Great value for mega discount A must-have item for liposuction downtime and swelling removal! The products of “C&C medical”, a long-established compression clothing brand representing Korea, which is handled by many beauty clinics in Korea, are now

Gangnam Doll Co., Ltd.
[Great value for mega discount] A must-have item for liposuction downtime and swelling removal! The products of “C&C medical”, a long-established compression clothing brand representing Korea, which is handled by many beauty clinics in Korea, are now available on Qoo10 for the first time.
You can buy compression garments from “C&C medical” in Japan, which is overwhelmingly trusted among the many brands in South Korea, the superpower of cosmetic surgery.

Domestic demand for liposuction is steadily increasing among cosmetic surgeries. How you spend your downtime is important for liposuction, and compression garments are an essential item.
The Qoo10 official website operated by Gangnam Doll Co., Ltd. has started handling a long-established Korean compression garment manufacturer.
What is Mega Wari?
[Image 1

Qoo10’s “Mega Wari” is Qoo10’s big sale event held four times a year. During the “Mega Discount” period, 9 20% off coupons that can be used for shopping for the target product will be distributed.
It’s a very profitable event.
Qoo10 not only has a wide range of popular Korean cosmetics and fashion brands, It is famous as a shopping site where various products such as household goods and home appliances are sold.
“Mega Discount”, where you can buy cheaper than usual, keep an eye on the products you want before the event.
It is attracting so much attention that there are many users who challenge it. ■ Date
November 16-27, 2022
■What time is the last day of Qoo10 Mega Discount?
This Qoo10 mega discount will be from November 16th to November 28th, 2022 at 1:59 am.
It seems that it will be okay even after November 27th! !
The mega discount coupon can be used at 1:59 am on November 28th. Please enjoy shopping to your heart’s content.
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What kind of surgery is liposuction?
Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses a thin tube called a cannula to suck out excess subcutaneous fat from the body.
The biggest advantage is that unlike general diets that reduce fat cells to lose weight, it is difficult to rebound by removing fat cells and reducing the number, and you can get a definite effect.
Most of the procedures are performed under sedation anesthesia, so there is almost no pain during the operation, and since the cannula insertion opening (incision) is only a few millimeters, one of the attractions is that the scar is not noticeable.
Is downtime after liposuction painful? What are the risks?
As I wrote above, it looks like an attractive surgery at first glance, but there are risks associated with cosmetic surgery.
In addition to the cost that is not cheap, if you are not a
well-trained doctor, the balance may become unnatural, the skin may sag, and it may not be effective.
There is also a recovery period called downtime after surgery. The downtime of liposuction puts a heavy burden on the body, and it is so important that how you spend that period can make a difference in the degree of completion.
Along with dull pain like muscle pain, “swelling” that I have never felt before. This occurs when water such as anesthetic fluid and lymph fluid accumulates in the space where fat has disappeared.
A compression garment is required to shrink and adhere the skin in this space, making it thinner.
About compression fitting by part
Of course, the area to be compressed also differs depending on the area to be operated on.
C&C medical has revised the pattern many times and has a lineup that can properly press each part.
■C&C medical/FRG12
■ Price: 5,000 yen
■ Pressure area: face line, under the chin
[Image 2

■C&C medical/VG37
■ Price: 6,500 yen
■ Pressure part: upper arm
[Image 3

■C&C medical/BG06
■ Price: 12,000 yen
■Pressed parts: upper arm, abdomen, waist
[Image 4

■C&C medical/GG27
■ Price: 10,000 yen
■Pressed parts: Thighs, buttocks, calves
[Image 5

■C&C medical/GG25
■ Price: 8,000 yen
Pressed area: Abdomen, buttocks, thighs
[Image 6

This is the only place where you can find downtime goods We also have a wide variety of compression garments and downtime goods that can only be found here.
In addition to the above types, we also handle compression garments for a wide range of areas.
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What compression garments are recommended after liposuction? Experts explain the necessity of compression garments and measures for each part and problem! Liposuction of the upper arm, how long will the compression garment be worn? What if it hurts? Experienced people thoroughly explain the recommended compression garments for the upper arm and downtime! ▷ [Korean cosmetic lucky bag 2022] 15 recommended Korean cosmetic lucky bags selected by Korean cosmetic dermatologist staff! ▷ 19 recommended Korean skin care products to buy with Qoo10 mega discount! ▷ [Qoo10 Mega Discount Latest] Next November 2022! Cosmetics geeks thoroughly explain how to use mega discount strategies and coupons! ▷ When will I receive my Qoo10 Mega Discount purchases? What is the shipping cost? Explanation about shipping! ▷ How many times a year does Qoo10 offer mega discounts? What time will it be held? A thorough explanation of the timing and frequency from the past mega-wari periods by the vendors! ▷ [Qoo10 Mega Discount] Thorough explanation of how to get mega discount coupons using PAYPAL ▷Which is better, Rakuten Super Sale or Qoo10 Mega Discount? Thorough comparison of the back side of the store! ▷ Is there a difference between the first, second, and third Qoo10 mega discount coupons? Store owners explain how Mega Discount Coupons work! What is Gangnam Doll
Gangnam Doll said, “I want to go to a beauty clinic in Korea, but I don’t have any information.”
“I don’t know what to trust from the overflowing information on Twitter and word-of-mouth apps”
“I am afraid that I will be charged a large amount of money or if the surgery will fail”
I was born from such a real voice.
A higher-grade Korean cosmetics mail order site handled by Korean beauty dermatology,
We operate one of the largest Korean aesthetic medical information sites in Japan.
There are many sales results at Isetan and Tsutaya Electric
Appliances, so you can buy with confidence.
In addition to supporting those who want to receive beauty treatment in Korea, We also provide aftercare support after receiving aesthetic medicine in Korea. We can do it because we have strong ties with Korea
We hope that we can continue to provide our services to you in the future. ■ Gangnam Doll Official Website
■ Gangnam Doll Official Instagram ■ Korean skin care shop
■ A mail order site where you can buy Korean cosmetics cheaply Meon Premier
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