Great response exceeded 100,000 copies! I want to somehow change the “creepy company” that only chases numbers! The book “That’s why we can change the organization” has gathered a lot of sympathy from people who earnestly desire

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[Great response exceeded 100,000 copies! ] I want to somehow change the “creepy company” that only chases numbers! The book “That’s why we can change the organization” has gathered a lot of sympathy from people who earnestly desire
Since its release in November last year, sales have accelerated and lecture requests have flooded in! A new bible for team building
On November 25, 2022, Cross Media Publishing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Koichiro Kobayakawa) released the book “So we can change the organization” released on November 29, 2021. We have decided to reprint the 13th edition. From this 13th edition, it will be shipped with a new design belt to commemorate “100,000 copies”.
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In an era of change, the number of people who want to change the organization has increased rapidly, and more than 150 lecture requests have been received!
As the social situation continues to change significantly, such as the corona crisis and rising prices, the awareness and work styles of working people continue to change. Under these circumstances, this book, which clearly and concretely introduces “how to change an organization,” has received a great response at bookstores and has sold over 100,000 copies. Since its launch in November last year, “My relationship with my boss, who was in conflict with me, has changed.” (Female in her 40s, major manufacturer) We have also received a large number of “voices of sympathy” such as medium-sized service industry. Since its launch, the author, Toru Saito, has been inundated with requests for lectures from companies, and more than 150 have been realized. Readers have also been enthusiastic about saying, “I want you to talk about it at your own company!” and “I want to share the contents of this book with my team members.” and give lectures in teams.
■ Lecture results (partial)
NTT Group / Kirin Brewery / JTB / Sekisui Chemical / Seven & i Holdings / Sompo Japan / Chiyoda Corporation / Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings / Nomura Research Institute / Fancl / Mazda / Mitsubishi Chemical / Mitsubishi Heavy Industries / Murata
Manufacturing / Yamaha Music Japan, etc.
(Please refer to the following site for other holding results) Organizations can change from a “radius of 5 meters”
In the last few decades, Japan has undergone “three paradigm shifts”. ・”Digital shift” where “ideas” are more important than places and information with the power of the Internet
・“Social shift” in which “connection and sustainability” became more important than competition and growth due to the Lehman shock ・ Due to the coronavirus epidemic, management and monitoring became difficult, and “independence” became important “life shift”
These three changes have made traditional strategies and policies obsolete for companies. In addition, we are beginning to see a growing awareness among front-line employees that “we can’t continue like this” and “the organization must change.”
This book was born against this background. It introduces “how to change an organization from just one person”, such as managers, leaders, and employees in the field. The point is to change from the “relationship” with people close to you.
Organizations that fall into a negative cycle tend to be in a “failure cycle” in which “only pursuing numbers and results, relationships become strained, thoughts stop, and actions become passive.” . We will transform this into a “success cycle” in which “deepening relationships with people close to you through dialogue, changing your thinking by conveying the meaning of your work, and generating spontaneous action through internal motivation.”
・ Improving the quality of “relationships” = creating “psychological safety” in the field and encouraging dialogue for value creation ・Improve the quality of “thinking” = share the “meaning of work” and change “must do” to “want to”
・Improve the quality of “behavior” = Create “internal motivation” and create “motivation”
By disseminating the success stories born from that, the entire organization will eventually change. This book will show you how to do just that.
Many reactions from bookstores and media!
Since its release, this book has been featured in many media. ・Introduced in “Toyo Keizai Online”! (2021/12/8, 12/15, 2022/1/4, 1/25) ・Introduced in “Modern Business” and “Money Gendai”! (2021/12/16, 12/23, 2022/3/28)
・Introduced in “President Online”! (2022/4/1)
・Introduced in “logmi”! (2021/12/13, 12/14, 12/15, 12/16, 12/17) ・Introduced in “Business Book Marathon”! (2022/2/21)
In addition, the response from bookstores has been enthusiastic, and we are conducting special collaborations with multiple bookstores who have proposed that they want to reach more readers!
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At Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore, we also created an obi with a design limited to the store, and held a fair to three-dimensionally express the contents of the book with panels and selected books. It will be the first attempt by Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore to develop a fair centered on one book.
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At the Meishodo Bookstore Atre Ueno store (closed on May 10, 2022) in Ueno Station, the author, editors/sales/public relations of the publisher, and bookstore staff formed a team from the beginning of the book’s release. We held a selection fair. A number of projects were born, such as the sale of bonus videos limited to purchasers at the store, books with handwritten messages, installation of message colored paper and oversized posters. More than 100 copies were sold each month, and 474 copies were sold in about five months.
“Workbook” for deeper practice will also be released
On December 16, 2022, the book “So we can change the organization workbook” will be released to put this book into practice more deeply. Developed 28 unique works to incorporate the theories and know-how introduced in “That’s why we can change the organization” as our own and connect them to practice. With this one book, you can fully understand and practice the contents of this best-selling book. [Image 6

