goFLUENT Co., Ltd. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Introduces Online Language Learning Platform “Language Acad emy”

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Introduces Online Language Learning Platform “Language Academy”
~Supporting the development of autonomous human resources and English-speaking human resources through flexible and large-scale educational measures~

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) has introduced the online language learning platform “Language Academy” by
outsourcing to goFLUENT Inc. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan: Takashi Ohno, hereinafter goFLUENT). I was. There are many examples in the world, such as the Paris City Hall, but the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is the first local government in Japan to introduce a language academy. [Image

Introduction background
As globalization progresses, Tokyo Metropolitan Government officials also use foreign languages ​​to participate in international conferences, conduct field visits and interviews, conduct long-term overseas dispatches, exchange with sister cities, and communicate with citizens who speak foreign languages. Opportunities have increased. Under these circumstances, we have decided to provide support for skill improvement with the aim of improving the English proficiency of our staff, improving productivity, expanding international knowledge, and fostering a culture of learning.
goFLUENT is a language academy that has been introduced by companies around the world, and will provide the following support to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to help improve language skills and engagement in learning.
(1) Providing free access to English content through e-learning, mainly for staff engaged in overseas operations
* SSO (single sign-on) linkage through integration with learning management system (LMS: Cornerstone On Demand)
(2) Global conversation class where students from all over the world can participate
(3) Unlimited taking of level diagnostic test (adaptive type) (4) Implementation of study campaign
(5) Monthly webinars for learners
(6) Regular reporting of learning progress
About goFLUENT Inc.
headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, goFLUENT is the world’s leading B2B provider of hyper-personalized solutions that accelerate language skills by blending technology, content and virtual human interaction on any device. Today, talent development (L&D) leaders at over 1,000 global companies in over 100 countries trust goFLUENT’s award-winning digital language learning solutions to gain confidence, drive career growth and become more inclusive. We are accelerating the acquisition of the language skills necessary to establish a global culture. Company name: goFLUENT Co., Ltd.
Japan Manager: Takashi Ohno (Director – General Manager Japan & Korea) Location: 〒103-0013 3-4-7 Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Sankatsu Building 3F
Business: Development and sales of online language programs for companies and universities
URL: https://www.gofluent.com/jp-jp/
About the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Tokyo is a large metropolitan area with a budget that exceeds the national budget of a single country, and is a gigantic city with a population of 14 million people. Its business spans a wide range of fields, including economics, disaster prevention, and the environment. It provides services such as road construction, water supply and sewerage maintenance, industrial promotion, and construction of social safety nets, and enforces social rules such as landscape regulations and waste handling. The role is to create, and furthermore, to show the future image of the city and lead society as a whole.
In order to realize these roles, the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly is set up as the decision-making body that decides the decisions of the metropolitan government. is placed. In addition, there are bureaus of public enterprises such as the Transportation Bureau, which are in charge of transportation, water supply, and sewage works, and are composed of a total of 28 bureaus.
Local government name: Tokyo
Location: 2-8-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-8001
URL: https://www.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/
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