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[Gurunavi Research Department] Research on gourmet food for watching sports “Pizza” is the gourmet food you want to eat while watching sports, and “beer” is the number one drink you want to drink!

Gurunavi, Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Akiro Sugihara) conducts various surveys on food for Gurunavi members in line with global trends. is sending information to This time, we investigated gourmet food for watching sports. The details are as follows.
[Survey result points]
・About 57% of people are planning to watch the soccer tournament that starts this month, with 70% of men and 44% of women.
・About 53% of the respondents saw the previous tournament, an increase of about 4%, although there was little difference.
・96% of the time they watch the game at home. About 20% of men in their 20s chose “sports bars”.
・60% of the people who watch the game are “family members”. “Family” and “single” are evenly matched for men, but “family” is more than 50% for women.
・The top 3 favorite foods are pizza, fried chicken, and potatoes. 46% of respondents said that they would like to drink “beer”, and the top three were “chuhai, sour” and “low-malt beer, the third beer”. Enjoying watching sports at home makes me want to eat fast food! ? [Image 1

Gurunavi, Inc. Research Group Leader Kumiko Homma
Perhaps because the games start late at night, most people answered that the place where they enjoy watching the games is at home. More than half of the respondents also enjoyed watching the games with their families. On the other hand, about 20% of men in their 20s want to watch games at sports bars, etc.
The gourmet foods that people want to eat when watching a game are “pizza”, “chicken” and “fries”, and fast food dominates the top three. “Yakitori” and “Sushi” followed. What they had in common was that even if they were concentrating on the game, they could easily pick up one-handed gourmet food, and of course, many people said that beer was indispensable. We can see that the level of interest in this event is almost the same as in the previous tournament four years ago, and once the tournament begins, it seems likely that more attention will be focused on gourmet food for spectators.
[Survey overview]
Survey period: November 4th (Friday) to 7th (Monday), 2022
■ Survey method: WEB questionnaire
■Survey target: Nationwide
■ Respondents: 1,000 Gurunavi members in their 20s to 60s
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