Gokko Club Short drama creator group Gokko Club’s vertical feature film “Ungajuman” will be distributed for the first time in the world* on TikTok before the movie is released.

Gokko Club
Short drama creator group Gokko Club’s vertical feature film “Ungajuman” will be distributed for the first time in the world* on TikTok before the movie is released.
-Providing a new way to enjoy movies connected from a smartphone-
GOKKO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President Satoshi Tanaka), which operates Gokko Club, the number one short drama creator in Japan*,
We have announced that we will start distributing the vertical movie “Ungarjuman” to be produced on TikTok before the movie is released. This is the world’s first* initiative.
In order to grow into a global entertainment company from Japan, we will promote new initiatives that will lead the penetration of vertical drama content.
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* Number one in Japan: number one in number of views and followers (2022/11 company survey)
*World’s first: case of vertical feature film (2022/11 company research) Purpose of this project
Based on the desire to provide high-quality content to your daily life on your device,
We made the decision to implement a TikTok pre-release of the movie. After releasing the first part of the movie on TikTok and releasing the second part at the preview scheduled for December,
Scheduled for online distribution.
As a vertical drama pioneer, we will continue to take on new challenges so that Japanese content can be recognized around the world.
About the movie “Ungarjuman”
Based on the members’ desire to take on the challenge of creating a vertical feature film, the project started.
In December 2021, we started production with the support of many people through crowdfunding.
*Crowdfunding page: https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/525082 ◆ Overview of the main story
~ “Action” defeats “Destiny”. ~
hello. My name is Miharu Fukashima.
Now I’m working as an apartment manager instead of grandma!
All of a sudden, I love this town.
It’s small, old, and has a small population, but it’s historical, kind, and warm… it’s a wonderful town.
The mayor is also doing his best to revitalize the town, right? I think the way you do it is a bit extreme… fart? “Is the mayor connected to gangsters?” “Policies for personal gain, not for the town?” “What should I do… I want to protect this town!”
That’s what it feels like–a big incident that shakes a small town breaks out here!
[Cast information]
name + comment
[Image 2d90916-8-ba4268b8ff959ad197d0-2.jpg&s3=90916-8-50e48b805987df946fea4c4a714151c5-1801x2700.jpg
Miyu Sawai (role of Miharu Fukashima)
My first TikTok was Gokko Club.
I am happy to be able to work with Gokko Club on this new attempt of vertical film.
Always action, challenge, I am always inspired.
I hope that as many people as possible will know about Gokko Club and enjoy it. “Ungajuman” by all means

[Image 3d90916-8-40d6bfddd676ccd74a0a-1.jpg&s3=90916-8-8d7b46fc1a3a30b84da77e1882e622e3-1940x2700.jpg
Tomohiro Waki ​​(role of Ken Sanematsu)
Gokko Club’s first feature film “Ungajuman”
I am very honored to be able to participate!
The shooting site is lively,
It was a wonderful place that made me feel nostalgic.
This time, I challenged the role of the founder of a religious corporation, which I have never played before.
At first, I searched and searched, but
Thanks to all of you who are tolerant, I was able to perform as hard as I could. Gokko Club members and gorgeous actors,
Please look forward to how I will get involved.
[Image 4d90916-8-8898b5c749062f9a10ef-0.jpg&s3=90916-8-37c954c96b65e3c6a833ad516fb2aad0-1000x1500.jpg
Toshihiro Yashiba (role of Toshihiro Nakamachi)
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone at Gokko for giving me the opportunity to challenge the vertical screen. It was a very exciting shoot.
It was an irresistible shooting full of speed that I could not experience at other sites.
Put on the “pretend style” that shoots with improvisational camera work, The actors also spontaneously create ad-libs, which are cut out on camera in an improvisational way.
I’m sure the performance that has been kept in the best freshness should be reflected on the screen.
I see, is this the secret of their big break?
We played as if we were playing together, and the shooting ended while we were engrossed.
When I noticed it, the work was completed. Please feel free to enjoy it. In the commuter train, in the futon. During the lunch break, at the meeting time of the date.
On a night when one person is a little boring. That’s it for Yashiba, the oldest member candidate of Gokko Club!
Comments from Gokko Club members
[Image 5d90916-8-43abca32877e443559fc-4.jpg&s3=90916-8-bd41ce9b4620e7167eb35408aef56719-1880x1254.jpg
*From the left of the image
member name + comment
Kai Hayasaka (role of Kai Hayasaka)
I think that everything Gokko Club can do now is packed into this movie. I would like to express my gratitude to the cast, staff, and everyone who supports me, and I hope that I can convey my feelings to the fans and viewers through this movie.
Hirofumi Suzuki (role of Hirofumi Suzuki)
The people who willingly provided the location, the actors who helped us who were still inexperienced,
Colleagues who did all the staff work,
And the customers who watch this movie… Thanks to all of you, this work has been completed.
Thank you.
I would be happy if you could enjoy “Ungajuman”.
Satoshi Tada (role of Satoshi Tada)
Keep an eye on the video revolution.
Daiki Watanabe (role of Daiki Watanabe)
Thank you to everyone involved in this work. Thank you.
Ryoma Yazawa (role of Ryoma Yazawa)
With the help of so many people, I managed to make this shoot. We couldn’t do it alone.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Also, cardboard is pretty comfortable. About music
The popular music unit SUIREN, who is in charge of the theme song for the TV anime “Kingdom”, will make use of the completely original song written by the movie.
It’s titled “Backlight” and will be used in the game, so please enjoy the cool and edgy sound.
A music unit consisting of vocalist Sui and keyboardist/arranger Ren. In July 2020, he suddenly appeared at the same time as the first original song “Kesiki-” was released on the video posting site, and since then he has continued to release numerous works including cover songs.
Created by vocalist Sui’s faint and ephemeral singing voice and keyboardist and arranger Ren,
With a sound that intertwines a delicate piano with a heavy rock sound, he has built a unique world view.
Future plans
From Saturday, November 19, 2022, the first part of the movie will be released on the Gokko Club TikTok account
We will provide a new experience that you have never seen before, where you can watch vertical movies on your smartphone, so please look forward to it.
About gokko club
Gokko Club is a creator group formed in May 2021 that continues to create vertical short dramas with the theme of “little love that tends to be forgotten in everyday life”.
In contrast to Japanese drama production, where the division of labor is the mainstream, Studio Dragon adopts the world-standard production style (scriptwriting, filming, editing, posting, and marketing are all done in one team), and even analyzes viewing data and makes
improvements. We also do everything in-house.
The number of videos exceeded 200 in just one year, and the total number of views exceeded 500 million. It is Japan’s No. 1 in the short drama category in terms of the number of views, the number of followers, and the number of likes.
Most recently, the number of views per month in September 2022 has exceeded 100 million times.
It is truly a group of creators who continue to present to the world the ideal form of drama expression in the coming era.
Company Profile
・ Location: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
・Representative: Co-Representative Representative Director Satoshi Tanaka Representative Director Satoshi Tada
♧ Corporate site: https://gokko5club.com/
♧ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@gokko5club
♧ Instagram: https://instagram.com/gokko5club
♧ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@gokko5club
♧ Twitter: https://twitter.com/gokko5club
Please include credit when using images in this article: (C) 2022 GOKKO.inc Inquiries regarding this matter (https://gokko5club.com/)
Details about this release:


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