GRIT Co., Ltd. First in the accommodation industry! Released a mobile application type business support system for accommodation facilities

GRIT Co., Ltd.
A first in the lodging industry! Released a mobile application type business support system for accommodation facilities
Proposing improvements using a mobile application system for labor shortages and cost issues at lodging facilities

GRIT Co., Ltd. (head office: Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture; President: Isamu Yanagidori), which develops systems for accommodation facilities and provides consulting services, has developed a business support system application for small and medium-sized accommodation facilities, “every+1” (every one). iOS, Android version) has been released.
It will be the first native application type hotel system (PMS) in the lodging industry.
every+1 service site URL:
Unlike traditional property management systems (PMS), mobile apps allow you to manage your hotel reservations and billing information. By changing the terminal from a conventional PC to a tablet or smartphone, it becomes possible to carry and call up information anywhere in the facility without fixing the location such as the front desk or office.
In addition, by setting the initial cost to 0 yen, we will support the introduction of IT to small and medium-sized accommodation facilities that could not be realized due to high initial investment.
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■ Simple provision of bloated systems
Many current PMS (accommodation management systems) have many functions and can be managed within the system.
However, many features are not needed by small and medium-sized facilities. Therefore, in “every+1”, we have carefully selected the functions that are really necessary and developed a simple system from scratch. Even facilities that have been operating on a paper basis until now can realize IT without a large initial cost of 0 yen.
Rather than a major DX, we will support the improvement of operational efficiency and the introduction of IT to the future 0.5 steps ahead. ■ Application system that can be carried anywhere
In the background of the mobile application type system, there is a big change due to the recent corona disaster.
Since the conventional system is mainly a PC, using the system at a designated place such as the front desk or office may cause guests to stay.
“every+1” uses a mobile app that allows customers to serve customers anywhere. Check-in is also possible in the lobby, lounge, and guest room, and by dispersing the check-in process, not only the guests but also the staff can relieve their concerns.
■ Easy-to-understand screen configuration for everyone
As a differentiation from conventional PMS, it consists of a screen that is easy for anyone to understand.
Multi-jobs with a small number of people are essential in the accommodation industry where there is a shortage of workers. Among them, the introduction of a simple and easy-to-understand system will reduce training costs and work burdens, and promote work efficiency.
[Image 2d110314-1-018c195d3d93d18e1abe-1.png&s3=110314-1-f2f5fcf111c795639713eb87f08db4ff-3900x2193.png
Accommodation business support app “every+1”
Initial cost 0 yen
Monthly fee from 9,075 yen (excluding tax)
Available for ios (iPad/iPhone) and android apps
iOS version
[Image 3d110314-1-c65a6e31eb9833e0a9bc-2.png&s3=110314-1-da81c6d2838527b2307afe235f4db83e-87x87.png
App Store
Android version
[Image 4d110314-1-29eb2a7a882d3c34b885-3.png&s3=110314-1-b83dbe686f7bf596663eeb2d85e06776-99x99.png
google play
System development and provision
GRIT Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Isamu Yanagimichi
every+1 service site:
GRIT Corporation Corporate Page:
Contact for this matter:

Details about this release:


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