Gurunavi Co., Ltd. Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture and Gurunavi Co., Ltd. signed an “Agreement on Specialty Product Branding Business Utilizing the Regional Revitalization Entrepreneur System”

Gurunavi Inc.
Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture and Gurunavi Co., Ltd. concluded the “Agreement on Specialty Product Branding Business Utilizing the Regional Revitalization Entrepreneur System”
Dispatch of entrepreneurs for regional revitalization, the fifth case in Shimane Prefecture. Adding value to city products and revitalizing Matsue City in the field of branding.

Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture (Mayor: Akihito Kamisada) and Gurunavi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Akiro Sugihara; hereinafter referred to as Gurunavi) will utilize the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ “Regional Revitalization Entrepreneur System” to On November 29, 2022 (Tuesday), the “Agreement on Specialty Product Branding Business Utilizing the Regional Revitalization Entrepreneur System” was concluded.
Based on this agreement, from December 1, 2022 (Thursday), one Gurunavi employee will be dispatched to Matsue City as a “Regional Revitalization Entrepreneur.” Temporary employees will move to Matsue City and develop the products of Matsue City into “specialties”, improve the attractiveness and value of Matsue City, and promote business activities that contribute to the revitalization of the local economy. Engage
So far, in Shimane Prefecture, we have dispatched regional
revitalization entrepreneurs to Onan Town, Nishinoshima Town, Hamada City, and Okuizumo Town to support the diversified management of local restaurants and producers. We provide comprehensive support for Gurunavi’s business infrastructure and know-how, including the shopping site Gurusuguri, which offers selected products. Gurunavi’s dispatch of entrepreneurs for regional revitalization is the 11th case in Japan, and the 5th case in Shimane Prefecture.
Gurunavi is promoting business under the raison d’être (PURPOSE) of “Connecting people through food. Satisfying people.” We will continue to work with local governments throughout Japan to revitalize local communities through food and tourism.
■ “Agreement on Specialty Product Branding Business Utilizing the Regional Revitalization Entrepreneur System”
(1) Investigation and analysis of attractiveness, issues, etc. of city products ⑵ Branding of city products and creation of products that appeal to the market A. Development of high unit price products targeting high-income earners in Japan and overseas
 B Creation of hometown tax donation gifts such as meal kits and meal tickets using local products
C. Support and promotion of sales channel expansion through various external channels such as department stores
(3) Information dissemination and PR business focusing on city products (4) Other various support related to branding of city products ■ Duration of Dispatch of “Regional Revitalization Entrepreneur” From December 1, 2022 (up to 3 years)
■ Overview of Matsue City
[Image 1d1511-1210-12909a66146ac1c7d7a2-1.jpg&s3=1511-1210-8ec2b729d29568a640f7d8c333fa8ff7-595x396.jpg
Matsue City is located in the eastern part of Shimane Prefecture, almost in the center of the San’in region, and is a “city of water” surrounded by Lake Shinji, Nakaumi, and the magnificent Sea of ​​Japan. Matsue, which still retains the atmosphere of a castle town, is said to be one of Japan’s three major sweets and tea places along with Kyoto and Kanazawa. ), inheriting the great legacy of the tea ceremony, and the “tea ceremony culture” is still rooted in modern times.
In addition, the Yamato Corbicula, which is caught in Lake Shinji, which attracts the hearts of many people with the beauty of the evening scenery, boasts one of the largest catches in Japan. Population and number of households in Matsue City (as of the end of October 2022)
Population: 198,158 Households: 91,663 households
Gurunavi Inc.
Promotion Division
Food and Tourism Planning Department
Regional promotion section
Regional Promotion Planning Group Leader
Nami Terashima
(Terashima Nami)
・February 2016
Joined Gurunavi Co., Ltd.
・February 2016-December 2020
Worked as a concierge at the tourist information center “Gurunavi Information Lounge” (*currently closed) at JR Ueno Station
・January 2021-Present
In charge of marketing for the shopping sites “Guru Suguri”, “Entertainment Gifts”, and the tourism information site “Guru Tabi” centered on food, and in charge of special planning, mail magazine distribution, and article creation
 Domestic Travel Geography Test Level 3/Passed the Tokyo City Guide Test/TOEIC score of 930
I love to travel and have visited over 20 countries so far.
Fascinated by Cairns, Australia, which he visited when he was 20 years old, he obtained a working holiday visa and moved there five years later. Australia is a multi-ethnic country, so I think that
experiencing various ideas and cultural differences has led to my own growth.
I worked at the tourist information center “Gurunavi Information Lounge” (*currently closed) with the feeling that “I’ve been helped by many people overseas, so next time I’ll let foreign customers enjoy Japan to the fullest!” Then, we tried to make fun memories while squeezing our wisdom, such as making a Japanese-style face panel, wearing a yukata, and presenting a bookmark made from pressed cherry blossoms. I like walking around town and coming up with new ideas, so I plan to walk a lot in Matsue and write them down in my notebook. I think that the first step will be to get people interested in Matsue by promoting it both domestically and internationally, but we will work to solve problems with a sense of urgency.
■ Overview of Gurunavi Inc.
In 1996, he opened Gurunavi, a restaurant information site. We have established a style of eating out where we check detailed menu information and today’s recommended information before going to a restaurant. Currently, Gurunavi is working to further expand its services as a restaurant management support company based on its raison d’etre (PURPOSE), which is to “connect people through food. Satisfy people.”

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