Good Couple’s Day & Labor Thanksgiving Day When I thanked my working mom, who did she thank?

Mama Square Co., Ltd.
[Good Couple’s Day & Labor Thanksgiving Day] When I thanked my working mom, who did she thank?
[Working mom survey report] ~ 1st place “husband”, 2nd place “children”, 3rd place “colleagues” ~

Mama Square Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo / President Satoshi Fujishiro, hereinafter referred to as Mama Square) is a company in its 20s to 40s with children under elementary school age in advance of Good Couple Day and Labor Thanksgiving Day in 2022. We conducted an awareness survey on “feelings of gratitude” for working mothers. As a result, when working mothers want to express gratitude at work, the first place is “husband”, the second place is “children”, and the third place is “colleagues”. At work, it became clear that I appreciated my colleagues.
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In recent years, the percentage of working mothers has been on the rise, so Labor Thanksgiving Day can be said to be a day to express gratitude to working mothers who strive to balance work, housework, and childcare. . In this survey, about 80% of working mothers answered that they have been thanked by someone for their work. The result is that the person who is doing it is also “husband”. In addition to economic reasons, there are many reasons for emotional support, such as support and understanding. We know that mutual cooperation is important. In addition, many of the people who answered “children” as people they want to be grateful for tended to be grateful for the existence of their children, such as being able to work hard because they have children. In order for working mothers to be active in companies and continue working for a long time, it is presumed that it is necessary to prepare an environment and systems that are conscious of the support of “family”.
【Survey results】
◆Who are you grateful to?
For working mothers, the number one person they want to thank is their husband, the second is their child, and the third is their colleague. When limited to work-related people, “boss” and “colleague” are almost evenly ranked first. When limited to private matters, the third most common response, following husbands and children, was “my parents.” [Image 2

(Chart 1) Who do you appreciate the most when working?
As a working mom, when you work, are there people you are grateful to in your work and personal relationships? When asked, the first place was “husband” (47.2%), the second place was “child” (14.4%), and the third place was “colleague” (13.9%). (Chart 1) Also, if we limit those who are grateful to those related to work, “boss” (47.2%) and “colleague” (46.2%) are almost tied for first place. (Chart 2) When limited to private matters, “husband” (53.7%) and “children” (22.4%) were followed by “own parents” (13.4%) (Chart 3). I was. Overall, it can be seen that many working mothers are grateful to their families for their work.

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(Chart 2) Who do you appreciate the most among your work-related people when you work?
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(Chart 3) Who do you appreciate the most in your private life when working? ◆Why are you grateful?
Many working moms want to thank their husbands for being “cooperative with housework and childcare” and “supporting their work”, and for their children, they are “appreciative of their very existence”. For colleagues, “being able to sympathize with work and worries” leads to gratitude.
[Thanks to my husband] “Because he is cooperative with housework and childcare (30s)” “Because he always works hard with childcare and work (20s)” “Thank you for supporting me to work (40s)” “He is very supportive and reassuring about my family (40s)” “He supports me at all times and cooperates as much as I can, which is very helpful (40s)” “Now with my husband’s cooperation (30s)”
[Thanks to my child] “Thank you for being here, I feel like I’m going to do my best (30s)” “It gives me the motivation to do my best no matter what (20s)” “Tell me to do my best at work. Children (30s)” “Thanks to you always going to kindergarten and school, my mother is able to work. Thank you for everything. (40s)”
[Thanks to my colleagues] “We can support each other when something happens (30s)” “We are able to work hard together while sharing both good and bad things. (20s)” “Listen to work-related concerns Thank you for the work you have done (30s)” “I am grateful to have someone who listens to my worries about work and private life. (40s)” 30s)” ◆Have you ever been thanked by someone?
For working mothers, the number one person who has been thanked for their work is “husband”, the second is “boss”, and the third is “colleague”. Many of the reasons why husbands thanked them were that they were able to afford more money and that they were able to balance work with housework and childcare.
Have you ever been thanked by someone for your work? When asked, about 80% of the respondents answered that they have been thanked. (Chart 4) Furthermore, when asked who has thanked them, 1st place was “husband” (37.4%), 2nd place was “boss” (20.6%), and 3rd place was “colleague” (14.8%). ), and “Children” (12.9%) ranked in 4th place. (Chart 5) [Image 5

(Chart 4) Have you ever been thanked by someone for your work?

