God Publishing Co., Ltd. Original scratch teaching materials download included! An unprecedented text is born that allows you to learn programming thinking while learning arithmetic!

Godo Publishing Co., Ltd.
[Original scratch material download included! ] An unprecedented text is born that allows you to learn programming thinking while learning arithmetic!

On November 28, 2022, Godo Publishing Co., Ltd. will release “Arithmetic Master with Scratch!” on Amazon, Rakuten Books, bookstores nationwide, etc. We will publish a teaching material program for elementary school mathematics for all grades [with Scratch 3.0 file download].
“Arithmetic Master with Scratch! ] is an epoch-making educational material and instruction textbook that allows you to familiarize yourself with programming through learning and teaching mathematics. [Image 1

Learning mathematics using Scratch 3.0 has the following merits. Various problems are created automatically, so you can practice repeatedly Problems that are difficult to visualize in your head, such as figure problems, speed and proportion problems, can be easily understood by expressing them in animation.
By assembling the program by yourself, it is easy to establish the order of formulas and calculations
Not only can it be used in daily classes, but it can also be used as a supplementary teaching material for children who are not good at math, and as a tool for repetitive practice for children who are good at it to improve their skills.
It can also be used for home study to prepare and review each unit.

“Arithmetic Master with Scratch! ] 5 recommended points
1. Limited to purchasers ◎ You can download the original teaching material program!
→ It can be used immediately without the trouble of creating a program from scratch.
2. Corresponds to units for all grades of elementary school! →Compliant with the new course of study. Since it covers scratch programs for all grades of elementary school, it can be used immediately regardless of the child’s grade or learning progress. 3. Don’t worry if it’s your first time scratching!
→ Explains everything from how to open and save programs to basic terms you should know.
4. Easy to understand with two sections, “teaching material” and “instruction”! → “Teaching material” for children, which explains how to operate and how it works, and the points you want to understand in each unit in an easy-to-understand manner. It is composed of ed.
From the 5th and 4th grade, a unit to assemble the program by yourself is also included!
→ You can deepen your understanding of programming.
1. [Teaching materials / 1st grade] Use only kanji learned in each grade. Even children can read on their own.
[Image 2

2. [Teaching materials, 3rd grade] The relationship between the quotient of division and the remainder is shown in an
easy-to-understand animation.
[Image 3

3. [Teaching materials, 5th grade] In the units marked with the “★Challenge”, children move the blocks by themselves and experience programming.
[Image 4

4. [Instruction Edition] Explains how to create a program, the purpose of learning, etc. for adults.
[Image 5

Book information
“Arithmetic Master with Scratch! Elementary school math teaching material program for all grades [with Scratch 3.0 file download] [Author] T Otsuka
□ List price = 2,700 yen + tax
□ B5 deformation / 184 pages
□ISBN code: 978-4-7726-1510-5
https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4772615105?SubscriptionId=AKIAIBX3OSRN6HXD25SQ&tag=godoshuppan-22&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=4772615105 □ Rakuten Books
https://books.rakuten.co.jp/search?sv=30&v=2&oid=000&f=A&g=001&p=0&s=0&e=0&sitem=9784772615105 [Image 6d85859-65-c4ca692a6f94a3e1657a-6.png&s3=85859-65-52806a2d8e9d11a540a9ecbae83610e0-2674x809.png

Author information
● T. Otsuka (former principal of a public elementary school in Hokkaido) After working as an employee of the nationwide development cram school “Nokai Center” from a general company, he became a public elementary school teacher and successively served as a public elementary school principal. Currently working as an active teacher. In 1992, he was one of the first to practice using a computer in a research presentation class, and in 1998 he created the language software “Sakupro”. Received the Encouragement Award for more than 10 years at the Institute for Science Information Technology “Software Contest”. In 2018, he received the Encouragement Award at the Educational Practice Award of the Japan Education Association. His publications include “Programming Education That Can Be Tried Right Away” (Amazing Publishing, 2018) and “Arithmetic for One” (Nihonbashi Publishing, 2018).
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