GORIX Co., Ltd. Choose from 3 types of sizes The total number of tool cases (GX-CASE/GX-SCASE/GX-sssCAS) from the bicycle parts brand “GORIX” has exceeded 2,000! !

GORIX Co., Ltd.
[Choose from 3 types of sizes] The total number of tool cases (GX-CASE/GX-SCASE/GX-sssCAS) from the bicycle parts brand “GORIX” has exceeded 2,000! !
A zip case that allows you to compactly carry essential items for cycling. There are 3 types available, 22.5cm height normal, 25cm height long, and 22.5cm height slim with a thin outer diameter based on customer feedback.

GORIX Co., Ltd., a bicycle parts manufacturer that develops the bicycle parts brand “GORIX” (located in Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka, CEO: Akira Nagano). GX-sssCAS)” has exceeded 2,000 units (as of October 31, 2022) in domestic and overseas sales.

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The new product “Tool Case (GX-sssCASE)” from the bicycle parts brand “GORIX” is The slim size of the GORIX tool case (GX-SCASE 22.5cm) has a slim outer diameter of 6-6.5cm.
A classic zip case that allows you to compactly carry essential items for cycling.
You can use it by inserting it according to the bottle cage size of your frame. The tools necessary for a bicycle ride can be stored compactly together, and the contents are easy to see and take out.
Ideal for all bicycles such as road bikes, cross bikes, and MTB.

Product features
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[3 sizes]
There is a long size of 25 cm in length and a length of 22.5 cm recommended for those with small frames.
This new product is a slim type with a narrow outer diameter from 22.5 cm in length.
Easy to fit in a bottle cage.
The tip is designed to be narrow so that it does not get in the way when pedaling.
By making it a long size, it is now possible to store a portable pump with a length of about 24 cm. (*For long size)

[Image 3

[Large storage capacity]
Equipment such as portable pumps, replacement tubes, puncture repair kits, portable tools, Co2 cylinders, and tire levers can be stored, making it safe for emergencies.
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[Easy to take out what you need]
With a tool can, it’s difficult to take out tools from deep places, but the zip case opens wide with a zipper, so you can easily take out only the tools you need.
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[Mesh pocket with single-sided zip inside]
Small items such as small items can be stored without dropping and the contents are well protected.
In addition, it can be confirmed at a glance because it is a mesh material. [Image 6

[Waterproof zipper]
Since it uses a waterproof zipper, it shuts out water that enters through the gaps in the zipper part.
The main body is waterproof for everyday use and can withstand light rain for a short time.
*It is not completely waterproof. Dry the body after it gets wet. [Image 7

[zip holder]
By fastening the zip, the zip does not dangle while driving. [Image 8

[Attached to bottle cage]
Since it is equipped with a bottle cage, you can utilize the empty space of the bicycle without wasting it.
[Image 9

[Does not lose its shape]
The design combines two sides of a semi-circular dome shape to keep its shape. A tough tool case that is durable and hard to get dirty.
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https://www.gottsuprice.jp/?pid=161898036 ● GORIX official store (Rakuten) →
● GORIX official store (Amazon) → https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B09ZY13X77 ● GORIX Official Store (Yahoo Shopping) →
Sales price: 2,200 yen (including tax and shipping) *The sales price is subject to change.
Product contents: Zip tool case
(GX-CASE) Approximately 25cm in height, 7-7.5cm in diameter
(GX-SCASE) Outer dimensions: height 22.5cm, outer diameter 7-7.5cm (GX-sssCASE) Outer dimensions: height 22.5cm, outer diameter 6-6.5cm net weight:
(GX-CASE) about 180g
(GX-SCASE) about 160g
(GX-sssCASE) about 130g

[Image 12d56501-341-8a841e5239f6dff20828-2.jpg&s3=56501-341-71a05fa4c0ac08892df3fef3cabd6fb2-800x800.jpg

Feel free to try and enjoy bicycle parts brand “GORIX”

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