Graduation souvenirs with a bond that connects the wood grain, and the performance is expanding for the third consecutive term. Rapidly increasing in popularity as a corporate souvenir.

Mokkobo Kura Co., Ltd.
Graduation souvenirs with a bond that connects the wood grain, and the performance is expanding for the third consecutive term. Rapidly increasing in popularity as a corporate souvenir.

Mokkobo Kura Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture; Representative Director: Ryosuke Takeuchi; Brand name: Kimono Life) has released a graduation gift that expresses the bonds of friendship with wood grain in August 2021.
By making it from a single board, you can make a clock with a maximum of 60 consecutive wood grains (for 60 people).
Graduation souvenirs with an unprecedented new concept, where you can actually see and feel the connection of ties as wood grains, have been resonating with many graduates and parents since their announcement. [Image 1d67641-4-5ad8e92050b559af2904-0.jpg&s3=67641-4-28ee31950fb88599a55e5204bf01b7a9-700x450.jpg
■ Birth secret story
Mokkobo Kura Co., Ltd.’s brand “Wooden Life” has been in the bridal field for 10 years. (R)” has been sold.
Meanwhile, in 2020, the new coronavirus is raging, and it will have a major impact on society and students who are about to graduate. Once in a lifetime, students who were not able to spend the last year of their student life satisfactorily with their friends.
When I thought about it, I thought that there must be something that can be done because of the concept of “wood grain connects hearts” and the lifestyle of wood that has been developed with the patent of “watches with connected wood grain”.
That’s how the graduation souvenir with the wood grain was born. A watch that connects everyone with the same grain of wood, making the most of the technology and concept of living with wood.
If you look at the palm-sized watch, even if you are separated, you can confirm that there is a unique bond of the same wood grain. A watch that is not just a gift, but also conveys your thoughts. Hoping that it will brighten up the students’ past and future, we will pre-sell it in 2020 and officially release it in 2021.
[Image 2d67641-4-00da438f2c75e3379e28-1.jpg&s3=67641-4-bb1fb4bc53953ef5610c00f5ffe4405b-700x450.jpg
■ Expanding business performance for 3 consecutive years. A watch that can enclose a letter has also appeared.
Graduation souvenirs that connect the grain of wood life have received a strong response from various schools, nursery schools,
kindergartens, parents’ groups, and sports clubs since the
announcement. Doing.
There are many repeat orders from customers who have ordered once, “While events and club activities have been canceled or reduced due to the corona crisis, it is very meaningful that the wood grain is connected to everyone who lives there.”
“When I conveyed the message that connects the thoughts to the children, they roared with admiration.”
And so on, we have received a succession of voices of joy.
In addition, in the wood life, we also announced a product “mirai” that allows you to enclose a letter in a watch that connects wood grains.
To your future self, to your future child, from a teacher to a student… A watch with a secret message to an important person will become a treasure in the world.
[Image 3d67641-4-298e3f1f2db4f5d38f81-2.jpg&s3=67641-4-94c1e4cc0b0e0249681f4a56aef72e5f-700x450.jpg
■ Increased purchases from companies to boost employee motivation Graduation souvenirs from Ki no Kurashiki are gaining attention not only from school officials and sports clubs, but also from general companies as souvenirs.
In addition to commemorating the company’s founding and anniversaries, many companies purchase it for the purpose of increasing employee ties and motivation, such as rewards for achieving performance goals, and this has also been well received.
“Grain” connects “hearts”, and it becomes “thoughts” with friends… The corporate philosophy of Ki no Kurashiki is now beginning to spread throughout society.
[Image 4d67641-4-10c9231b8fbc71218ffd-6.jpg&s3=67641-4-e5101b5361321576e4bb3d001ea953ef-340x450.jpg
■ Thoughts of the representative
“Classmates” who spend a lot of time together at school – bonds that deepened through events such as casual chats and sports festivals and cultural festivals as they spent their days.
The irreplaceable days of colliding with each other and working hard toward the same goal, working hard together with teammates and tearing up.
Such “the atmosphere of that day” and “bonds of youth” have been made into a form with a clock that connects wood grains.
Watches made from a single piece of natural wood with continuous wood grains allow you to feel the strong bonds of friendship even after you graduate.
A clock where all the friends are connected with a single board. Even if we are separated, the wood grain will connect our hearts. Classmates and teammates that I will never forget.
I think it’s the only watch that can keep such feelings in memory forever. We hope that you will feel joy, excitement, and happiness with this graduation souvenir that connects the wood grain.
■Original graduation souvenir with a patent for a clock with connected wood grain
Mokkobo Kura Co., Ltd.’s brand “Wooden Life” has been in the bridal field for 10 years. (R)” has been sold.
This gift, which expresses family ties with wood grain, is an original product with a patent, and has been chosen by more than 110,000 couples so far.
As for souvenirs for graduation, kindergarten, and graduation group, clocks with connected wood grains are original products only for wood living.
[Image 5d67641-4-0182becd10f83178eddd-3.png&s3=67641-4-ed5b90c6d3f6d02b998f6bc99c506b0c-650x366.png

■ Characteristics of wooden life graduation souvenirs
1. Up to 60 wood grains can be connected and created. (You can arrange the clocks of all the students in one class with a single grain.) 2. In addition to the school name and emblem, it is also possible to laser engrave your favorite message on the front or back of the watch, such as the name of the student or the goal of the class.
3. It is possible to engrave individual contents on each clock, such as attendance numbers and student names.
[Image 6d67641-4-7fb47c2ef3aa875e429c-4.jpg&s3=67641-4-407dfa30bdb36f9571143daaa98c574b-650x569.jpg

■Company profile
Company name: Mokkobo Kura Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-5 Uryucho, Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture
Representative: Ryosuke Takeuchi
Established: April 1935
Business description: Internet sales business, woodworking class business, bridal business, graduation souvenir business

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