GMTS Co., Ltd. Invitation to Nantan City, Kyoto “New Project Press Release”

GMTS Co., Ltd.
Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture, Invitation to “New Project Press Release” Cat MEDIA, cat lover influencer / YOUTUBER / TIKTOKER target!
GMTS Co., Ltd. (Representative: Shigeyoshi Yagishita, Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, https://www. supports a new project started by Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture (Mayor Nishimura) as a partner company. We welcome the participation of cat-related web media, cat-loving influencers, and YOUTUBER/TIKTOKER at the press conference for the “groundbreaking project” for cat lovers nationwide. Take pictures with your cat at a castle (simulated castle tower), expand the number of accommodations where you can stay with your cat, and develop cat goods with various companies. We are announcing a new project that will support “making memories with cats” together with cat lovers nationwide.
Details of this new project will be announced below.
[Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture Cat Memories Project (provisional) press release overview]
Date: November 17, 2020 (Thursday), around 16:00
Venue: Nantan City Hall, Government Building No. 3, 2nd Floor, Conference Room 4 Attendees: Nishimura, Mayor of Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture Yui Shin (actress, model)
    Monsoon (a cat-loving entertainer)
* We also welcome the participation of animal-related MEDIA (including various Internet sites) and cat-loving influencers. (If you would like to participate, please contact the person in charge below in advance. Please note that you may not be able to participate on the day due to seat restrictions.)
* All participants will receive a “Cat’s Delight Goods” as a gift. [Inquiries about press conferences and interview requests]
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New project partially released
[Image 1

* BS Yoshimoto (265ch) From 14:00 on November 14th from scheduled programs [Shinyui Monsoon appointed as new project advisor]
In developing the project’s cats and photo spots and cat goods, Yoshimoto Kogyo’s “Monsoon” of “Hyogo Prefecture Sumimasu
Entertainer”, who is known as an unparalleled cat lover, and BS Yoshimoto Reporter’s popular model who likes both dogs and cats. “Arata Yui (Miss SPA! 2022 Grand Prix)” will also participate in this project as an advisor.
Furthermore, it is a project that all cat lovers across the country can enjoy. [Image 2

Arata Yui (Affiliated with Platinum Production)
・Birthplace: Tochigi Prefecture
・ Occupation: Actress, model, race queen
・ Miss SPA! 2022 Grand Prix
・BS Yoshimoto “Cheekies a GoGo! Gematos Reporter”
・dTV drama “Usokui Spin-off”, TBS “Sunday’s First Ear Study”, etc. [Image 3

Monsoon (affiliated with Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.)
・Hideki Koyama *Left in the photo
・Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture
・T@TSU (right)
・Real name: Tatsuya Okude
・Birthplace: Ishikawa Prefecture

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#Hotel where you can stay with cats #Photographed at a castle with cats #Nantan City #Hometown tax
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# Prayer with cats # Yatsuhashi with cat’s name
[Company profile of GMTS Co., Ltd.]
Established October 6, 2021
Head office location: 2-18-9 Higashiueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Capital: 59 million yen
【BOARD Members】
Honorary Chairman Hideo Okubo (Vice Chairman of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chairman of Forval Co., Ltd.)
Special Advisor Takashi Uchida (Yamanashi Prefecture Furusato Nozei Promotion Committee Chairman, Former Director of the National Federation of Credit Cooperative Associations)
Representative Director Shigeyoshi Yagishita
Director and CTO Nishikihime Kim
Director Fumio Ikeda (Auditor of Change Co., Ltd., Former General Manager of Corporate Sales Department of Mizuho Bank)
Director Hideo Hashimoto (Representative of Asahi Dream Create Co., Ltd.) Auditor Fumio Hamada (Former Superintendent of the National Police Agency, former Counselor of the Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office)
Sales Advisor Yasuyuki Ishida (Former Representative Director of At-Loan) Corporate Attorney Atomi Takase (Partner, Uchida & Samejima Law Office, Visiting Associate Professor, Digital Hollywood University) Advisory Tax Accountant Naomi Hara (Representative of Right Hand Associates Tax Accountant Corporation)
[Business content] Regional revitalization consulting business / public relations support business
・Planning, application, and consulting services for the digital garden city concept
・Hometown tax donation support consulting business, development of special gifts for hometown tax donation
・Overall planning, consulting, and operation of hometown tax donation crowdfunding
・Monitor tours for revitalizing tourism, planning and management of regional revitalization events
・Comprehensive set of operations based on regional comprehensive cooperation agreements with local governments
・Local government PR support using BS Yoshimotoya, Net MEDIA, etc.      [GMTS report missed broadcast program archive]
GMTS report by Shinyui and Yoshimoto entertainers
[Inquiries and application for interview requests regarding this matter] [Image 4d93701-5-3d8876f0ea249db5e688-3.jpg&s3=93701-5-52a64740ceeb8390e194c47d017db9bd-412x299.jpg
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