We also received the following comments from people who used the prototype in advance.
“The level of understanding was completely different between reading it in writing and actually imagining my own workplace and writing it down!” (Female office worker in her 30s)
“I was thinking of making my own notebook to practice the previous work ‘Dakaboku’, so this is exactly what I was looking for!” (Female office worker in her 20s)
“While doing the work, things that I was confused about at work became more concrete. I really recommend it!” (Female office worker in her 40s)
On October 20, the reservation start date, a large number of orders flooded in, and it is attracting attention, such as winning the first place in multiple fields such as Amazon “Leadership”, “Project Management”, and “Corporate Innovation”.
Introduction of books
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【table of contents】
Chapter 1 The times have changed. What about the organization? ~Where does our sense of incongruity come from?
Chapter 2. The future organization will shift from “control” to “self-propelled” – the ideal organization and leader we aim for Chapter 3 Leaders should take off the mask of arrogance ~ Change the quality of relationships through safe dialogue
Chapter 4 Moving the team, let’s find the north star -Sharing meaning, changing the quality of thinking
Chapter 5. Throw away the carrots and sticks and unleash your curiosity ~ change the quality of your behavior with intrinsic motivation
Chapter 6. From just one person, the circle of influence expands – so we can change the organization
[Bibliographic information]
Title: That’s why we can change the organization
Format: A5 variant / 304 pages
List price: 2,068 yen (main unit 1,880 yen + tax)
ISBN: 978-4-295-40625-9
Publisher: Cross Media Publishing Co., Ltd. (Cross Media Group Co., Ltd.) Release date: November 29, 2021
Author biography
[Image 8d80658-208-18cef656eb2e25b88ef2-5.jpg&s3=80658-208-49849effb6495663bb2563466f633adc-567x320.jpg
Toru Saito
entrepreneur. executive. University professor. hint representative. Representative of Lupus Communications. Professor of Business Administration, Business Breakthrough University. In 1991, he retired from IBM Japan and founded a venture using ICT technology. Mobile technology has attracted attention, and the unlisted market
capitalization exceeds 10 billion yen. Due to the collapse of the bubble economy, the founder was expelled, and he has a debt of 300 million yen. In the midst of the harsh waves of entrepreneurship, such as losing a lawsuit, auctioning, and selling a business, he learned business administration, put it into practice in the field, and continued to systematize it from a new perspective. After that, he became a visiting professor at Gakushuin University, specializing in organizational theory and entrepreneurship theory. A lecture on management from the perspective of happiness resonates with Generation Z, making it an immersive class with standing room. His mental age is close to that of a student, and he begins to be called “Ton-Ton” by the students. Now he teaches as a professor at Business Breakthrough University. In 2018, we opened a course “Hint Seminar” for working adults. The number of graduates exceeds 800, and about 100 new members are added every three months. He is the author of many books, including “Industry Destroyer” (Kobunsha), “Reboot” (Diamond), “BE Social” (Nikkei Publishing), and “Social Shift” (Nikkei Publishing).

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