Golfing Co., Ltd. A must-see for those interested in building a body! A special lesson with Emi Chiba, a popular Pilates instructor!

Golfing Co., Ltd.
A MUST-see for those who are interested in body building! A special lesson with Emi Chiba, a popular Pilates instructor!
The better you play golf, the better your style and beauty. Would you like to try such training?

At Golfing, you can practice the body building necessary to improve your golf, but this time we will be holding a special golf x Pilates lesson that focuses on building your own body!
By adding the elements of Pilates to the exercises practiced by top professionals,
Not only will your swing be beautiful, but your posture and breathing will also be natural.
“Improve golf” x “Beautiful appearance” x “Eliminate physical problems” It is a program that is perfect for you who are busy every day. Relax your shoulders, back and hips with our unique equipment only available here in Japan.
Your body will become clean and supple.
Would you like to get a soft body that doesn’t get tired by getting a swing without unnecessary power?
-Class Details-
・Lesson time: 3 times in total 60 minutes/time
・Lesson fee (for all 3 lessons): 15,000 yen (tax included)
・Date: 1st to 3rd Wednesday of December
[December 7th (Wed), 14th (Wed), 21st (Wed)]
・ Lesson time: AM class: 11:00-12:00
        PM class: 20:00-21:00
・Number of people: Up to 6 people in each class
*May not be held if the number of applicants is small.
Emi Chiba, representative of studio-emi
FTP Mat Pilates Master Trainer
maternity pilates trainer
davinci bodyboard master trainer
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