GORIX Co., Ltd. Over 2,500 total Bicycle stand with casters (GX-013D Moving Walk) compatible with 3 types of bicycle parts brand “GORIX” has exceeded 2,500 (with 2022/10/31)! !

GORIX Co., Ltd.
[Over 2,500 total] Bicycle stand with casters for 3 types of bicycle parts brand “GORIX” (GX-013D Moving Walk) has exceeded 2,500 (with 2022/10/31)! !
The popular GX-013D bicycle stand for 3 types has casters for easy movement!
GORIX Co., Ltd. (Location: Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka City, CEO: Akira Nagano), a bicycle parts manufacturer that develops the bicycle parts brand “GORIX”. Moving Walk)” has exceeded 2,500 units (as of October 31, 2022) in domestic and overseas sales.
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Bicycle stand with casters (GX-013D Moving Walk) compatible with 3 types of bicycle parts brand “GORIX”, which has exceeded 2,500 in total, is a popular bicycle stand compatible with 3 types GX-013D with casters for easy movement. It’s a stand.
Multi-use bicycle stand with 3 types of placement This is a
wheel-insertion stand that is ideal for road bikes, mountain bikes, cross bikes, and mini-velo bikes.
Supports both vertical and horizontal placement.
In the case of vertical placement, you can stand it by hooking the front wheel on the upper hook.
In the case of horizontal placement, you can stand the bicycle stably just by inserting the front wheel.
Excellent stability with 4-point load and steel frame.
If you place it vertically, you can store your bicycle in a small space. ・The color development that is most suitable for interior
・Two U-shaped hooks with adjustable spacing are attached to the main frame. ・By hooking the chain stay to the U-time hook, the rear wheel can be lifted up and used as a maintenance stand.
-Each hook has a protective rubber so it won’t damage your precious bicycle. ・When not in use, it can be disassembled without tools, so storage is not a problem.
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[Product Details]
Product name: Bicycle stand with casters for GORIX 3 types (GX-013D Moving Walk) Sales destination:
● GORIX official store (main store) → https://www.gottsuprice.jp/?pid=160579111 ● GORIX Official Store (Amazon) → https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B08MDPM5QH ● GORIX Official Store (Rakuten) →
● GORIX Official Store (Yahoo Shopping) →
Sales price: 3,999 yen (including tax and shipping) * Sales price is subject to change

External dimensions: 118x43x40.5cm
Corresponding dimensions: up to 22-29 inches, up to 6 cm in tire width Weight: 2.32kg
Attachment: With mounting wrench
Color: Black Celeste
*Specifications may change slightly depending on the time of arrival. *Due to the structure of the product, the rear derailleur may come into contact with the pole when mounted vertically.
*Sports vehicles with a wheelbase of 1m or more are recommended. For stability, the maximum load is 25kg (20kg or less is recommended). For vehicles with a wheelbase length of 1 m or longer (22-29 inches), the front wheel hook is stable at the “4 o’clock” position from the right side. If the position is too low, the bike will tend to tilt forward and backward, and stability will be compromised. Also, if it is too high, it will be difficult to wear.
[Image 12d56501-347-f9feaa78b54f4879dbc1-12.jpg&s3=56501-347-c9a9c66e9186a1361b9e9d7b1a7ec153-800x800.jpg
[Image 13d56501-347-56e1d198ab595cc418be-11.jpg&s3=56501-347-136afe6da86d93b9af83b46b84afe4b2-800x800.jpg

Feel free to try and enjoy bicycle parts brand “GORIX”
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