Gypsum board molding unit JUPITA Started selling simple and beautiful L-shaped indirect lighting with thin thickness (20.5mm)

Nikken Steel Co., Ltd.
[Gypsum board molding unit JUPITA] Started selling simple and beautiful L-shaped indirect lighting with thin thickness (20.5mm)
From JUPITA, the only domestic gypsum board molding unit manufactured by Nikken Steel Co., Ltd.,
We will start selling the L-shaped model [JP-J-L9.5 (12.5)
non-combustible] that does not create a folded back for indirect lighting.
The shape is based on [JP-J9.5 (12.5) noncombustible], which is the most basic shape for indirect lighting in the same series. I will. [JP-J-L9.5 (12.5) non-combustible] can be selected from 2 types of iron plate material and steel aggregate as the core material according to the carrying size.
The thickness of the steel plate can be reduced to a minimum of 20.5 mm (when using a 9.5 mm board), which is compatible with the innovative miniaturization of lighting fixtures these days, and contributes to the production of space-saving and beautiful indirect lighting. increase.
Steel aggregate enables overwhelming thinness while ensuring strength in scenes where you want to attach features to the tip.
・New product JP-J-L9.5 (12.5) Noncombustible product page
Nikken Steel Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Amagasaki City, Hyogo
Prefecture; Representative Director: Yoshio Inoue) announces JP-L (JP-J-L) 9.5 (12.5) noncombustible, a new product of JUPITA, a gypsum board molding unit. It is now possible to make the fixtures around the indirect lighting thinner and smaller.
[Image 1

[Image 2

diagonally up front
[Image 3

[Image 4

[Image 5

[Image 6

Outer corners and straight joints
[Image 7

Internal corners and straight joints
■ About JUPITA
Nikken Steel Co., Ltd., which has been in the interior finishing business for about 50 years since its establishment, has launched a new business, JUPITA, a gypsum board molding unit manufacturing business (https://jupita. biz/)” was launched.
Since then, the number of shapes that can be supported has increased, and it has become a product that meets many design needs.
JUPITA’s main products are indirect lighting units, and we also cover a wide range of interior accessories such as design louvers and curtain boxes.
all goods
・Special design, size, and angle can be adjusted by custom order! ・Installation is as simple as screwing in, and 1 unit (910 size) can be completed in about 2 minutes!
・Because there is no need for PVC corner materials to adjust the corners, putty processing is minimal with only joints!
With a wide range of characteristics, all products greatly improve workability on site and contribute to reducing man-hours.
[Reference] JP9.5 installation video
* JUPITA has the same construction method for all products)
JUPITA’s value is not only workability, but also regarding “shape”, it can be manufactured with thinness and minimum shape that is impossible with light iron and board construction.
Furthermore, in the original design, even if the edge shape or R shape is 45° or less, which is supported by building materials such as hardware and artificial wood, the JUPITA unit can be seamlessly combined with the same thickness as the gypsum board during interior construction. Big sale.
JUPITA’s added value is that the use of the above building materials has the effect of preventing cracks in the finish of gypsum board joints that are installed on site, which is often cited as a problem over time. .
We have received a large number of design spec-ins, and have received about 1000 orders for large-scale commercial facilities, hotels, offices, luxury brand stores, etc. The high repeat rate also speaks to the reliability of our products.
In recent years, we have received many applications for architectural lighting that fuses with architecture, as well as indirect lighting for living spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms for the comfort and peace of mind and the production of a sense of luxury.
[Image 8d68925-14-fd0e1f0f70eeea4d8346-7.png&s3=68925-14-28a21ebef63b46a951c9e9ba4b510aa4-1302x782.png
■ About JP-J-L9.5(12.5) incombustibility
This unit is as easy to handle as ordinary gypsum board, and can be easily installed to achieve thin indirect lighting.
The same material of gypsum board suppresses defects such as “cracks” and “misalignment”, as well as unintended “steps”, which are highly likely to occur when interior gypsum board and different materials are used.
The total thickness of the lighting pedestal varies depending on the gypsum board used.
iron plate material
・20.5mm when using 9.5mm
・26.5mm when using 12.5mm
channel aggregate
・31mm when using 9.5mm
・37mm when using 12.5mm
For the shape and dimensions, we will reproduce each dimension of W×H requested by the architect/interior designer in mm units.
Board openings required for smoke exhaust, etc., are available as an option on the lower wall.
[Image 9d68925-14-5a4ad940eacf008f9698-8.png&s3=68925-14-df0802cdf8851057dcc7e19c9dcef9e5-1422x1354.png
cross section
■ Material
Noncombustible gypsum board (t9.5, t12.5)
C-type steel 11 x 40 x 11 x t1.0
■ Unit size
1 unit L = 910
■ Price
Please contact us
■ Main customers
*Partial excerpt Honorifics omitted
General contractor relationship
・Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.
・Obayashi Corporation
・Shimizu Corporation
・Taisei Corporation
・Takenaka Corporation
・Kajima Corporation
・Haseko Corporation Co., Ltd.
・Toda Construction Co., Ltd.
Tenant contractor
・Nomura Co., Ltd.
・Tanseisha Co., Ltd.
・Space Co., Ltd.
・Lackland Co., Ltd.
・Takashimaya Space Creates Co., Ltd.
■ Contact information
Company name: Nikken Steel Co., Ltd. ( Business manager: Kenji Miwa
Official website:
*Inquiry form available TEL: 03-5875-7702

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