Green Monster Co., Ltd. A new web commercial for “FX Navi” featuring popular comedian Yoshio Kojima has been released! !

Green Monster Co., Ltd.
A new web commercial of “FX Navi” featuring popular comedian Yoshio Kojima has been released! !

Green Monster Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Ryo Ogawa, hereinafter referred to as Green Monster) is a comedian in the WebCM of the experiential investment learning smartphone app “FX Navi” and children at the YouTube channel “Opppie Elementary School”. We are pleased to announce that we have appointed Yoshio Kojima, who is extremely popular from , and have started distribution from November 22nd.
WebCM where Mr. Yoshio Kojima enjoys investment experience with “FX Navi” In this web commercial, Mr. Kojima experienced a demo trade of the hands-on investment learning smartphone app “FX Navi” and filmed it. It is an impressive video that shows Kojima-san’s joys and sorrows while performing familiar gags.
In addition, in conjunction with the appearance of this web
commercial, we will conduct an interview with Mr. Kojima to solve real money-related worries, and publish it as a column article in the “FX Navi” app. Mr. Kojima comically solves a certain problem that many people feel in their daily lives. It’s full of tips to make your daily life fun, so please take a look! (*The interview article will be published soon.)
-Overview of Web CM-
[Delivery period] November 22, 2022 (Tuesday) to February 21, 2023 (Tuesday) [Viewing URL]
[CM performer] Yoshio Kojima
[Image 1

-Interview article-
[Distribution period] Scheduled to be released soon
[Distribution destination] Limited distribution in the column in “FX Navi”

*Please note that web commercials and interview articles are subject to change without prior notice.
Profile of Yoshio Kojima
[Image 2

Born November 16, 1980. Born in Okinawa Prefecture. Blood type O. In 2007, “Sonna no kanrene!”
Taking advantage of his background as a graduate of Waseda University, he has been active in variety shows and quiz shows, including kids coordination trainer, junior vegetable sommelier, personal fitness trainer, junior athlete food meister, kanji test pre-1st grade, fish test 3rd grade, diet test. He has many qualifications such as Level 1. Using this wealth of knowledge, she has created many songs that can be enjoyed with children. Lives for children, YouTube “Yoshio Kojima’s Oppappi Elementary School” and “Yoshio Kojima’s Piya’s Holiday” continue to be distributed.
About FXNavi
“FX Navi” is a must-see for those who want to start FX and those who have no investment experience, and it is a smartphone app for investment beginners that allows you to learn FX like a game. It has been installed over 4 million times in total, making it one of the world’s largest monster FX demo trading apps. We are currently running a CP to commemorate the 4 million install breakthrough. (Press release URL: You can experience profit and loss just like the real deal using easy-to-understand charts even for FX beginners with super
full-fledged demo trading that supports leverage and spread, which is the real thrill of FX. In addition to demo trading, there are plenty of things such as investment fraud warnings, informational column articles, comical FX commentary manga, etc., so it is recommended for those who are just starting FX and those who are a little blank. This is the app you want. (*This app allows you to experience trading in a demo environment. Please note that actual trading is not possible). [Image 3

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・App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
・iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the United States and other countries.
・The iPhone trademark is used under license from Aiphone Co., Ltd. ・Android and Google Play are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google Inc. ・”FX Navi”, “Kabusasu”, “Green Monster” and “Gurimon” are registered trademarks of Green Monster Co., Ltd.
About Green Monster Co., Ltd.
Operates a series of experiential investment learning apps such as “FX Navi”, “Toushika”, “Kabusasu”, and “Crypto Asset Navi”. With the strength of product development that is close to the user experience, we aim to make investment learning, financial education, and asset formation support open and low-priced.
 From now on, we will step up from the idea of ​​”investment for money” and change the way people and society interact with each other from “consumers to supporters” through investment. As a result, investment such as “100 million total shareholders” will become more popular, and we will foster the challenge and innovation soil for entrepreneurs and promote Japan’s new presence in the world. Green Monster Co., Ltd. Homepage:
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