Goldwin Co., Ltd. ≪“Goldwin” has been walking with a rich lifestyle with snow≫For a future with snow, we provide environmentally friendly workwear for companies to those who work on snow.

Goldwin Co., Ltd.
≪“Goldwin”, which has been walking with a rich lifestyle with snow≫Providing environmentally friendly workwear for companies to those who work on the snow for a future with snow
Designed with eco-friendly materials and easy to repair. Repair services and rental plans for companies are also available to reduce waste of clothing.

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Press release points
1. Starting this winter, we will provide new work wear from the environmentally friendly “Goldwin” at five ski resorts nationwide. 2. Environmentally friendly materials are used, and recycling is possible. Taking into consideration that the product can be used as long as possible through repair and rental services
3. Part of the sales will be donated for the development of the next generation through “Protect Our Winters Japan”
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Goldwin Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / President: Takao Watanabe)’s original brand “Goldwin” plans to offer new work wear at five ski resorts nationwide from this winter. increase. Goldwin has skiing as the origin of the brand, and has been walking with a rich lifestyle with snow so far. This time, from the perspective of continuing to protect fields with snow, we will start a project to support people working on snow with new workwear that is
environmentally friendly and has excellent functionality and comfort. We are considering product specifications and efforts to extend the usage period of wear as much as possible, as well as creating a system to reduce the mass disposal of wear that has reached the end of its life. We will also start a new maintenance service.
In addition, part of the sales of work wear will be used for environmental education programs through “Protect Our Winters Japan (POW)”, a general incorporated association that acts to protect snow activity fields and lifestyles from climate change, with which Goldwin has a partnership. We will make a donation as an activity fund for , and connect it to the development of the next generation.
■ Environmentally friendly workwear
When Goldwin independently investigated the conditions of snow work wear for people working at ski resorts (cableway patrol staff, etc.), it was found that almost no work wear for outdoor work was used, and most people wore ski wear as is. It turns out that it is also used for outdoor work. In addition, employees working in the field and managers of facilities have various requests and issues regarding the specifications, functions, design, etc. of outdoor work wear, and wear damage at the end of the season. We learned that there are concerns about repairs and maintenance for stains, and in addition, from the perspective of sustainability, we also see the issue of incinerating a large amount of clothing that has reached the end of its life. I also learned that they would like to incorporate an environmentally friendly way of thinking into their workwear.
Therefore, Goldwin started developing winter workwear with the concept of environmental friendliness. In addition to functionality and comfort that match the environment of the ski resort and the type of work, eco-friendly materials are used. By carefully using it while repairing it, and finally recycling it instead of throwing it away, we have created a new eco-friendly workwear that will be reborn as a new resource and wear.
■ Product features
・Functionality and comfort that make the most of Goldwin’s ski wear and outdoor wear production know-how
・A clean and sporty (active) design
・Coloring that makes dirt less noticeable and matches the natural environment ・Uses eco-friendly materials (environmentally-friendly materials, recyclable) ・A highly durable waterproof and moisture permeable membrane is used to ensure that the product can be used for as long as possible. ・Specifications that consider the work environment and safety (silhouettes, pockets, pants variations, etc.)
・Compatible with different weather environments depending on the region and season (layering, inner variations, single use of bib pants, etc.)
・The collar can be removed and washed if it gets dirty or smelly. ・Easy to repair or replace parts that are easily damaged (sleeves, hem, zipper, etc.)
・Aiming for long use with repair services at our repair center ・Continued development of the same design and color in order to eliminate the mass disposal of clothing that can still be used. Only the necessary amount can be renewed every year
■ About recycling
As a sporting goods manufacturer, we have summarized what we can do for the environment under the concept of “GREEN IS GOOD”, developing environmentally friendly products, adopting a recycling system for recycling and reuse, and and other initiatives. By adopting materials that are resistant to deterioration and by replacing or repairing damaged parts, we aim to extend the wearing period of products and reduce the amount of waste of wear that can still be worn. In addition, we will promote long-term use and recycling of clothing that has reached the end of its life and has been discarded until now through “circular recycling” that will be reborn as new raw materials and energy resources.
■ About our company’s first corporate rental service
In addition to the work wear purchase plan, we will start a rental plan for companies in order to address corporate issues such as cost and management, and to reduce unnecessary orders and mass disposal. ・You can reduce the cost of one-time purchases and level monthly and yearly costs.
・You can use only the required number without purchasing when replacing employees.
・Being able to wear well-maintained clothing every year will improve the image of the ski resort and increase the motivation of employees. ・Maintenance and storage costs are included in the price and management costs are unnecessary
・Reduction of work time and effort related to uniform maintenance after the end of the season
・Aiming for long-term use of clothing, reducing mass disposal by recycling clothing that has reached the end of its life
■ About the new maintenance service
We will start a new “Goldwin Premium Repair Service” for companies that provide products. This is a fee-based service for companies that accepts wear after the season, maintains and stores it, and delivers it to the user on the specified date. This service not only extends the life of products and reduces the disposal of clothing that can still be worn, but also saves the trouble of off-season uniform management and maintenance, leading to improved operational
・Check for damage and repair for functional recovery at our repair center ・Refreshing, water-repellent and antibacterial processing by professional cleaning staff
・Store in a clothing warehouse until the next season and ship at the required timing
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■Winter 2022-2023 Planned destinations
・Gala Yuzawa Co., Ltd. (Gala Yuzawa Ski Resort)
・NPO Fubou Azalea (Miyagi Zao Shiroishi Ski Resort)
・Iizuna Higashi Kogen Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (Iizuna Resort Ski Resort) ・NPO Corporation Akan Tourism Association Town Development Promotion Organization (National Akan Lakeside Ski Resort [Utara])
・Seibu Prince Hotels Worldwide Co., Ltd. (Karuizawa Prince Hotel Ski Resort, etc.)
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