Hacobell Co., Ltd. November 29 (Tuesday) Hacobell webinar held Kewpie fights! Challenge to “Sustainable Pr ocessed Food Logistics”

Hacobell Co., Ltd.
[November 29th (Tuesday) Hacobell webinar held] Kewpie fights! Challenge to “Sustainable Processed Food Logistics”

Hacobell Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Takeshi Hazama, hereinafter: Hacobell), which develops the logistics platform “Hacobell”, announced on Tuesday, November 29, that Kewpie Corporation Executive Officer Logistics Headquarters
Mr. Kenji Maeda and Mr. Ichiro Kikuta of L-Tech Lab will be invited to announce that they will be holding a “Kewpie Fights! Challenge to Sustainable Processed Food Logistics” event.
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■Details (application page)
■ Seminar content
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Manager of manufacturer’s logistics department or person in charge of practical work
3PL, management of transportation companies, people in the corporate planning department
Management layer thinking about transformation of in-house logistics and DX Those who are considering introducing or replacing a system related to logistics “Processed food logistics is dangerous!”… This big theme was discussed with Ajinomoto as a guest in this interview series last August. With the 2024 problem just around the corner, the “disliked processed food distribution” is no longer sustainable! This sense of crisis is shared by many food manufacturers. Kewpie is the first company that comes to mind when we think of mayonnaise and dressings.
In addition to on-site measures such as reducing waiting time and eliminating the need for inspections, we will be working on
collaborations between companies in manufacturing, distribution, and sales, reviewing business practices, and more. We look forward to hearing your concerns and expectations. Mr. Kikuta, the host, digs deep with merciless thrusting and bokeh. Join us for a fun and informative webinar!
■ Content
*Contents are tentative. Subject to change on the day.
1. Environment Surrounding Processed Food Logistics and History 2. Initiatives taken by Kewpie
3. Toward sustainable logistics by solving social issues indicated by SDGs ■ Delivery details
Participation method: Zoom (both installation and use are free.) *This seminar is a lottery system. After applying, participation will be confirmed with a “confirmation email” sent by the day before the event. Please note that this is different from the “receipt email” immediately after application.
* Applications for this event from other companies in the same industry may be refused. Please understand.
■ Capacity
up to 500 people
■ Participation fee
■ Venue
It will be held in an online seminar format.
If you have an internet environment, you can participate from anywhere, regardless of PC or smartphone.
(If you are participating from a smartphone, you will need to download the Zoom app in advance.)
■ Speakers
Kewpie Corporation
Executive Officer General Manager of Logistics Division
Mr. Kenji Maeda
[Image 2d106200-9-414c5d8ecca057d1f288-1.png&s3=106200-9-d6e6095a0cff62a6aa9914b5e315140e-320x320.png
2012 General Manager, Group Planning Department, Logistics Promotion Office 2018 General Manager, Promotion Division, Logistics Headquarters 2nd year of Reiwa General Manager of Logistics Division
2020 Executive Officer, General Manager of Logistics Division L-Tech Lab
Mr. Ichiro Kikuta
[Image 3d106200-9-55996a39756813bd555f-2.png&s3=106200-9-56d3d5f279fe6706320b117053e6df1c-320x320.png
1982 Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Nagoya University. Joined Ryutsu Kenkyusha in 1983, editor-in-chief of the monthly magazine “Material Flow” from 1990, and president from 2017. Since 2012, he has been in charge of planning and execution of the Asia Seamless Logistics Forum. His books include “Learning from Advanced Cases: Logistics Will Change Your Company” (Hakuto Shobo, co-author), “Logistics Center System Case Studies I-VI” (Ryutsu Kenkyusha), and “Logistics Operation Level 3”, a standard textbook for business career certification exams. (Central Vocational Ability Development Association, 2011 and 2017 revised editions, co-authored), etc. Outside director of Ota Hanaki Co., Ltd. since 2016 (current position). Independent on June 1, 2020, started activities as a representative of L-Tech Lab (L-Tech Lab, Logistics Tech Lab), focusing on writing, interviews, lectures, and advisory work. Advisor to Nippon Kaiji Shimbun Co., Ltd. from June of the same year, part-time lecturer at Ryutsu Keizai University from the latter half of the same year
Hacobell Co., Ltd.
Solution Division Partner
Kenta Watanabe
[Image 4d106200-9-5a759bb405faa06742d2-3.png&s3=106200-9-112b22096f6ea2d96fa4895617513ae0-304x304.png
Joined a company that provides human resource development services for companies as a new graduate.
After engaging in corporate sales, experienced as a person in charge of new business launches and a project manager for
industry-academia-government collaboration projects.
After that, he moved to a company that supports marketing for the Chinese market, and while continuing to launch new businesses, he also engaged in PMI operations as the COO of a local subsidiary in Shanghai, China.
Joined Hacobell in 2021.
Mainly in charge of marketing and sales.
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