GMTS Co., Ltd. Notice about broadcasting about new project in Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture

GMTS Co., Ltd.
[GMTS Co., Ltd.] Notice about broadcasting about new project in Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture

GMTS Co., Ltd. (Address: Taito-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Shigeyoshi Yagishita), which supports local governments nationwide by utilizing hometown tax donation crowdfunding and broadcasting on BS Yoshimoto, has announced that BS Yoshimoto’s program “Cheekies a GoGo!” ] (Monday-Friday, live broadcast from 13:00 to 17:30). We are pleased to inform you that we will broadcast a new project in Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture from 14:00 on Monday, November 14th.
■ Program overview
“Gematos Gourmet Report” introduces regional specialties by Yui Arata (Miss SPA2022) and “living comedians” from all over Japan. November 14th is a new project being promoted by Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture. I went to ask Mayor Nishimura about this, and also visited various manufacturers about cat products that they are developing with companies in Nantan City.
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Next time, on November 28th, there will be a lot of highlights such as receiving the “Phantom Tamba Matsutake Mushroom Kaiseki (50,000 yen/person)”.
Arata Yui (Affiliated with Platinum Production)
・Birthplace: Tochigi Prefecture
・ Occupation: Actress, model, race queen
・ Miss SPA! 2022 Grand Prix
・BS Yoshimoto “Cheeky`s a GOGO Gematos Reporter”
・dTV drama “Usokui Spin-off”, TBS “Sunday’s First Ear Study”, etc. Twitter:
Monsoon (affiliated with Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.)
・ Hideki Koyama / Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture
・ T@TSU / Birthplace: Ishikawa Prefecture
・ Entertainers who live in Hyogo Prefecture
Hideki Koyama Twitter:
T@TSU Twitter:
■ Missed program archive
Shinyui and Yoshimoto comedians GMTS report
■ Furusato Nozei to Nantan City
Furunavi: Furusato Choice: Satoful:
Rakuten Hometown Tax: 【Company Profile】
Company name: GMTS Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Shigeyoshi Yagishita
Established: October 6, 2021
Capital: 59 million yen
Location: 3F First Building, 2-18-9 Higashiueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0015 Corporate HP:
Program coverage product HP:
Youtube “GMTS report of comedians who live with Shinyui and Yoshimoto”: Business description:
▶Using BS Yoshimoto (265ch, opened on March 21, 2022) program broadcasts to strengthen public relations capabilities of local governments, hometown tax donation consulting
▶ Consulting to increase revenues of local governments using hometown tax donation crowdfunding, planning and operation of projects for regional revitalization
▶Business related to planning, consulting, development, sales and maintenance related to cutting-edge digital technologies such as AI and blockchain
▶ A set of planning, consulting, and program development related to DX support for companies and local governments
▶Collection, organization and analysis of big data, provision and sale of analytical big data
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
GMTS Co., Ltd.
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