GOKUMIN*, which has sold a total of 1 million units, has released the 32nd marshmallow bead hug pillow.

GOKUMIN*, which has sold a total of 1 million units, has released the 32nd marshmallow bead hug pillow.
*As of November 2022

A bedding brand from Japan that realizes a healthy awakening with the finest sleep
GOKUMIN (KURUKURU Co., Ltd.: Headquarters: Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yasuhiro Sekizawa) will release the marshmallow bead hug pillow, the 32nd GOKUMIN brand product, on November 9, 2022.
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[Background of GOKUMIN development]
Sleep is an important time that occupies 1/3 of the 24 hours. By adding or changing the current bedding, we developed it with the aim of “turning sleep into the finest sleep and experiencing a healthy awakening”. Since the release of the first GOKUMIN high resilience mattress, to the 31st comfort bed, we have been supported by more than 1 million customers. Thank you very much for your continued support. This time, we have developed “Marshmallow Beads Hug Pillow”. We will continue to release distinctive products with high usability in order to further improve the sleep lifestyle of our customers.
[Features of GOKUMIN Marshmallow Beads Hug Pillow]
1. The streamlined original shape pursues a comfortable fit that supports the body, with moderate softness and stability, and gently supports various postures such as sideways and sims postures. By hugging, the body pressure is dispersed, reducing the burden on the body, and it can be used not only during sleep but also as a companion for relaxing time.
2. By combining ultra-small beads with excellent fluidity and flexibility for the middle material and artificial feathers, we have achieved a new texture that feels like a marshmallow. The relaxing effect of this exquisite touch will invite you to a comfortable sleep. The pillow body is equipped with a double zipper bead replenishment port, and is devised so that the beads do not pop out when
replenishing. You can use it for a long time because you can replenish the beads when they get worn out.
3. Since the cover comes into direct contact with the skin, we are particular about the materials used. It has a higher moisture retention rate than silk and uses an original elastic fabric that prevents drying and provides a comfortable texture. A long zipper is used to make it easy to put on and take off. You can use the washing net and wash it in the washing machine.
Four. Each one is carefully made in a factory that complies with many international standards such as ISO9001 certification and OEKO-TEX (R) certification, and has passed quality inspections by domestic inspection agencies. It is a low formaldehyde specification that you can use with confidence.
[Overview of GOKUMIN Marshmallow Beads Hug Pillow]
Name: Marshmallow beads hug pillow
Release date: November 9, 2022
Stores: amazon.co.jp, Yahoo Shopping, Rakuten Ichiba, etc.
URL: https://gokumin.co.jp/?pid=171288321
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