Habitual online self-study room “Herazika (elementary school version)” won the Bronze Award at the Asia EdTech Summit -Global Award 2022

Herazika Co., Ltd.
Habitual online self-study room “Herazika (elementary school version)” won the Bronze Award at the Asia EdTech Summit -Global Award 2022
Herazika Co., Ltd. (Location: Yokohama City, Representative Director: Daichi Moriyama) has won the Bronze Award at the Asia EdTech Summit – Global Award 2022 for the elementary school version of the habit-type online self-study room “Herazika”.
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What is Herazika Elementary School Edition?
An online self-study room that reproduces the self-study room at home. The point is that it is designed so that children can concentrate more than usual so that they can go to their desks.
Eliminate parent-child battles in home learning.
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What is Asia EdTech Summit -Global Award 2022?
This award is sponsored by AESC (Asia EdTech Summit Committee), an international organization aimed at developing and sharing education in Asian countries.
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Comment from Daichi Moriyama, Representative Director of Herazika Co., Ltd. [Image 4d73256-5-c846122ed053142c37f6-3.jpg&s3=73256-5-06ed1550ca7e06b8cd8891291cd0f509-526x701.jpg
I am very honored to receive such a prestigious award.
We, Herazika, are an EdTech company, but also a company that pursues “how to overcome human laziness”.
Considering human history and evolutionary history, I think that human beings are inherently lazy, and that it is unnatural to work hard for things that are not directly related to life and death.
In fact, it is said that the completion rate of MOOCs (global large-scale online courses) is less than 10%, and education and human laziness are inseparable.
When it comes to education, we tend to focus on how to create high-quality content, but considering laziness, we believe that it is necessary to provide a set of learning support that allows you to continue and concentrate on that content.
We will continue to add and improve functions with the mission of providing a “non-doing environment” where you can concentrate on your desk every day without relying on motivation.
Company Profile
Company name: Herazika Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Daichi Moriyama
URL: https://jr.herazika.com/
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Person in charge: Sato
TEL: 045-280-2002
E-MAIL: info@herazika.com
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