[Image 6

(Chart 5) Who is the person who appreciates you the most?

◆Reason for being thanked
[Thanks from my husband] “Increased savings and financial leeway (30s)” “Increased income makes life more comfortable. (30s)” “Lower financial burden become (20s)”, “supporting the family budget together (30s)”, “balancing housework, childcare and work (20s)”, “thank you for taking care of the house while working” (30s)”
[Thanks from my boss] “I was thanked when I did well at work. Mainly when I left numbers and when I gave guidance to my juniors. (20s)” , my boss thanked me.(20s)”
[Thanks from colleagues] “When I was able to achieve my goals by helping and supporting each other (40s)”, “When I made adjustments so that it would be okay to take a break when my child was sick. (30s)”
[Thanks from children] “Children tell me to do my best at work. (30s)” “Thank you for always working hard. (40s)” “On Mother’s Day, etc. When he expresses his gratitude for his work.(30s)”
Other words that made me happy
Husband: “Thank you for always working hard. (20’s)” “I’m needed. (20’s)” “The burden has been reduced and the load has been lightened. (20’s)” “Let’s do our best together.” (30s)” “(To the child) Mom always works hard at work and at home. (30s)” “Do your best with housework, childcare and work. Thank you. (40s)”
Boss: “Thank you for everything. I know you’re working hard. (40s)” “I’m glad I left it to you. (30s)” “I’m glad you’re here. (30s)” Colleague “I’m happy to work with you. (40s)” “Amazing, I can do anything and I respect you! (30s)”
-Summary of Survey-
Survey period: November 2022
Survey implementation company: Mama Square Co., Ltd. (Mama Lab) Survey target: Mama Square female employees nationwide with children Number of valid responses: n=201
Survey method: Questionnaire survey
Corporate information
■[11/30 wed. Online seminar held]
“Real voices of the child-raising generation that HR personnel do not know-How to create a workplace that is easy to work while raising children-”
Date: Wednesday, November 30, 2022 13:30 – 14:30
Venue: Online (Zoom)
Participation fee: Free
Organizer: Mama Square Co., Ltd., Linkage Co., Ltd.
Seminar details, application ⇒ ■ About Mama Square Co., Ltd.
In order to realize flexible work styles for the child-rearing generation, we support the creation of an environment where mothers who are raising children can work without worrying about where they can leave their children and help them advance their careers. “Mama Square,” which was born from the idea of ​​​​“making it natural for a world where children can work side by side,” operates 32 BPO locations nationwide (as of the end of May 2022), starting with the first store in 2015. We have established a new working model that allows mothers to work alongside their children, neither at a nursery school nor at home, and has developed a call center and BPO service.
Total number of bases: 59 nationwide (32 BPO bases, 20 on-site childcare facilities, 7 FCs)
■ About Mama Lab
Through questionnaire surveys, interview surveys, and monitor surveys with a panel of more than 1,500 employees (mothers and female staff) of Mama Square Co., Ltd. and their “children”, is a marketing service that accurately catches up, analyzes and reports. In response to the marketing activities of companies that aim to consider and realize “development of safe and secure services and products” that reflect the voices of mothers and children, we utilize the know-how we have cultivated in our business specializing in mothers and children. We provide specialized marketing services.
■ BPO service of Mama Square At Mama Square, we are developing a BPO service business with strengths in high-quality response and results that are full of hospitality unique to mothers in various business areas of companies. By utilizing a small-scale center that can demonstrate management grip, we can flexibly and speedily respond to “period” and “scale”, etc., and achieve KPI by designing services according to issues and needs. Mama Square’s greatest strengths are “recruiting power”, “educational power”, and “high staff retention rate”, and we are hiring excellent child-rearing moms nationwide.
■Company profile
[Image 7

[Company name] Mama Square Co., Ltd.
[Location] STK Building 4F, 2-22-15 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
[Established] December 24, 2014
[Representative] Representative Director Satoshi Fujishiro
[Capital] 813.7 million yen (including capital reserve)
[Business description] Operation and development of working offices with kids spaces, BPO business, operation of childcare and childcare facilities, marketing services
◆ Inquiries
Mama Square Co., Ltd. President’s Office Public Relations: Narusaka Email: TEL: 03-5443-2160

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