First Ear Study”, etc. [Image 7

Monsoon (affiliated with Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.)
・Hideki Koyama *Left in the photo
・Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture
・T@TSU (right)
・ Real name: Tatsuya Okude
・Birthplace: Ishikawa Prefecture
[Nyantan City Project Logo]
In Nantan City, we are working with many local companies to develop new industries based on the project message, “We can create products that are friendly to everyone and can be made with cats and dogs in mind.” . The developed products will have the unified “Nyantan City Project” logo.
[Image 8

[Major development products of the Nyantan City Project “Tokudoku-yan product”] [Image 9

Izutsu Yatsuhashi Honpo Shinkoetsu (Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture) The only original “Yatsuhashi” in the world “printed with the name of your beloved cat”
Izutsu Yatsuhashi Honpo, a long-established store with a history of more than 200 years, creates the only original Yatsuhashi in the world for your beloved cat or dog.
[Image 10

Omura Paper Industry Kyoto Division (Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture) Cat is delighted! | “Cat tunnel house” with scratching
A cat tunnel house made by a cardboard maker. The cardboard and natural linen fabric are pasted together, and all materials are processed in Japan, and each item is hand-processed in Japan.

[Image 11

Miyazaki Chemical Kyoto Plant (Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture) “Entire House Insect Repellent Hiba Wood” that can be used for beds for dogs and cats “extracted from natural Hiba trees”
Protect cats and dogs with a naturally derived repellent spray. If you spray it on pet beds, cat towers, toilets, entrances, screen doors, kitchens, carpets, sofas, etc., it will be effective for 90 days!

[Image 12

KCN Nantan (Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture)
“We will produce and broadcast a travel program “Nyantan Biyori” where you can visit wonderful spots in Nantan City with your pet cat! ” We will travel around Nantan City with a cat (dogs are also possible) and broadcast a memorable movie on Nantan TV.
[Image 13

Living Tenmangu Shrine (Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture)
Pray for the happiness of your beloved cat at the oldest Tenmangu shrine in Japan (pair set with your beloved cat)
Sugoshin Tenmangu Shrine is the oldest Tenmangu Shrine in Japan that enshrines Sugawara no Michizane, the deity of the shrine, while he is still alive. Due to its high divine virtue, fortune will descend from the heavens and boost happiness. The chief priest will serve the exorcism of the happiness prayer.
In addition to the above, we are currently developing various return gifts, and we plan to add them as needed.
For details, please check the “Nyantan City Project Site” scheduled to be released on November 22, 2022.
[Nantan City Project/Government Cloud Exclusive Reward Gift “Nantan City Specialties”]
In addition to the “hometown tax return gift” currently being implemented by our city, we have prepared a return gift exclusively for GCF.
[Image 14

Springs Hiyoshi (Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture)
Very popular! Refreshing taste! “Hiyoshi Dam Cider”
It has a slightly sweet, nostalgic, and pure taste, and is very popular with visitors, riders, and drivers. We have specially prepared an exquisite cider that can only be purchased at Springs Hiyoshi, a vast facility that you can enjoy with your dog or cat.

[Image 15

Springs Hiyoshi (Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture)
Sasoi (half board) pair accommodation ticket to DOD CAMP
It is a full set plan that includes essential camping items such as DOD’s popular tents, bedding, and chairs, as well as dinner and breakfast, and Springs Hiyoshi’s natural hot springs. Unlimited access to the natural hot springs for 2 days.

[Image 16

Living Tenmangu Shrine (Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture)
Praying for a job at Japan’s oldest Tenmangu Shrine – Ranked 1st in Google search.
As stated on the Ikushin Tenmangu Shrine website that Tori Matsuzaka was also purchased for an interview on a TV program, we have prepared a “work amulet” that has been purchased by many celebrities.

[Image 17

Oi Riverside Seseragitei Hakkokan (Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture) “Superb Tamba Matsutake Mushroom Kaiseki Meal Ticket for 2
people/Reserved for 2023”
At “Oigawa Seseragi-tei Hakkoukan”, you can enjoy the finest Tamba matsutake mushroom kaiseki full-course meal to your heart’s content.

[Image 18

Oi Riverside Seseragitei Hakkokan (Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture) “Matsutake Kaiseki + Matsutake Mushroom Picking (2-person pair meal ticket, reserved for 2023)”
In addition to the matsutake banquet served at “Oigawa Seseragi-tei Hakkoukan”, this is a gift exclusively for this GCF that combines matsutake mushroom picking (mid-October to early November 2023). *Regarding the products that have not been handled as “hometown tax return gifts” so far, in order to revitalize Nantan City and attract tourists, we have received the cooperation of Nantan City and local companies, etc. We will continue to increase the number of points # Shinyui # Miss SPA # Entertainer who lives in Hyogo Prefecture # Monsoon # Cat lover entertainer
#Hotel where you can stay with cats #Photographed at a castle with cats #Nantan City #Furusato tax payment
#BS Yoshimoto #Yui Arata #Travel with Cats #Natural Matatabi #Izutsu Yatsuhashi # Cat household altar # Visiting with cats # Living Tenmangu Shrine # Claw sharpener # Cat cardboard
# Cat cardboard house # Cat walk # BBQ with cats # Camp with cats #Protection cat #Yatsuhashi print #Hiba wood #Tanba matsutake #Tanba chestnut #Oi Riverside Seseragi-tei #Hakkokan #Amulet for work #Amulet for cats #Worship with cats
# Prayer with cats # Yatsuhashi with cat’s name
[Company profile of GMTS Co., Ltd.]
Established October 6, 2021
Head office location: 2-18-9 Higashiueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Capital: 59 million yen
【BOARD Members】
Honorary Chairman Hideo Okubo (Special Advisor, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of Forval Co., Ltd.)
Special Advisor Takashi Uchida (Yamanashi Prefecture Furusato Nozei Promotion Committee Chairman, Former Director of the National Federation of Credit Cooperative Associations)
Representative Director Shigeyoshi Yagishita
Director and CTO Nishikihime Kim
Director Fumio Ikeda (Auditor of Change Co., Ltd., Former General Manager of Corporate Sales Department of Mizuho Bank)
Director Hideo Hashimoto (Representative of Asahi Dream Create Co., Ltd.) Auditor Fumio Hamada (Former Superintendent of the National Police Agency, former Counselor of the Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office)
Sales Advisor Yasuyuki Ishida (Former Representative Director of At-Loan) Corporate Attorney Atomi Takase (Partner, Uchida & Samejima Law Office, Visiting Associate Professor, Digital Hollywood University) Advisory Tax Accountant Naomi Hara (Representative of Right Hand Associates Tax Accountant Corporation)
[Business content] Regional revitalization consulting business / public relations support business
・Planning, application, and consulting services for the digital garden city concept
・Hometown tax donation support consulting business, development of special gifts for hometown tax donation
・Overall planning, consulting, and operation of hometown tax donation crowdfunding
・Monitor tours for revitalizing tourism, planning and management of regional revitalization events
・Comprehensive set of operations based on regional comprehensive cooperation agreements with local governments
・Local government PR support using BS Yoshimotoya, Net MEDIA, etc.      [GMTS report missed broadcast program archive]
GMTS report by Shinyui and Yoshimoto entertainers

[Inquiries and application for interview requests regarding this matter] [Image 19d93701-6-97e1a9a62db6bcf4c303-42.jpg&s3=93701-6-660c96e314ed176d1ef7f9dc42c3d7fa-412x299.jpg
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